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A Japanese short series adapted from the Japanese manga by Konkichi. The literal translation of the title is a more accurate representation of the plot.  The translation reads, “A World That Definitely Becomes BL vs A Man Who Definitely Doesn’t Want to Be in BL or ぜったい BL に なる せかい VS ぜったい BL に なりたくない おとこ.”

The series was edited and formed into 4 episodes for VIKI tv, with each episode containing two stories.

The Director of the series is Miki Koichiro, who also directed the Japanese BL “Pornographer” and “Given.” He has substantial directing and screenwriting experience; with over twenty-eight series he’s worked on.

The story is as simple as it sounds. We have the main character, who refers to himself as Mob (which translates to an “extra”, a player of no real consequence), realizing he’s in a Boys Love world. He tries to avoid falling into the traps/tropes which happen around him in everyday life. Hilarity and calamity ensue in each episode as he breaks the fourth wall, talking to the audience about the motivations behind his actions. Each episode is bordered by an adorable boy-band number by the main cast having a little fun extolling the virtues of BL.

You only need to know one character in this series. You recognize the supporting characters by their name and the role they play in this BL drama.

Mob is performed by 27-year-old Inukai Atsuhiro.

Mob’s Little Brother Ayato, played by Goto Yutaro

Kikutchi – Mob’s Classmate, played by Ito Asahi

Mob begins his story by saying this line to the audience “I live in a world of manga, not just any manga, but a Boys Love.” I knew from the start I would love Mob, and I was right.  He proceeds to explain how his high school is full of Ikemen (handsome, charming men in manga novels who are always the popular lead character) and someone who has become his life.

So as stated above, Mob’s name means an “extra” in the story, an unimportant character. He comes from a family of Mobs. They are all bland and insignificant in the BL world they inhabit.  As he goes along his day, his one desire every day is to keep his virtue intact and not fall in love with a man.

He is not homophobic, he encounters Boys Love romances happening daily around him. He just doesn’t want to fall into the novel. Much of the comedy comes from Mob attempting to steer clear of every BL trope he sees as a potential threat. Armed with many BL mangas for reference, he skillfully dodges all the tropes that happen around him.

By pointing out each trope he sees, he tells the audience how to avoid falling victim to it.

An example would be Mob walking down the street, carefully avoiding bumping into street punks or tough guys. It’s not because he’s afraid. It’s because when their eyes meet, the street punk falls in love with whoever bumps into him. And sure enough, it happens after he steps aside to avoid a tough guy only to see him bump into someone else.

Then the exact scenario he avoided plays out with the two guys. I laughed at this because the tough guy’s inner thoughts are revealed to us. He said when he bumped into the meek mannered man; his heart went doki-doki. In any romance manga, when the person feels love or attraction, they put the words doki-doki to represent their pounding heart. Too funny.

Another plot point made me snicker, though truly I found them all funny. The terms fujoshi and a fudanshi are mentioned, with Mob being a fudanshi in self-defense. A Fujoshi, or rotten girl in Japanese, is a woman or girl who loves reading Boys Love manga. I have been called a Fujoshi, and I don’t mind the connotation. It’s only negative if you make it so. A Fudanshi, or rotten boy, is a guy who loves reading boy love manga.

Mob is caught by someone reading a BL novel and the boy tells him he (actually the author of the very manga Mob is reading) will keep his secret if….to which Mob stands up quickly in the cafeteria while loudly exclaiming “Oh, you caught me! How embarrassing! I have a crush on my co-worker and she likes this manga……” Mob didn’t want to fall into the blackmail trope.

I’m sure you all know how things ended up for Mob, right? 😁

It’s a quick, lighthearted series that will make you laugh. Sometimes we need some cotton candy BL, all sugar with little substance. I hope you guys give it a try on VIKItv. And if you have already seen it, let me know your thoughts.  💕- Jen

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars. [See our Review Guide]


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  • Great camera work made this a hilarious series. With every close up I burst out laughing. There must be some outtakes from this series that would make our ribs sore from laughing. Wish this would be released to a wider audience for in this world today everyone needs to hear themselves laugh.

    • jenhg says:

      It did. Fantastic piece of campy fun with witty humor. I would love to see behind the scenes or outtakes as well.😂 The expressions of our main character in every episode had me giggling like crazy. I would love to own a dvd with subtitles for this show. We should keep our eyes peeled at some sites like 💕 – Jen

  • Daring to Dream says:

    I watched this twice. I find it hilarious and the boy band number silly fun.
    It is only 4 episodes and I feel like there is enough there for 1 or two more eps.
    But it is comedy gold and sometimes that is great to have.

    • jenhg says:

      It really is. I ended up laughing my way through the entire shot series. I didn’t know how much I needed the lighthearted tongue in cheek wink and nod to boys love series. Glad you agreed. 🥰💕Jen

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