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At this point, viewers are familiar with WhyRU main couples’ dynamics. Tutor-Fighter (Saint and Zee) is more of a love-hate relationship with plenty of angst.

Zon-Saifah (Tommy and Jimmy) have so far – an almost sheltered existence. Their personal circumstances changed when they encountered each other and feelings – albeit tentative from the start – magnified. Yet the drama’s treatment of the characters is light and bubbly.

The distinction between Zon-Saifah and Tutor-Fighter is WhyRU’s strength in as much as TharnType centers on one exclusive couple.

Episode 8 stands out for the refreshing, romantic, and yet oh-so-natural delivery of Zon-Saifah’s first kiss. This serves as the couple’s quantum leap into what kind of relationship is in store for both of them.

Episode 9 matches the previous episode in a more “matured” way by delivering sensual and erotic scenes that literally release all the pent-up emotions of the characters. It’s a milestone for Thai BL by delivering a delicate set of intimate scenes with charm and gusto!

Behind the scenes, events could have been “business as usual” when Episode 9 features Saint and Zee exclusively. Yet, there were protests from fans of the other couple – known as mii2 – which are valid in many ways.

  • As a marketing strategy, the more popular couple usually gets more of the spotlight. But being popular is relative.
  • From a viewer’s standpoint, I expect to see both couples. While I don’t rely on quantity, it’s my expectation to see both on screen every episode.
  • Whether I fast forward or repeat a scene depends on how much I enjoy it. While I love the emotional roller coaster rides of Tutor and Fighter, the comedic turns of Zon and Saifah are as infectious as they are entertaining.

Because this is an episodic review, there is no way for me to complain. There are more episodes to follow. Whether it will be equalizers depend on the production team.

My review depends on what I see on the broadcast, not on what happens behind-the-scenes. However, I am compelled to add some ‘background’ on the current ‘ruckus’ for perspective’s sake.

Having established both couples interaction, what matters now is the delivery of consistent performances:

  • Jimmy as Saifah surprises me the most. The level of tenderness he has shown to Zon is as good as it gets. His performances appeared ‘wooden’ in the first few episodes, yet he managed significantly to improve and bring more complexity to his character by being funny and thoughtful.
  • Saint as Tutor has shown both a serious and funny side. I never thought Saint could be so funny, yet he manages to bring complexity to his character.
  • Zee as Fighter uses “acting” with the eyes with plenty of success. It takes a lot of real-life experiences to consolidate differing emotions and he does so quite well.
  • Tommy as Zon, in my opinion, is the series’ MVP. His level of comedy is always what I look forward to. The way the character develops from a cranky, suspicious loner into a dependent, amiable young man is impressive.

A drama is based on the collaborative efforts of the writer and director. They have the artistic freedom to alter the original source as it pleases them. It would be a disappointment if they allowed anyone external to the team to dictate and pressure them.

What you see is what you get.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars [See our Review Guide]


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  • Dawn says:

    I have this feeling that Zee is approaching his interest for Saints character, the way a guy approaches it with a girl. There is one moment during their make out scene where Zee’s character lays down on the bed while holding hands with Saints character…and immediately my mind flashed back to my 1st boyfriend and being alone, and the butterflies, and then the make out…but it’s usually the girl that puts the breaks it (it small change)… anyways, that’s the approach I feel Zee is taking.

    Saint, he’s is approaching it in my opinion from both sides…gender flipping if you will…one moment like a girl teasing her partner, willing but only at the speed she wants…then as a boy…fast, lustful, don’t stop, don’t get scared now…but still adt the speed I say…just saying.

    • Red says:

      There were some debates that some feel a disconnection between Saint and Zee because they both feel like dominant to each other. I think the scenes here debunk it.

      I think that there are couples who can be both assertive about what they want and still maintain a very intimate and loving relationship. Its a matter of compromise.

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