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Some stories are exemplary, while others are plain mediocre. My Engineer wasn’t entirely lackluster, but the show’s highlight was the four main couple’s chemistry and relationship development. The drama managed to gain a niche audience by portraying a different yet unique storyline tailored for each couple, which managed to capture the audience’s attention from Day 1. Season 1 might have ended on a bittersweet note, but the promise of Season 2 has already increased the anticipation. Let’s review the Finale Episode.

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Bohn & Duen

Miscommunications have run rampant in Bohn & Duen’s relationship, especially with undue influence from ‘friends.’ Duen is upset after the breakup and gets lost in the woods. Bohn, who is entirely distraught, goes searching, despite the Forest Officer’s warnings. He finds Duen, and they have another minor tussle. Bohn apologizes and promises never to lie again to Duen. And just like that, problem solved. More like a scriptwriter’s dodge. Bohn doesn’t explain anything about Mind forcibly kissing him, just a simple “Sorry,” and everything is forgiven. Either Duen is too naive or plain dumb, or we have a lazy scriptwriter. But it’s the Finale, and the show’s producers were maybe time-bound.

They have their adorable moments since they are officially back together. At night, Bohn wakes up to find Duen missing. He goes searching to find Duen sitting outside, lost in his own thoughts. They have an honest conversation for the very first time, where Duen shares his insecurities, and Bohn assuages them, confessing his feelings. Duen finally accepts that he loves P’Bohn, and they share a short yet real kiss.

The drama ends with Duen announcing to the world that he is now “In a Relationship” with Bohn. They walk hand in hand, still bickering cutely and being adorable as always. Bohn & Duen were the focal points of the drama. Playing the lead couple is not an easy task; there were a lot of glitches, misunderstandings, and even more arguments that plagued their relationship. But the important thing is that they worked through it. Bohn is entitled, insecure, and quite arrogant, while Duen is sweet, caring, and kind. But that doesn’t mean he would put up with Bohn’s misbehavior and become a doormat. Their relationship showcased a credible standard where they are equals. A strong message to the show’s audience indeed!

Cooper Patpasit remained truthful to the script and portrayed Bohn’s arrogance and love with unparalleled zeal. He had a strong screen presence, and although the audience got pretty tired of Bohn’s inherent faults, that means he played his character role well. Poy Kritsanapong being a newcomer, did a good enough job, although he has his flaws. He managed to portray Duen’s strength but faltered at times. If there is a Season 2, I’m hoping his acting skills improve.

Ram & King

Rzm and King, as a couple, have been through lots of ups and downs. King, who was hell-bent on breaking through Ram’s strong walls, suddenly retreats. This act of restraint leaves not just Ram, but also the audiences confused. After several rounds of games, where the entire group gets drunk, Ram carries King back to their tent. They have a major showdown. King finally accepts that he is avoiding Ram because he can’t control his feelings whenever he is around Ram. They have a charged moment and then share a passionate kiss. The best part of the entire episode!

However, the next morning, King is back to his self-doubts. Ram correctly guesses it and plays along with King when he lies about nothing happening between them at night. I’m confused about King’s behavior. He is a pretty rational person and smart too. He freely gives relationship advice to his friends but fails to follow them in his own life. I can see that he is confused about these hidden feelings surfacing and may even be afraid. But Ram adores and looks up to him. An honest conversation could clear all doubts. Why is he so afraid all of a sudden? Has he lost his trust in Ram?

As King leaves for the city, he leaves behind a confused Ram who messages him later that he remembers everything from the previous night. I guess the show’s producers left an open ending for this couple because maybe they want to trace their progress in the next Season. I’m hoping for a better understanding because the Ram-King love story has a separate book and deserves a better showcase.

Perth Nakhun as Ram was entirely convincing. You fall for this introverted character and want to learn more about him. From being insanely protective of his friends to standing up to his father or slowly falling in love with King, Perth managed to portray a winding river of emotions. Perth wouldn’t be able to manage this if it wasn’t for his excellent pairing with seasoned actor Talay Lay. They make the perfect couple both on and off-screen. Their close friendship and the comfort they share translates into great chemistry.

I’m looking forward to watching how this relationship improves for the better in the next Season.

Mek & Boss

The episode started with apparent heartbreak for this couple who had finally got together after so many hurdles. Fon suddenly appears at the campsite and begs Boss to reconsider his decision. Mek misunderstands the situation and walks out. Boss, however, doesn’t give up and tries to convince Mek of his feelings. When Mek doesn’t listen to him, Boss announces to the entire campsite that they are boyfriends and dating for real. I’m so glad that finally, after eons, Boss is trying so hard to win Mek. Mek has always stood beside Boss, supporting and loving him although from a distance. To see that love and support reflected back is truly a blessing.

After their drunken night playing the game, Mek asks a sleepy Boss about what happened with Fon. Boss confesses that he explained everything in detail to Fon. Although we might feel bad, I’m glad they sorted out things. Fon didn’t act like most female characters in BL dramas that wail and want a second chance. She accepts Boss’s decision and decides to move on.

Ryan Peng might have got himself fired for misbehavior, but the fact remains he is a capable actor. Despite the language barriers, he portrayed Mek’s forlorn expressions well. It’s a real shame that he was fired and might not be back for Season 2. His chemistry with Inntouch Naphat is good, and they make a formidable pair.

Thara & Frong

Thara & Frong’s relationship was the most promising till the last episode but took a total nosedive in the Finale Episode. Thara goes searching for Frong’s necklace and finally finds it. He returns it to a grateful Frong. It’s obvious at this point that Frong has feelings for Thara.

They look so good together as Thara’s calm demeanor seems to soothe Frong’s insecure nature. Perfectly balanced! But things get complicated before they head back home from the camp. Thara asks for Frong’s Line ID and casually mentions that he thinks of Frong as a brother. My heart literally broke. Thara is supposed to be intelligent, how he can be so completely oblivious to Frong’s feelings. Was this always a one-sided love affair? What will happen in Season 2? Will there be any progress in this relationship?

MD Nutthapong was one of the fan favorites as Thara. He portrayed the character with elan and perfectly balanced Thara’s calm, quiet demeanor along with his quirky nature. Shane Nutchapol’s Frong, on the other hand, started off as an arrogant competitor to Bohn, but then as the story progressed, he made the audiences empathize with him. There is a lot of scope for development in this relationship, and I’m hoping that Season 2 manages to salvage it.

My Opinion About The Show

I have wondered quite a lot of times about the popularity of this show. Certainly, it cannot be attributed to the loose storyline, but the strong and unique characters. The actors did a competent job and managed to draw the audience’s attention. They were relatable and were able to showcase the problems that each couple faces in the starting stages of the relationship. My favorite part, however, was the ‘Friendships’ in this show. It could be Ram who fights Bohn for Duen or Tee, who supports a sad, lovelorn Mek, or it might be King advising Bohn.

The show reached out to the audiences and gave them important messages. Bohn and Duen’s relationship stood out in the face of the age-old concepts of ‘Seme’ and ‘Uke.’ They have an equal footing and are ready to make sacrifices for each other. The pairing of Ram and King taught us that understanding and patience is the key to every major relationship. Mek and Boss’s relationship proves that Best Friends can be even better Boyfriends. Thara and Frong, although they had a sad ending, I’m sure that they would find their way back to each other.

For Season 2, I’m hoping that we get a more uniform storyline without excessive glitches. Till then, keep watching this space for further updates.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars. [See our Review Guide]


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  • Dreaming Big says:

    Thanks for your review on a show I was amused by- sometimes for the wrong reasons. Poy gives the shakiest performance I have seen from any lead in a Thai BL series. Opposite someone who was doing a fine job- it was quite jarring to see him struggle. Most performers struggled at times, even the more experienced actors struggled at times, such as the actor playing King expressing discomfort with his feelings towards Ram. The actor playing Mek was given as ridiculous dub job- as he doesn’t speak Thai. The writers didn’t help- as some actions didn’t make sense. Frong angrily shoving Thara out of the flower shop and refusing to sell to a customer? I felt the director, writers, role of Duen and acting coach need to be replaced. But that’s ok- it was pleasant enough and definitely provided some laugh out loud moments.
    I’d rate it 2.5 out of 5.

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