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Someone said, spoilers are necessary to push the drama narrative. In the beginning, I would disagree but things have change in how we review, analyze and discuss series, especially BL (and gay for that matter).

In Episode 3 of 2Gether, the Series, I am more equipped and qualified to review and react because I know some “history” by way of the character interactions.

Let’s have a recap first, shall we?

Tine (Win Metawin) approaches Sarawat (Bright Vachirawit) and ask him to be his pretend boyfriend. There were a bit of animosity in the beginning, yet Sarawat agrees amidst the noise of his fans. He’s quite famous at school and Tine even pushes the envelop by joining his “Wives Club” to get to know him.

Being members of the Music club, there is much interaction between the two protagonist.

This series requires multiple viewing due to the immense entertainment value of the cast – especially Bright Vachirawit’s antics. It also has plenty of details that you can only appreciate if you watch it twice (or more). While it never pushes the viewers, it somehow compels them to be more attentive than usual.

What makes this Series much-talked about?

  • Using a musical instrument as a way of interaction and as launching pad for an orchestrated intimacy. Sarawat (and Bright in real life as well) is a guitar player who is passionate about music and its often his way to express how he feels. A guitar becomes a private instrument that a player preserves and often protects. When Sarawat allows Tine to use it, that reveals a lot – in terms of how he ‘sees’ the other guy;
  • A band known as Scrubb will soon play an important part in the series. This information elevates the drama in terms of anticipation. When Tine asks Sarawat to sing a song by Srubb, it reveals how much Sarawat is already emotionally attached to Tine;
  • I enjoyed band perfs inmensely and a few early Japanese drama/movies explored music and relationships extensively, so I can understand what’s to happen next;
  • This series is performance-based as opposed to storyline reliant. While the story binds the characters by way of logic, the portrayal of the characters seal the deal. You may read this article to get what I’m saying;

Sarawat’s room reveals plenty of.insights into his character, and inviting Tine is an admission in itself.

On a personal note, Sarawat’s room looks so normal like my own when I was in Uni trying to “find myself”. No guitar though, but I idolize Kurt Cobain, who appears in the pinned photos. This opportunity to get closer is a gem of a scene for me.

Tweets by BL_Elder corrected my impressions.

Last episode sets the tone alteady and the look and feel was retained in this episode.

  • When Sarawat countered Tine via a kiss and then retorted:

What’s wrong with a kiss, when you were asking me to be your boyfriend?

That alone, moves the whole narrative forward. What keeps people glued is how clueless and dense Tine has been all the time.

The last scene where Sarawat declares in public that he’s hitting on Tine is the gold standard.

Bright Vachirawit acting is so precise and so on point.

Credit goes to Bright for such an effective acting that you can feel him to a great degree. Oh, the empathy!

After 3 episodes, this series is more like a train ride that slowly gained momentum and is now running at full speed.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars [See our Review Guide]

Episode 4 promises to be another great episode!


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