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EN of Love – Trailer: Love Mechanics [Video]

By January 14, 2020March 16th, 2021No Comments

This upcoming series – EN of Love – from Studio Wabisabi appears a bit tentative to me as if there is more to be absorbed than what’s possible for a teaser that runs for less than a minute.

In retrospect, the biggest selling point of UWMA, produced by the same studio, hits the mark by highlighting reincarnation and destiny.

The same can be said of He’s Coming To Meand the recent TharnType. Both were crystal clear in their teasers – love and ghost, homophobic boy + gay boy = love.

The above teaser – while quite short – captures snippets of scenes that encapsulates what this portion of the drama is all about.

  • A boy pushed himself to another boy and they kissed;
  • The same boy is shown with a girl;
  • Other characters appear;
  • The boy kissed in the beginning shed tears.

The “senior” who is the aggressor (initiator) appears to be in a relationship and the junior stude was “asked to wait”. Is there love somewhere? That might be the dramatic storyline.

If one of them is a “love mechanic” and he’s supposed to fix a relationship (as compared to a car), then it was not demonstrated at all.

And yes, we have plenty of eye candy!

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