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Episode 9 resulted in a breakthrough for Dark Blue Kiss which is plagued by lack of direction and so-so scenarios.

While die-hard fans argued that it takes time for a relationship to bloom or deteriorate, as reviewer I expected more. After all, this is a GMM production.

I further subscribed that Kao’s and Pete’s relation could have evolved into a full-blown affair by cutting unnecessary scenes.

I find the introduction of the second BL couple to be ambitious and unnecessary. While I did enjoy their interaction, it gets tiring after 2 episodes.

I think this series is missing out on specific impactful scenes;

  • There is Kao’s coming out to his Mom. An acting opportunity for New that could have elevated this series into a different level;
  • The Dad-Son relationship of Pete. Exploring more on the family dynamics;
  • Non and his difficult Dad. At least give us more reasons why Non is desperate for Kao’s attention.

These issues, in my opinion, are enough to render an exciting drama that could ignite discussion among fans on boy+boy relationship.

And so, where are we so far?

  • Non, the kid projecting himself as a rebel with a cause, concocts multiple plans to sabotage Kao and Pete;
  • Kao, knowing Pete’s violent disposition, hides rather than reveals what he knew all along – Non’s divisive designs;
  • Pete, while totally enamored with Kao, can’t let go of his jealous streak and find faults in his lover’s actuations.

It could have been a different scenario if Kao confesses to Pete directly. Instead of fighting each other, they should join forces to destroy Non’s malicious intent. But that would make for a boring drama, right?

Not necessarily. It could prove that love on the face of adversity is strong when there is trust and honesty.

Watch the teaser below for additional perspective before proceeding further into this review:

Let’s get down to the performances:

  • New Thitipoom has matured into an actor capable of delivering difficult scenes. His interactions with his Mom are acting gems!
  • I can’t blame Tay Tawan for his highly strung acting since that is expected;
  • AJ Chayapol has exceeded my expectations. For a relative newcomer, he was good.

There are three more DBK episodes to go. I was hoping they could focus on Kao and Pete.

Rating: 4.25 out of 5 stars [See our Review Guide]

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