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This episode, we have an utterly confused Nguyen, who is slowly coming to terms with his own feelings for Bao. The premise is hilarious at first, he stumbles upon major revelations and finally accepts the truth. I thoroughly enjoyed watching him rediscover his passion for theater as well as self analyze himself. I’m pretty excited, so let’s review Episode 5.

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Nguyen rushes home after his conversation with Bao. His heartbeat is too fast as he remembers their interaction. He is so freaking out that he actually “Googles” for his symptoms. Our search engine instantaneously spits out the required information about “Falling in Love,” and he is shocked. Nguyen remembers their moments, and it spooks him too much because he can’t comprehend how he would fall for a clumsy guy like Bao.

Bao is talking with Huan about his stomachache. Huan offers him Sweet Daisy Tea to make him feel better. Just then, Nguyen rushes in and asks Bao to smile. Both are understandably confused about Nguyen’s behavior, but he just mumbles about Google being wrong and leaves abruptly.

Later Bao is discussing the play with his friends while Nguyen sits on the backseat, watching him closely. He has an inner battle asking himself how he could possibly like Bao. Just then, Khanh walks and sends the cast home so that they can rest well before their performance.

Nguyen is sitting forlornly when Khanh invites him to watch the finale performance. He stubbornly refuses yet Khanh insists that she will get him an invitation. It will be his decision whether to come or not. As she is talking to Truc, Bao walks in and asks Nguyen the same exact question. Nguyen earnestly asks Bao if he wants him to come. When Bao confirms, Nguyen accepts the invitation. Khanh and Truc are both pleasantly surprised by this turn of events.
The Senior Members are checking the requirements for the finale performance. Khanh starts to feel unwell, and Truc gets worried. Duc joins in and asks her to rest. Both convince her to rest for some time. As they walk out, Duc tries to hold her, but Khanh brushes him off. Van watches this from a distance and looks dejected.

It’s the final day. Bao is nervous, and Nguyen gets him some water to help calm his nerves. The play starts and goes on smoothly, without any glitches. At the end of the day, Bao rushes to Nguyen and inquires about his performance. He is flustered, and Nguyen reassures him that his performance was good. As they happily chat, Huan watches forlornly from a distance.

Khanh announces that they have an after-party. Khanh thanks Nguyen for his help and points out that nowadays he seems happy – he even smiles more. Nguyen denies it, saying that he feels the same. Khanh, however, disagrees, saying that “Everyone is like pieces of a puzzle. When you meet the person to whom your heart belongs to, then the puzzle will be complete.” Nguyen asks her how to figure out if they have found the right person. Khanh points out that if that person makes your heartbeat faster, then surely that’s the answer.

Later, Nguyen is standing on the stage, thinking about his return to the theater. Then suddenly he gets flashbacks of the accident and starts to back down again. Bao reaches out to steady him and promises to practice the script with him. As Nguyen looks at him with gratitude, he becomes sure of his feelings. Finally, he confesses to Bao, “I like you. Please accept my sincere love for you.” All this while, someone is recording Nguyen’s confession.

My Opinion About This Episode

Wow, that was a whirlwind of emotions and feelings packed into a single episode! I really enjoyed watching Nguyen’s flustered reactions to his feelings. I can’t believe that he googled for it. It was so damn hilarious and adorable. Also, the way he kept denying the obvious made for an interesting watch. He isn’t going through gay panic, just shocked that he has feelings for a clumsy person like Bao.

I really appreciate Khanh’s character. She is so much more mature and sees things in a different light. Her attempts to bring back to Theatre are honest and praiseworthy. Not only that, the way she easily accepts Nguyen’s feelings for Bao and helps him clear his self-doubts is amazing. Having a true friend who always has your best interests at heart is a blessing indeed. Nguyen is blessed because he has a whole circle of friends working together to draw him out of his shell.

At the same time, I feel sorry for both Van and Huan. Both have unrequited feelings for their apparent love interest, which may or may not be reciprocated. Huan is growing uneasy, seeing Bao grow closer to Nguyen. There will be serious repercussions. I’m hoping that the resultant tug of war between Nguyen and Huan doesn’t end up hurting Bao.

Nguyen’s confession was the best part of the episode. He has finally come to terms with his feelings and accepted them—no more hiding. The ball is now in Bao’s court. I’m hoping that either he accepts or asks for time to think it through. Bao likes him enough, but I’m not sure if it is love.

The next week’s premise is confusing. Nguyen promises Bao that he will return to Theatre. Khanh and Hy are having troubles in their relationship. Nguyen accepts that he is in love while chatting with Hy. I’m guessing the confession video gets circulated on the campus, and for some unknown reason, Nguyen decides to back off. I’m having heart palpitations from watching this. I’m hoping things sort out between them, and Nguyen doesn’t end up hurting Bao’s feelings.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars [See our Review Guide]


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