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Last episode Tiến and Tai finally had their happy moment after so much anguish and pain.  They even were engaged. But Phuong appeared and somehow was able to convince Tai that Tiến was engaged to her and he broke off the engagement and left Tiến in tears. Calling him “Brother’ to drive the point home. 

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Episode Summary

Beginning where the last episode ended as Tai walks off in slow motion, Nghia is questioned by Tiến on his activity. Nghia turns the questions back on Tiến as to why they are wasting their time in that village.  Nghia knows about Tai and makes veiled implications, daring Tiến to hit him. So Tiến punches Nghia and I felt a strong sense of relief at the use of violence to cut through the tension of the scene.  Phuong appears and breaks up the two fighting any further.

This next scene rubs me the wrong way. Tiến turns his questioning to Phuong, and she reveals the earring is hers.  Now bear in mind that all Tiến has done is moon over Tai or have Nghia search the same spot for over a month with their men.  So for him to lay out this elaborate explanation with no real detective work, just checking her GPS felt more like tying up plot holes to me. 

  • How did Phuong know about Tai before Episode 6 taking place if Tiến hadn’t found him
  • How could Phuong send men after Tiến if he hadn’t done anything yet
  • How did Phuong know to contact Hong or that she is familiar with Tiến since neither a photo nor an explanation is shown
  • How did Phuong drop a through-the-ear earring if she NEVER TOUCHES HER HAIR 

Nghia tried to place the blame on himself, and Tiến pointed out the obvious. Nghia loves Phuong enough to confess to murders he didn’t commit.

A second song plays this episode as Tai pulls a reluctant Do down a deserted stretch of road as a montage of love scenes play.  

It cuts to Tiến driving in search of Tai, while I am in search of the reason he let him walk away in the first place if he was only giving him a head start?!?! 

Then back to Tai as an offscreen person blocks his and Dow’s path.

Back to Tiến as he searches for Tai and my head is spinning, that was a very jarring bunch of cuts.  Tiến gets a call as he is searching and is shocked to hear Hong’s voice, not Tai’s.  Phuong, who had been following them, is struck by a board to the back of the head and taken.  Hong maniacally swings the knife that killed Do’s father while mocking Tai.  

Do goes from healthy enough to shout to passing out from no visible cause.  The writing of this episode is shockingly weak, which is very disappointing as it is the Finale. Not long after Tiến is brought to the place, the others are being held, Phuong is also now there.  The scenes keep cutting back to Nghia, searching for Phuong and Tiến. 

Nghia has a Tai moment and remembers something crucial to the plot magically, and everyone begins searching beneath the ground.  Phuong’s father waits and watches. Hong has Tiến choose who dies first, and he can’t choose, so she stabs Tai first after brutalizing Tiến.  If there is a knife at some point in the plot, Tai will get stabbed by it. 

A fight breaks out, and Hong accidentally kills her subordinate. Hong attempts to kill Tiến, but Phuong takes the knife instead. Then Nghia and his men appear, and the fighting gets more brutal.  Phuong is held by her father and begs him to forgive Tiến before she collapses from blood loss. Here it fades to black, and when it fades back in, we see Phuong is lying in bed hooked up to an IV.  Big Boss explains the truth about Hong. Nghia waits outside the room with flowers.

A montage starts showing Tai and Tiến happily sailing off. The scene shifts to the two men preparing a grown-up Do for his first day in the Police Force.  Both men now sport awful facial hair. And that’s the end.

My Thoughts On The Episode.

That was an awful ending to a show that started out so original and amazing.  The writing in this episode was the weakest of the five new episodes, which is really heartbreaking as this is the last episode.  It is clear to me, they thought this was going to be longer, and upon realizing it wasn’t going to be, they found ways to plug up the plot holes.  

Speaking of the plot holes, the writers attempted to fill them with longer-than-needed explanations.  Tiến must be psychic for the way he deduced Phuong’s plan because they don’t show his he comes to that conclusion with only an earring and GPS. Or the awkward way Big Boss explains how insane Hong came to be.

The part that personally killed me was the filling of the plot holes ended up being half the episode.  The other half was a fight scene that went on too long and didn’t even properly conclude anything.  I was OK seeing the couple happy in the end, and that somehow Do survived whatever phantom illness made him appear dead.

 Rating: 2 out of 5 stars [See our Review Guide]


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