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After last week’s emotional powerhouse, this episode has a lot of feel-goods. Some tearful moments for sure, but easy to enjoy.

Edited by The_FNGee

We open with Intouch and Korn sharing a moment with a song that they both like, culminating with a really heartfelt hug and cuddle. It’s interesting to note that this was the first time (that I recall) any sort of “contemporary” music was used in any sequences with Korn and Intouch. Conversely, note that the themes used with the small orchestra with clarinet and oboe solos for Korn and Intouch are now being used for Dean and Pharm.

After the credit sequence, Pharm is dreaming that same sequence with Korn and Intouch, but appears somewhat disturbed. However, with a quick hug, and “It’s OK” from Dean, lying next to him, he settles down contentedly, into a closer hug with P’Dean with Pharm showing less discomfort than we seen when he’s awake. It saddens me that P’Dean says something at this point (5:34) to a sleeping Pharm, but the sub-titling omits it.

We’re in morning daylight, with Pharm and Dean still in bed. A phone rings, conversation ensues, and it’s Del, looking for P’Dean. Pharm has answered the wrong phone. Both of their phones are lined up perfectly on the nightstand, and Pharm just happened to pick the wrong one.

Del is so excited, she gets flustered. Obviously, this is a positive event in her eyes. The other phone rings, and this time, P’Dean reaches right over Pharm to answer it. (Pharm’s phone now, and Dean knows it)

Dean and Manaow plan Pharm’s study time and just as they hang up, Dean sees that Pharm’s screensaver is a picture of him sleeping in the library Pharm took of him way back in episode 2. Pharm reacts, embarrassed.

They proceed with their morning. Pharm’s making desserts again for Manaow, and Dean notices a really unique preparation process that will become more important multiple times, later in the episode. It’s very apparent that Pharm is indeed an expert in the field of Thai desserts, both modern and vintage, and Dir P’New is never hesitant to allow some of the facts and jargon come out – obviously the author, LazySheep, has experience here as well.

Dean mentions “About last night…..”. They have a discussion, with Pharm essentially saying “I don’t want to know about it yet”. He’s ready to let the past be the past, but will allow images from that past (Korn & Intouch) be a part of his life, but only the good parts.

What happens next illustrates a point that I began to feel about Pharm episodes ago. Dean ‘surrenders’ and tells Pharm that Dean has fallen for him completely. He tells Pharm “I’ll kiss you now”, and does. Within seconds, things get a little heated, and Dean grabs Pharm’s butt. Pharm reacts forcefully, pushing Dean away. Dean is stunned, appearing to be into the moment, Pharm is terrified.

I think it goes beyond being the inappropriate move by Dean. There have been hints in previous episodes that Pharm may suffer from problems with intimacy. Remember he’s near the polar opposite of Intouch. Last week, when Dean needed him the most, the moment Dean gets close in bed, and nuzzles Pharm’s neck, Pharm is grimacing!

(Noun: grimace; an ugly, twisted expression on a person’s face, typically expressing disapproval, pain)

A needy time for Dean, and Pharm is not happy with the closeness.

Hopefully, I’m totally wrong here, but I remain curious.

We get to a lighter moment when Pharm shows up for the study-session with Team and Manaow. She’s relating to a confused Team about her phone call earlier intercepted by Dean. Pharm walks in and they both seem to want to play proctologists to see if Dean ‘ate’ Pharm.

(I believe it’s an idiom Thai teens use that involves sex between couples, but I haven’t been able to find much more on the web to confirm)

Pharm brings with him desserts, and they all have a discussion about the Lotus petals Pharm used.

We cut to the front of Dean’s home, and a direct conversation that Dean has with Del and Don. There has been severe dysfunction in this family for years involving communications. Bottom line is that Del and Don assumed, based on input from their (and Dean’s) father that Dean always hated is maternal grandmother. Of course, it’s false and it shows us how families can be so fucked up based on supposition and not communicating over decades. Del and Don are shocked to learn that Dean wants to see his grandmother, Antika.

There’s a scene next that involves one of the series most important sponsors with Manaow and the study gang. I have learned that such product placement is commonplace in Thai TV, and that’s just a fact of life. Let’s face it, the sponsors pay for the show.

After the product placement there follows a heartbreaking scene where Korn is dropping Intouch off at his house, and he asks if it’s time yet for him to meet the family. In says no, but in a warm way, and goes into the yard. He meets his sister An, and niece, Alin outside and begins a warm family encounter that Korn can only see from the street, but cannot be a part of. He clenches his fist, sighs heavily, and starts to tear up – not being able to have family interactions like this.

30 years later, Don, Del, and Dean pull up to the same house to visit grandma. In the episode’s best scene, Dean and Grandma Antika have a tearful and happy reunion after so many wasted years apart.

Veteran, award-winning Thai actress Tarika Thidathit does for this series what all the participating veteran Thai actors have done with their contributions – add gravitas and real value to the critical success of this BL series, on Thai and worldwide television.

Back from break, we are in the Chatphokin kitchen, where An is working. Intouch walks in and notices the Lotus petals she’s using for salad this time. It’s at this point that we’re seeing the link to Pharm’s morning vision of using Lotus petals within to wrap the Thai dessert.

Dean and grandmother Antika are discussing the family dynamics that led them to where they are now. Dean breaks out the desserts that he’s brought with him. Grandmother is stunned to see the Lotus petal wrappings, and relates to Dean that Lotus petals were something special she used when creating desserts.

She begins to query Dean how he came by these wonderful desserts. Dean tells her his lover created them. As most people will do, given the situation, Grandma Antika starts rattling on about girlfriend this, girlfriend that, and rare Thai desserts.

Dean, states that his lover is a man. Antika pauses, with a confused look on her face, and flashbacks to two coffins, holding Korn and Intouch. She asks Dean to repeat that his lover is a man. Then with realization and a flood of emotions-past coming from her very soul, she begs, implores Dean not to hurt himself. She’s very emotional and Dean promises he will not “commit (­a) suicide” and goes on about how he couldn’t protect “him”. Antika is stunned with this revelation and the word “suicide”, and how Dean knows this. She doesn’t understand. Dean goes on, “no one will die this time”. Antika hears, but is having trouble comprehending. Dean continues, ”I’m sorry that I couldn’t protect him.”

” I’m sorry that I’m the cause of Intouch’s death. I’m sorry that I caused you to lose your beloved brother.

Antika tries to assuage Dean’s (Korn’s) guilt, saying that was Intouch’s own decision, and that it wasn’t Korn’s fault. Dean says “An”, she responds “Korn”. We lose a bit in the translation here in conveyance of feeling, but I think that it was Korn, within Dean that says her name. She responds “No, no”, pauses and says “Korn”.

Dean then takes her hand and places it on his heart, telling grandma Antika, that “He’s in here”, meaning Korn, “He lives in me, and he wanted to tell you ‘I’m sorry’.”

This is a bit much for Antika and she nearly faints, but she’s a strong woman and accepts what’s in front of her. For a moment, she starts fawning over Dean. “Are you tired? Are you in pain?”

Dean asks “Do you trust me?”. Antika replies “My grandson, my grandson never lies”. Dean, who at this point is mostly a reincarnated Korn repeats, “I’m sorry. I’m really sorry.” She confirms with Dean that he is living with Korn’s memories, and he tells her they’re from Intouch and family.

Grandma asks a question “What about In?” Dean replies that “Intouch couldn’t cook that well, but he never forgets your cooking skill”

Antika continues thanking Dean (Korn), for loving him (Intouch), and then ambiguously (from the viewer’s viewpoint), “Thank you for finding him.” She then closes with telling Korn (Dean), “Welcome, welcome back.” This is a reunion for Grandma from both Korn, and her own grandson Dean.

After the break, Dean is sitting on his bed, holding a ring. Is this ring from Grandma? Is this ring for Pharm? Pharm texts him, says he’s tired from studying, and Dean tells Pharm that he has rewards for Pharm after the exam. We cut away with Dean smiling

The shows last scene shows us what quite a few of us have been waiting on, any little tidbit of a relationship that’s supposedly going on between Win and Pharm’s best friend Team.

Team is apparently suffering from insomnia. Tossing and turning, and finally gets out of bed, gets dressed and walks out the door. Soon, he’s knocking on someone’s door, and who answers, but Win! Is this a pre-arranged agreement? Team asks “Can I sleep with you tonight?”, and before Win can say anything, Team waltzes right past him to the bed.

What follows is an endearing introduction to the apparently romantic pair Win/Team


Rating: 5 out of 5 stars [See our Review Guide]

Publisher Note: Steve (The_FNG) takes over the review of Until We Meet Again, starting in Episode 5.


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