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Episode 4 of Still 2gether was a filler sort of episode where even a die-hard fan like me questions Tine’s seemingly exaggerated sadness over Sarawat being gone. However, I did appreciate some of the moments where he realized how he had been very casual in his approach to Sarawat and this relationship. All is well in the world of the other two couples so far, and it was good to finally have a definitive direction for Mil & Phukong because I was scared Mil would not change his stand until the very end (and then have another high five!)

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My Thoughts on the Episode 

Episode 4 gave me some clarity on why Tine was so emotional during the time Sarawat was away. P’Dim acts worse than a military drill instructor when he confiscates all phones for the whole two weeks. I felt that being away and having no way to message or call your boyfriend deserves some amount of crying, which we see again in Episode 4 with additional detail.

Sarawat was indeed present there to listen to that confession, and Tine was not wrong to hear his voice before Type appeared. That was a good scene for me though I did feel that the overall pacing of this episode was a bit too slow [which is clearly illustrated by the number of times I pressed fast forward on the YT video]. If taking away the phone was not enough, then the whole schedule, locking the house, not to mention the guilt trip etc., felt a little over the top. As much as I understand P’Dim’s intentions, with each passing episode, he has become my least favorite character in this season.

However, there were some really good scenes, and one of the best was of Mil & Phukong together. I wanted so much more from them in this episode after they officially started to date. Tine did great as the new leader of the cheerleading club, and it was good to see him go through all the different emotions in this episode and this season on the whole. It was established last season itself that Win’s tears have the power to move a lot of hearts, but this season he had more opportunity to show his acting skills, and he has definitely improved. All of the scenes with Sarawat and Tine have a more authentic feel and way more affectionate ring to every action. Be it trying to steal a quick moment to wish each other before the competition, flirting after the concert is over, or all the different ways you can feel their love for each other, they gave a lot of fluff scenes for their fans to watch repeatedly and be happy.

Man and Type were their usual playful selves, and the little jealousy bit by Type felt cute with Man trying to get praises for his actions on and off the field. I wonder when and how Boss is going to confess to Pear because his attempt to indirectly show his feelings failed this time as well, though I think the nickname he chose to put on his jersey wasn’t too bad. Overall, there was not much plot-wise in this episode. In fact, it felt more of a filler episode as compared to the previous one. There were opportunities in this episode that could have been used to make some scenes better.

I think producers missed including a potentially fun and sporting fight between Mil and Sarawat when they worked together in the band. There was so much scope for them to mend their adversarial relationship, and Mil could have tried to get on Sarawat’s good side. However, the whole scene felt so rushed in playing out.  I did enjoy the music in this episode. Acting-wise, everyone delivered their part perfectly, which is expected from the cast who have worked together for so long.

Compared to the first season, most of the actors are more polished now and so much more handsome too [like how?]. However, with every passing episode, it feels more like they were made to appease the fans, along with the sponsors, considering all the product placement we see—full marks for whoever designed those scenes.

Frankly, I have no complaints from all the fluff and happy vibes of the series, but five episodes for this feel so unnecessary to me. Shorter episodes or reducing the count of episodes would have made this series more enjoyable without exposing such glaring flaws in the plot.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars [See our Review Guide]


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