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What strikes me about Episode 3 is the emotional roller coaster ride between the 2 major couples. And that the intense interaction between Yo and Phana, Ming and Kit continue in Episode 4 unabated.

Comparing the scenes with the previous series is unavoidable, simply because the new series is just too good! Each episode requires second or third viewing for both pleasure and critical analysis.

I appreciate how dir. Anusorn exerts all efforts to make the scenes not only ‘reasonable’ and ‘understandable’ but also quite romantic.

The way the camera revolves around the actors, how he select the scenes, how the soundtrack is played at the appropriate moments, how he manages to integrate (mix, cut and return) the scenes between Phana and Wayo, Ming and Kit is just commendable.

Let’s list down some of these scenes:

  • Phana’s apparent surprise in seeing Yo wear his eyeglasses. This brings back so many fond memories – the cat, of course, and the realization that the guy in front of him is the same guy who has made significant impact previously, which he failed to accept in his heart;
  • The ‘rivalry’ between Phana and Forth for Yo’s attention also intensifies. Apparently, Forth is on the offensive;
  • The Earth-Moon relationship that Ming shares with Kit is by all means not just a complementary scenes that dir. Anusorn has introduced in this series. It added another dimension to Ming-Kit in terms of how serious their relationship can be moving forward;
  • Yo’s emotional outburst when Phana fails to realize just how much he meant to him. This is an acting highlight for Earth Thirapat, which confirms the reason why he was chosen to play Wayo. These types of emotionally draining scenes require someone with such acting talent as the young 22-year old guy;

Select scenes from Episode 3 are shown in this spot video:

Episode 4 begins with Ming and Kit. Its a rehash of the previous series where Kit tries to be aloof with Ming, even if the latter shows his intention to become close and intimate.

Episode 4 spot video is right on target!

The Campus competition is the highlight of Episode 4, supposed to end everything related to the previous season. Episode 5 will begin fresh with new materials, scenes, and drama!

Wait! Phana and Wayo love scene is way way better than I expected! But then, the scene with the new guy and Phana’s fresh rival is also worth more than just a second play and rewind…

My take on the actors and their performances:

  • Wayo’s piano performance is poignant, cute, romantic, even sentimental. Handled by a lesser capable director, that same scene would not have the same emotional impact;
  • Joong Archen has finally shown his true colors and I like it. His style of romantic aggressive stance towards Kit is on target. There is no more ‘tentativeness’ as if dir. Anusorn pushed him to do his best and unleash all those ‘pent-up’ emotions. The guy is just so photogenic!
  • Benjamin Brasier’s type of acting is subtle yet so effective. You can feel the inner struggle and the realization that he is – definitely – in love with Yo! Such realization turned him from just a mere spectator who loves from afar, into someone who acts with his guts and instinct, as someone in love is supposed to act;
  • Nine’s attack as Kit is both endearing and cute. I’d love to do a separate acting critique of Nine soon;
  • I’m certainly looking forward to more of Pavel Poom. His romantic, sexy side is still yet to be fully explored.

After watching 4 episodes, Earth is simply the best actor among the cast! I know that all the others have vast potentials too, but Earth takes the cake!

Looking forward to fresh scenes and drama next Saturday!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars  [See our Review Guide]


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