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We start out where we left off, which is Ace falling into Sky’s arms as he slipped on a water bottle. It’s cheesy but cute, especially in the slow-motion shot with everyone’s features so slapstick. You can’t help but giggle. Of course, Ace gets hurt and has to be rushed to the clinic, the big baby.  We can still see the tension between Sky and Ace as Ace blames Sky for his injury. The scene shifts to Ace’s house, revealing the stars of the second episode, Ace’s dogs.

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You heard right; it’s all gone to the dogs. We find that Ms. Becky is not only a maid, but a caretaker for all seven of Ace’s dogs, which I believe are either Shih Tzu or Lhasa Apso. We see her feeding them at a table set just for them. I find it quite funny that each dog is wearing a different outfit.  I don’t know who thought it was ok to feed dogs vegetables, but dogs are mostly carnivores. That is their diet. They were eating broccoli for goodness sake. Who does that? Did they coat it in gravy, or put special seasoning on it? 😁 I have never seen a dog eat raw veggies before. But mostly this episode is about one specific dog’s birthday party. It appears ChukChuk will turn five this episode, so there must be a lavish party to celebrate. 

The Good, The Bad and the Meh

There are only two good things about this episode. 

  1. Sky is still a likable character. He’s still charming, honest and seems the only one who is not impressed by Ace and his big ego.  In fact, he wants to punch his boss for being an asshole. I like him.  At this moment, I don’t want him to fall in love or have a relationship with Ace.  
  2. There is a scene where a restaurant waiter and manager manage to make me laugh. I won’t spoil it, but when you get to it, you will definitely laugh.

I am still having issues with the characters in the show.  There are too many one-dimensional characters here.  I feel that they all lack substance. Some are boring, like Jam. His role as best friend to Sky has been established. He’s just there in most of the scenes. Even when he has dialog, there is no sense of self. It’s as if he’s going through the motions, but lacks believability as a real person.  I know this is the first acting job for the actor, but I wish he would put a little more gusto into his performance. 

Other characters seem exaggerated as well. Take Jelai, the gay right-hand man of Ace. He goes around supervising others and performing whatever task Ace has asked of him. He’s comic relief but also appears to have a kind heart.  However, I wish he would stop hitting on Jam because it’s so predatory. You can see in the scenes with the two of them that Jam appears uncomfortable, but Jelai keeps treating Jam like a boy toy, forcing him to feed Jelai, constantly touching him. It’s as if by allowing Jam to work as an intern there, Jelai feels that he can do what he wants to Jam. As a character, this is a major flaw that I wish they would address. I want Jam to speak up and out or Jelai to become more aware of how his behavior makes Jam uncomfortable.    

Let’s talk about Ms. Becky.  The character is too much. The falsetto voice really grates on my nerves. Don’t get me started with how she flits around from room to room singing lalalalalala; it’s quite annoying. Her behavior is so cheerful but feels so hollow and empty. It’s as if she has no depth to her, or soul even.  Sorry if that sounds harsh, but she is such a caricature of a person, I can’t connect with her.  Even her appearance is quite the stereotype.  She has a big bosom and a full maid uniform with an honest-to-goodness feather duster.  🙄

Then there’s the boss himself, Ace. He’s still a complete jerk, with apparently no redeeming values. I was hoping he would pick up some human qualities, but no, not this episode. He is rude, hateful, and hostile to his workers at the company. He is also extremely entitled, looking down on others who are in the service industry. He judges people based on appearances, calling someone cheap for the color of their hair. He treats everyone like they are beneath him. It appears he only likes Ms. Becky, Kim, and his dogs. So at this point, I don’t care if he’s wonderful to his dogs, he’s still a terrible person. I don’t like him, and I don’t see how that’s going to change.

Now let’s talk about the meh or mediocre bits of this episode. The dogs are cute. There’s a scene where they run in a pack that will make you smile. Unfortunately, they aren’t using the dogs to their full advantage. When there are scenes with the dogs, they are just there. There are no cute tricks, extra affection, or specific traits that set them apart from each other or any other dog. In fact, I couldn’t remember what ChukChuk looked like or which of the seven dogs he was. I love animals, so it should have been easy for me to fall for the adorable dogs. And I think someone should have done some research before setting a chocolate birthday cake in front of a dog, which, as any pet owner would know, would actually poison the dog. Dogs can die from eating chocolate.

The other meh I had for this episode is Kim. She’s not a bad character. She’s pleasant and polite, with an easy smile on her face.  This alone should make her extremely likable, especially when she’s paired in the same scene with Ace.  But I have a hard time connecting with her cool, aloof privileged self.  She motions the waiter over, calling to him as if he were a servant. The same server takes her order every time at the restaurant, but she doesn’t recognize him. Which goes to show she doesn’t view him as a person, just an order delivery mechanism. She even shows up to ChukChuk’s birthday party in a ball gown, so it’s hard to relate to her. She’s not bitchy, but she’s not approachable either. That’s why she gets the meh treatment in this episode. I want to like her but simply can’t connect.

Maybe next week will improve, but I thought that last week. I’m still going to try to be fair and balanced, but the showrunners are making it difficult for me to really like the show. It has a big budget, so it should live up to it’s potential, instead of squandering it on lavish sets. Fingers crossed for the next episode.  Let me know what you think.

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars. [See our Review Guide]


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  • Angel says:

    Hello stranger

  • jenhg says:

    We have improvement. He is charming, and prince like in ep. 8 but I want more from him. He’s come a long way, but I think he can give us more. Hope you read my review of episode 7 and 8. It should be out this evening. 💕- Jen

  • It seems I’m the only one who likes Ace. He’ll come around in the next couple of episodes. Plus, he takes a very good shower.

  • Daring to Dream says:

    hahaha- if only the show were as funny as your comments, Jen. This show is making the flaws in The Shippers writing look like Shakespeare… or at least minor Moliere.
    I agree with your rating- I think better direction and writing might make sense of this whirl of stuff.

    Since I look at this show as a cartoon- Becky singing like a character out of Beauty and the beast didn’t irritate me constantly- but I was hoping it would go somewhere. Even in a cartoon you need a reason and character development.

    The acting is also amateurish and overdone. I don’t think it will get better. I enjoyed the over the top dog birthday party and was hoping the plot would involve more than the dog getting lost….

    • jenhg says:

      😁 Thanks. I have to agree, but comparing The Shipper to Shakespeare hurts too much….I personally think the Shipper is more Beckett than Shakespeare😁 though I will give you minor Moliere. At least The Shipper had Jennie. And nobody can deny her. She’s a queen. 👑

      As for looking at the show as a cartoon, I like your viewpoint. If you view it from a Disney lens, it makes the camp a little more tolerable. But even in Beauty and the Beast, we didn’t get the LaLaLaLaLa….we had actual songs. 😂 No character development, no growth.

      Fingers crossed for next week…..and please keep watching and commenting…..I need the encouragement too😁 *sings – We’re All in This Together – High School Musical* 😁. 💕- Jen

  • Jowan says:

    Good mooorning!
    I guess, this reveals my fav character so far- KEN! I picked him from ep 1 and he was still agreeable at 2.
    Sky’s connection with his squad is just meh. His supposed best friend is just there.
    Ace, is he suppose to be a big baby and an asshole but agreeable coz of the dogs? The jury is still out on this one.
    Also, Ace and Kim’s friendship is not as flowy or as deep as it “ought” to be, considering they are childhood friends and know eachother well.
    Also, there is a scene in which it was only them in a room, Sky pleading for a job (he was fun) but, I did not feel them much.
    The scene I felt was absolutely flat was where the parents and Ki were talking about cakes and warehouses. It felt like they were doing an interview or something. The characters were out of place-like they were uncomfortable around each other. But I got one thing, Ace’s dad knows something is up and is gonna be a problem.

    General, I find it really flat so far, but makes for a good pass time.

    • jenhg says:

      Hi sweetie! Thanks for coming over here to comment. 😘 To be honest, I wasn’t the biggest fan of Ken in the beginning because he was introduced to the viewer and someone so over the top, he didn’t feel like a real person. With that said, the skincare review he did was spot on. And during this episode he seemed a more genuine person. As for Jam, I am glad you agree. He’s very forgettable. Ace and Kim should have a much easier rapport instead of treating each other like new acquaintances. You also are right about the flatness of the business scene. It felt as if everyone was told to pretend they were at a business meeting and that’s the only directions they were given, lol. Thanks for watching this, reading and commenting. Fingers crossed we get a better episode next week. Catch you then, or on my blog. 💕🤗 – Jen

  • John says:

    Other than the gorgeousness of the leads, there’s not much to recommend this series. The best friend is horrible, Jalai & Becky are ridiculous, annoying and homophobic/misogynistic cariactures, and the attempt to humanize Ace by making him love dogs fell flat. I will admit when he was loving his dogs he was so cute I wanted to f#$% him, but that he treats dogs better than people and has them live in their own mansion cancels out anything positive they were trying to get across. He was a bit of a saint putting up with Becky constantly touch him, but that’s about it. I liked they way they played with the accidental fall/catch trope, but so far the series is not showing us anything new or interesting.

    • jenhg says:

      Yes, when you treat humans like garbage beneath your feet, even if you love dogs, it’s not a redeeming quality. I keep hoping they will show me something different, or step up their game, but so far my hopes have been in vain. The falling trope was cute, but the small amount of actually good moments don’t make up for the rest of the episodes abysmal quality. Thanks for reading my review. I’m glad to know I’m not alone in my opinions. 😁 -💕 Jen

  • exxuss says:

    Alone, you are not, Jen. Love your humor. 🥰

  • exxuss says:

    You’re very kind. A 2 might be a bit generous. Trying to find redeaming qualities in a show that has literally gone to the dogs is indeed not an easy task. I’m sorry, but there is so much to dislike about this episode it’s difficult to say the viewing experience was even worth it. I get the necessity of so-called “comedic relief”, but in this case we need relief from the comedic relief. WAY over the top effeminacy forces us to laugh at the characters rather than laugh with them. The blatant boytoy relationship between an executive and his assistant is unrealistic in the corporate world. (I get it, this is all fiction, but please does credulity no longer have value?) The characterization of the maid is not funny. Closer to cinamatic transgender exploitation in my view. For the most part the performance of the lead characters is good, but often stiff and sometimes diluted by the childish antics of supporting cast. Would love to see this show succeed, but the movers and shakers have to realize that many in their audience are no longer prepubescent. I hope they accept this as constructive criticism. Excellent review, thank you.

    • jenhg says:

      Exactly…..😁 I understand completely what you are saying. I feel that usually I’m willing to give a show the benefit of the doubt, but two episodes in and we are getting worse not better content. I agree that they have become effiminate only in order for us to compare to Sky and Ace when they start a relationship. As if to say, see, they aren’t gay, gay’s behave this way. They must be straight men who fell in love. Maybe they won’t pull that trope, but I remain a bit doubtful. The boytoy issue bothers me. With how far we’ve progressed as a society, how is it allowed into the script? The one person who could be a gay ally that Ace could turn to when he’s questioning his sexuality is a predatory gay man who sexually harrasses his employee and dials up the camp factor. It’s just sad to me. The maid is maddening. When I hear that high pitched falsetto I cringe so hard and have to turn down the volume. I swear if I hear one more LaLaLaLaLa I’m going to loose my damn mind and throw something. I can agree that it borders on trans exploitation. I have a few trans friends who would be very offended and horrified by this portrayal. It’s not drag either. I respect drag, I respect trans. The character is meant to be laughed at not with, and I don’t like it. As for the two main leads, they are doing ok, but their performance could use some adjustments. I feel that Aki lacks a clear insight into what makes Ace tick. And if you don’t know your character well enough, or there isn’t enough there, it’s hard to draw the audience in. I am still a bit charmed by Miko’s performance of Sky. But he can’t carry the show alone. So we will have to see if other’s step up to meet him, tweaking their performance as the series goes on. However, I am not hopeful. Usually we see improvements with each episode of a new show, not a slide backwards. Thank you for reading my review. I enjoy discussing this with you, so I hope we can continue with dialog as the series goes from here. *whispers: please don’t leave me alone with this show* 😁 💕 Jen

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