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There is a Thai video clip that made quite an impression on me. Entitled Remark (2017), it stars the charming and talented Fluke Teerapat Lohanan. He plays a young teen facing a bit of an identity crisis related to sexuality.

I can’t believe it was just a 30+mins movie. The flow was slow but intense, plot was simple yet heavy & meaningful. I found myself holding back my breath or smile like a fool for a few times there. It’s angsty and sweet at the same time.

It was really good like I just watched a 2hr long movie. The FB relationship status thing-y, it reminded me a lot of Hormones.. Fluke is indeed really charming, he’s handsome but not in flower boy way. I always love his bad boy aura as well. That’s why everytime he acts for this kind of movie, his subtle way in expressing his feelings always made me want to scream for more. I’m also amazed at how he still looks so young here (which was taken around 2015) but looked way taller n rougher in Sotus (2016). That’s just how good he is in presenting his role. [source]

That’s an almost perfect description of how I felt. The other lead compliments Fluke’s aggressive behavior by being calm and collected, yet you can feel his intensity as well. He is infatuated (no, make that in love) with Fluke’s character yet he has to refrain himself from expressing his emotions out of fear and of pride.

I like that the short film did not resort to teasing or showing skin. That would have cheapened its impact.


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