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Let me get straight to the point. Tine being dense and clueless ruins everything for Sarawat as he moves towards a more romantic atmosphere.

By this time, everyone knows that Sarawat has the hots for Tine and it goes beyond mere sexual attraction. There are plenty of evidence by way of interaction between them to say so.

Episode 4 of 2Gether, the Series is a level above the previous episodes in that the editing is more precise, the musical background is not redundant – they even used new music compared to previous tracks which reminds viewers of recent GMMtv shows, and the acting has been elevated as well.

The hilarious photo booth scene between Sarawat and Tine.

Let’s list down some of the highlights;

  • The appearance of Sarawat’s Mom and younger bro creates a hilarious scene as Tine and Sarawat are in a sort of ‘compromising’ position, though it has yet to be;
  • Above is the result of Sarawat’s invitation to Tine to help him clean his room, with a duplicate key at that! The fact that Sarawat sleeps in his birthday suit is also mind-blowing;
  • The earphone sharing where they listen to music they both love is one of this episode’s highlights. It was shot in an ordinary way, yet the look and feel is not typical at all;
  • The picture taking booth is equally ordinary and common, yet the wacky comedic tone induces laughter and romantic chills. Win Metawin’s portrayal of Tine is no match to Bright’s personification of Sarawat, yet he shines in the way he annoys the viewers;
  • How Tine is adamant and insistent in requesting for a song ignites a chain of events that exposes Sarawat’s romantic undertones and ulterior, albeit ‘selfish’ scheme. Hence, when Tine does some lovey-dovey to a girl, Sarawat went on a jealous fit.

The situation is now in reverse. It is no longer Tine who ‘seems’ to pursue Sarawat, but it’s the other way around. Yet, Tine’s nonchalant way of feigning ignorance is a bit overstretched. It is no longer funny.

The teaser clip below and the last few seconds before this episode ends hinted so much as Sarawat pushing the envelop for further intimacy. I think Tine – who is still in his right mind – can NOT remain ignorant of Sarawat’s advances anymore.

Frank and Drake get another chance to play a BL couple.

The appearance of Frank and Drake and their apparent attraction towards each other offers plenty of ‘delicious’ for future episodes. Now, this is where Drake and Frank – previously a couple in My Tee – can shine and regain lost grounds. We know there is chemistry, it’s only a matter of giving them the right material.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars [See our Review Guide]

Here’s the teaser clip for next episode:


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