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This week’s episode was cute in a way completely different from the previous episodes. It went from steamy to cutesy real fast. I didn’t care for the concept; the whole fantasy thing of having an alternate universe fantasy plot is not really my thing, as it reminded me of the ghost story in Episode 7 and Episode 8.

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This episode starts with a prologue of our two main characters, Choke and Sat, at a pool with a Gundam* robot toy and Sat telling Choke he could have it back, and Choke says he couldn’t and that he made it for Sat. Then Choke tells Sat that he should promise him that he won’t leave it again. Choke is in tears, and the overall feeling of this scene is sad. Sat promises he will take good care of the Gundam. He then makes a wish that “all this had never happened.”

*It’s not just a toy, it’s a Gundam! (Japanese: ガンダムシリーズ, Hepburn: Gandamu Shirīzu, lit. Gundam Series) is a Japanese military science fiction media franchise/media mix. Created by Yoshiyuki Tomino and Sunrise, the franchise features a robot, or mecha, with the name “Gundam”. The franchise began in Thailand in 1981 and has been a big hit with Thai kids since.

From Thai Wikipedia

Suddenly, the Gundam starts glowing, and whoosh, flash, bang, we jump in time. Now, our world is animated, not totally unlike anime. We know that Dir Cheewin has used this technique before like in Why RU and You Never Eat Alone. Here, Choke and Sat are kids, and they are best friends. Suddenly, Sat gets smacked in the face by a ball – intentionally, it seems by Top. Sat wants to join Top’s group of friends who are the “cool side,” in this case, more like bullies – the typical ‘I want to fit in with the cool kids’ vibe. Sat tells them he wants to join their game, and the bullies tease him and don’t let him join. Later, Choke goes to Sat’s house and gives him a present, the Gundam from the first scene, and they start playing together. Choke tells Sat this Gundam can grant wishes, and then Sat leads them to the playground where Top and his gang are playing.

Top and his gang see Choke and Sat, and they tell Sat that if he wants to join Top’s gang, he has to punch Choke and chase him away. Sat doesn’t miss this chance, and he punches Choke. I felt sorry for Choke as he runs off. Sat then turns to Top, thinking that they could play, but Top, being the jerk he truly is, tells Sat ‘no.’ The poor guy has been duped; Sat runs off holding the Gundam and crying, wishing he could be 18, be at a cool university and people would love him. Right then, Sat is hit by a car, and the Gundam flashes. I tried to attach some significance to Sat being hit by a Honda but couldn’t find any.

Seven years pass, and we see two boys, one laying on the other’s lap and the other stroking the sleeping boy’s hair. Here, we are introduced to the new and improved, cute and very much human Sat and the hot, grown Top. We find out that Top is now Sat’s best friend. Sat wakes up confused and asks where he is, and Top is also surprised by these questions and asks him if he has Alzheimer’s from the fall. Sat looks more and more confused, so they go to the bathroom, and Sat checks his body and realizes that he is a grown young man. Well, I would be scared and surprised if yesterday I was 11 and today I’m 18. The whole predicament reminds me of 13 going on 30 vibes. It’s really cliché, but what’s not to love about these moments. What makes me laugh about this whole ordeal when he looks at his phone and says the last time he had an iPhone 6 – LOL, that was ages ago. He takes his phone, calls his family, and decides to look for his best friend, our chubby and cute boy Choke. He asks Choke if he could see him, and he goes to see him. Here we see the new and improved Choke, and oh my, is he hot!

Let’s just say Choke is surprised to see Sat on his doorstep, and Sat is clearly excited to see his friend. The last time Sat saw Choke was yesterday, the day that Sat punched Choke. However, for Choke, it has actually been seven years that have passed. The two have two different reactions, Choke is more shocked than happy, and Sat is almost gleeful. The mood becomes somber and awkward for a few moments.  Eventually, Sat starts to walk off, and then Choke asks Sat to come in. This pleases Sat, and they hug. At this moment, Choke is overwhelmed, and I assume many things are going through his head. I mean, someone you haven’t seen in so many years shows up on your doorstep, and the last encounter you had with them, they assaulted and then abandoned you; it’s not a happy reunion. So Sat explains to Choke what happened to him, and Choke is not buying it. Suppose someone comes to you and tells you that they literally were a kid last night, and now they’re an adult, you would probably take them to the hospital. Choke tells Sat he should party less and drink less. By the way, this conversation was in English, which surprised me, and it actually makes me quite giddy. I can’t help but think it’s a shout-out from Dir Cheewin to Int’l fans, saying “we love you!”

Choke actually believes Sat, but Choke probably thought that Sat had amnesia. So Sat explains what happens to him after 6th grade, and that is he got what he wanted, which was joining Top’s gang and blah blah. Telling the story makes Sat seem so happy, and then Choke breaks his heart when he tells him the two of them weren’t friends anymore.  Sat leaves the house, and I assume that Choke wasn’t very happy about the reunion. He tells him to take care and not to drink too much. After finding out that everything came true, our Sat is at least happier and goes to find Top, his new “best friend.” While at the bar, Sat sits with Top, who tells Sat his outfit is embarrassing; that was my first red flag.

(BTW, I think I’m not too fond of this Top character.) Even though Sat is wearing “boyish” clothes, it seems Sat is very popular because girls are eyeing him. Those ladies looked like they were going to eat him up. He thinks Top is the one there are eyeing, but Top informs Sat it’s actually Sat they want, which shocks Sat, and he leaves for the bathroom. On his way to the bathroom, he encounters some character who claims he hooked up with Sat the night before. Sat is shocked and repulsed and starts having flashbacks of the same guy, and it looks like the sex they had might have been without Sat’s consent. This realization makes him leave the bar and goes to the only person he can trust: Choke.

He talks to Choke and tells him how he feels that his life is meaningless that he has everything, but he is not happy. Ha! You really can’t have everything. Sat recalls the old times, and Choke says something we should all hear: don’t be stuck in the past; we have to move on. Choke seems to have forgiven Sat, and it looks as though Choke still loves Sat – it’s really amazing. Sat asks Choke if Sat could stay the night, and he does. They decide to play in the pool, and they have their moment. Then lightning strikes which frightens Sat enough that he jumps into Choke’s arms. It was really cute, I might say.

In the room, Sat is on the bed, and he is waiting for Choke. Choke offers Sat the bed, and he will sleep on the sofa. Sat declines, and they both sleep on the bed and have their moment. At this point, I thought they were going to kiss but hey, Choke kisses Sat on the cheek. Sat checks his phone and sees unpleasant messages about himself on a group chat, and it upsets him. He reaches out to Choke for comfort and to hold him tightly. The episode ends with Choke guiding Sat’s hand to Choke’s crotch for a little foreplay.

Episode 12

The morning after – Episode 12 starts with Choke cooking breakfast smiling ear to ear (so cute), Sat enters, and he is a little bit flustered because he is thinking about what happened the night before. They both seem awkward around each other, but it’s a good awkward. They are a cute couple, the type of couple you don’t want to be around when you are single. Choke tells Sat that he is a surprise for him, and they have their cute moment again, which I love: feeding each other food. OMG! I was screaming, lol, so cute.

Choke surprises Sat with chewing gum, huh! I thought it was something big like a kiss or something. They start chewing this gum and play a game that they used to play when there were young about who blows the biggest. They have another moment where Sat asks Choke why they aren’t friends anymore. I mean, c’mon, you punched the dude to join Top’s gang – do you think we can be friends after all that? Choke replies that it’s been a long time and not to bring it up. So far, in this entire sequence, Choke has been so mature about things and being super considerate of Sat.  If it had been me, OH HELL TO THE NO!!! Sat insists that Choke tell him what happened, and so Choke does. This truth makes Sat incredibly sad. Like c’mon, what did you expect? Sat doesn’t seem to remember that day from what I can see. Sat apologizes to Choke, and well, Choke accepts Sat’s apology – he truly does have feelings for Sat.

Sat leaves and goes to school, where he overhears Top and his friends gossiping about him. Top says he’s been friends with Sat because Sat makes Top look good. Top pisses him off, this distracts Sat from playing soccer properly, and they lose a game. It shows that the grass is not always greener on the other side. He starts having flashbacks of being sexually assaulted by some guy claiming to be his one-night stand and some girls telling him he is disgusting and has some form of disease. Sadly, his perfect life is all a lie, and everyone was using him to get fame, for sexual favors, and the only person there for him is a friend he abandoned: Choke. Sat leaves school and heads home, and on the bus, he has a flashback of him and Choke as children. In the flashback, Choke and Sat play and wish to the Gundam to ask the parents for money like any kid their age does.  Surprise, they get it! Sat keeps having flashbacks of when he was young with Choke and also precious memories with his older brother.

Sometimes being home is what you really need. He gets home and sees an illusion of his younger self which makes him smile for a long time. He embraces his mother and jokes around with his dad, who seems to be a kid at heart – it’s cute and just what he needed. His interaction with his mom and dad is lighthearted until she asks him that he is satisfied now that he is 18. That makes the mood on the table turn somber. Sat then has another flashback of when he was a child and wanted to drink milk to be a grown-up. Most of us have had those moments of back when we were children we wanted to grow up so badly and now that we are adults we feel TAKE IT BACK! TAKE IT BLACK, PLEASE! LOL. Well, that’s how I feel at times.

Sat’s parents can see that something is bothering their son; Sat tells them that he wants to go back to being a child, and his mom reminds him what happened in the past is what happened in the past and not to dwell on it and move on. Sat asks if his parents would want to go back to the past and change anything, and his mom says no; she thinks that everything that happened is always good. I didn’t understand that, but it made me look at things from a different perspective. Sat has more flashbacks when people would actually want to take pictures with him and when Top was his “friend” and when things were perfect, things that he always wanted. Then he remembers his time with Choke; I guess at this time, he was thinking about what really matters to him the most, and obviously, it’s Choke. Finally, the boy understands.

Back at school, Sat is at the poolside watching someone swim, and guess who that is  – OUR CHOKE!!! kikikiki. Choke is surprised to see Sat and asked him how he knew he was here, but the boy did what some of us do, stalking someone else on social media (good detective work right there). Sat tells Choke when Sat is with him, he feels safe and comfortable – the moment is cute. Sat asks him about a scar he has, and Choke recalls the day Sat hit him. Although the scar is there, the wound is healed.

 Sat and Choke are at home, and they are acting all lovey-dovey; it’s cute, but I can’t seem to think that as much as Choke has forgiven Sat, he hasn’t forgotten like Sat did, which really sucks. They continue with their moment, and the whole ‘sauce on your lip let me remove it,’ to my disappointment, Sat just rubs it on his cheek and doesn’t kiss Choke until Choke takes the initiative and kisses Sat, which makes Sat shy and he leaves. I think Choke was pretty much disappointed and feels rejected – this is the same person who abandoned him those years ago, so yeah, it might be really scary.

We see Sat looking at his phone, and we see that it is Valentines’ Day, which makes Sat smile. Choke and Sat are “camping” and tell each other Happy Valentines’ day and Sat asks Choke why he is dressed up today and asks where he is going, and Choke says he’s going to eat with his special someone – OUCH!!! Sat is not happy that he is obviously hurt. I mean, we, the viewers, didn’t even know Choke had a boyfriend. Sat starts to have a mini panic attack. Choke explains how he has been closed off, and that day he agreed to be this P’s boyfriend. WHAT THE HELL CHOKE!!!!! I feel sorry for Sat but then don’t at the same time. I don’t know if that makes sense – I have mixed feelings. Choke asks Sat if he is okay, and Sat says he is fine and that he’s happy Choke found a special someone. Sat is crying and pleads with Choke that Sat knows Choke isn’t ready for a new boyfriend and that Choke’s been waiting for Sat (*crying*). Sat then asks the question that we all have been waiting for –  what has been the past few days been about, and Choke tells Sat he loves him,  but we are not children anymore, and they had come too far to change the past. I agree with this; as much as we want to change the past, it’s hard to forget.

Choke tells Sat that the past seven years, Sat decided to choose his own way and their lives are parallel, but they can’t be together. This whole interaction was deep and realistic; you can’t throw someone away and expect to get them back because they love you. At this point, we’re back at the prologue, when Choke tells Sat that the Gundam robot has always been Sat’s. Then, Sat leaves, and while he is crying, he gets hit by a car just like in the beginning, though this time it’s not a Honda, and we’re back to anime.

11-year-old Choke knocks on Sat’s door, telling him to come out. Sat jumps off the bed and jumps onto Choke and kisses him. Choke is shocked and says 11-year-olds shouldn’t be kissing. Oh, he is too cute. Sat is unfazed and tells him why not, and he tells him all of his plans. Seven years pass and Choke asks Sat if he regrets not being the University’s representative, and Sat says no, he would regret it more not being boyfriends. They seem to be in their own little bubble, and they are flirting and kissing. Their moment is really cute and sweet. It is now Valentines’ day in the present universe, and Choke has gone out of his way to make it special; it’s romantic to see Sat waking up to balloons all over the house (I would be happy if I didn’t have a phobia of balloons). Choke has really gone all out for his boyfriend. They share “I Love You”s and tell each other, let’s be together forever.

These two episodes were hard to write for me because of the “going into the future concept” I really didn’t care for it as a plot device. Still, after watching the episodes twice, I understood the message behind it without really looking into the fantasy part of it. It was a good story; there were so many lessons to be learned. One being, don’t do unworthy things to try to fit in into a group. The chemistry between Ton and Jaab was very good. I hope we get to see more of them soon, and they get their own show. This episode wasn’t cheesy; it had some good life lessons. I liked the reality behind it, and for a short story with only two episodes, it was good. Net who plays Top is hot, and I also hope I see him in more projects soon. The acting in these two episodes was good; the boys did really well. Overall production values were really good. From the YDestiny Series, this couple is my second favorite after Kaeng and Puth. I cant wait to see what the last three episodes give us, and I hope they just keep getting better and better.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars. [See our Review Guide]


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