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Episode 4 of YYY BL Sitcom levels up the comedy as well as the relationship between Nott and Pun (Yoon Phusanu and Talay Sanguandikul) , our main characters. As explained in Episode 1-3 review, they are the major players that headline the sitcom. Porpla (Poppy Ratchapong), the landlord, remains his comedic self as he manage the apartment rather unsuccessfully. This review is a joint effort with Jen’s BL Views and Reviews!

Episode 4 is both wacky and thoughtful. It offers some insights into certain relational issues that is tackled with both seriousnness and comedy. Having the subjects treated with fun and laughter make it easier for viewers to understand. What I am talking about?

  • Jealousy and how it can adversely affect a budding relationship. While Nott and Pun hardly knew each other, there is already a growing bond as a result of being roommates. Yet Nott can be a bit insensitive to the other guy’s feelings;
  • Lack of communication is often a result of lack of trust and perhaps the mindset to keep feelings inside between boys. I love how the series treat this topic. Men are often seen as strong, with solid characters and ability to keep emotions in check. Yet, they are as vulnerable as women, except that they are better in hiding what they really feel. This applies to both straight and gay men. Pun’s inability to express his displeasure of Nott showing affection for another guy is at the center of this episode. How it was resolved in a nonchalant way calls for some congratulations!
  • A drunken state of mind. A person intoxicated with alcohol is more likely to speak his mind because he is free from certain control mechanisms. Yet, many experience disorientation and loss of memory. However, what most drunks have said are true. The drunken state is most often used as an scapegoat to explain certain behavior. For YYY, it applies the drunken scenario as an excuse, albeit a flimsy one.

Talay is the player who shines the most in this episode though Yoon Phusanu matches him scene per scene. Talay obviously has both dramatic and comedic chops. It’s just a matter of finding more roles for him. To balance the drama surrounding Nott and Pun, the crazy landlord, Porpla did some of the wackiest acts on the sitcom. Even doing a spooky Anabelle doll impersonation. Poppy’s ability to make people happy make this BL sitcom a standout.

I love the fact that most of the actors here are in their early twenties, which give them more credence in acting.

Rating: 3.75 out of 5 stars. [See our Review Guide]


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  • jenhg says:

    Yeah, I liked the drunken truths that got spilled in this episode. For sure people loose their filter when they are intoxicated. I love the fact that both Yuri and Om try to keep it real with Nott during this scene. It’s funny and heartfelt. It shows how much they both care about him.

    • Red says:

      Yeah! Kudos to your review. I got carried away with the guys that I forgot how funny Poppy was. LOL

      • jenhg says:

        Aw, thanks.🥰 I enjoy your review too especially the themes shown throughout this episode. And as for Poppy, he just shines, doesn’t he? I am so glad he’s got this avenue to showcase him. Hopefully this will lead to more roles for him.

      • Red says:

        I need to add something to my teview. I’ve been unfair to Poppy. One of the things I learned through the years is that revisiting an episode can offer a reviewer a different perspective. In this case since we do joint review, I really appreciate the details you include in yours. We learn things daily. So, thank you and I really enjoy reading your review!

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