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People who are shy and gentle can turn snarky when their loved ones are threatened. The same can be said about Gui as he tears Yam a new one for trying to assault his man. These two haven’t confessed, but their emotions are brimming on the surface and ready to explode. Phuri and Kao’s relationship is still in slow progress; however, Phuri’s cold heart seems to be thawing with Kao’s cute antics. Petch and Khim are fast becoming good friends with some much-needed assistance from Perth. As we get done with playing the field with one villain, another one crops up. It seems like Solo and Gui’s relationship will be quite unsteady as it keeps getting bombarded on all sides. There were some inconsistencies in this episode but let’s talk about them later. A lot was happening in this episode, and I’m going to play through it all, as we take a walk down the memory lane!

This review is a joint effort with my dear friend, Jenhg. You can see her thoughts on this episode on her blog. We both have different points of view. I’m hoping that you will enjoy reading her review as much as I do!

Edited by TheFNGee

Gui arrives on time to save Solo from Yam’s crazy plans and scares the hell out of her. While he takes Solo back home, Kao and Jedi join the convoy, and the friends have a lucid conversation over dinner. Solo and Gui’s relationship is becoming more apparent to their close friends, and Solo’s is not in denial like Gui. We get to see some quiet moments where Gui shares his precious childhood memories. As they are getting closer, Gui’s Junior Kay arrives to unbalance their relationship. Add Solo’s Father to the mix, and the trajectory is complete. As Solo begins to avoid Gui consciously, Kay jumps in the fray top use this opportunity to his benefit. Phuri is slowly getting used to Kao’s presence as our adorable bunny learns more about his fierce man’s temperament. Nasty rumors don’t deter Kao as he promises to always stand by Phuri’s side. As Khim’s situation grows more serious, Petch decides to help her out to get her treatment.

How will Solo and Gui navigate through these problems that keep uprooting the balance of their new yet fragile relationship? Will Phuri slowly be more accepting of Kao’s affections? Will Khim realize that Petch is falling for her? Will Khem act more responsible or get back to his wayward behavior?

While I was dreading about Yam sexually assaulting Solo in his drugged state, Gui arrives on time to save him and scares the hell out of her. This scene is the first time that Petch actually portrayed some emotions. While Supanat is quite consistent with Solo’s behavioral characteristics, Petch sorely seems lacking. They seem to have an unbalanced partnership, and it might take some more time for them to get comfortable so that they can bring this romance to fulfillment. I’m hoping that happens before the Season Finale because they make a handsome pair.

While discussing the potential assault situation, I was point-blank stunned by Kao and Jedi’s behavior. The casual way they inquire about Solo’s drugged state sounded unusual to me like they were asking the weather forecast. They help Gui take Solo home and try hard to steer the “Solo and Gui Ship.” What grated onto my nerves was Kao’s easy acceptance that they knew something untoward would happen, and yet they didn’t take action; why? What were they waiting for, the Zombie Apocalypse? What if Gui didn’t arrive on time? Were they going to standby and let their best friend get raped? I’m not sure how this scene is depicted in the novel, but surely it can’t be this bad. Friends are supposed to look out for each other, and I’m hoping that Kao, as well as Jedi, do a better job next time. Despite all this, I’m glad that Gui is stepping out of his shell as he spoon feeds Solo and doesn’t deny their relationship, at least in front of Solo’s friends (because Gui does that a lot when he is with his own circle of friends).

That scene brings us to my favorite scene from the episode. Yes, we are going to talk about “The Finger Kiss.” Solo could very well be a sweet puppy wagging his tail for attention from Gui. So I might have screamed when Solo pulls Gui onto his lap and pleads with him to spend the night in his apartment. Gui’s shocked expressions could be better, but I’m happy they have a meaningful conversation where Gui talks about his Big Mama. Their relationship has been a bit on the “fast track,” where they never seemed to have casual talks about each other’s lives. This talk was a first, and I’m glad how the conversation veered to Solo wanting to meet Big Mama himself. He wants to be a part of Gui’s life and learn all aspects related to it. The finger kiss is just a symbolic depiction of their relationship; it’s slow and steady. Solo is ready to be patient and wait until Gui is comfortable with his feelings. Also, a shirtless Supanat is my new favorite, because why not!

Our sweet couple can’t have a moment of peace without someone or the else rocking their boat. So, this time we have a new competitor for Gui’s affections – Kay. He is Gui’s Junior and quite obviously has a crush on our barista. The only downfall is that Gui is oblivious and Solo catches onto it. If glares could kill, Kay would be buried ten feet under the ground. Gui, however, recognizes the glint and tries to reassure Solo. It’s rather sweet until they are interrupted by a stalker who is clicking their pictures. Gui might not realize it yet, but Solo is smarter. As he walks away with the realization, Kay begins his campaign to win Gui’s heart. I must say this guy is good at emotional blackmail, as he easily convinces Gui with his falsetto and lies. Even Beer can see it in plain sight that the barista job is just an excuse to tail around Gui. He is smart, and I’m sure he knows about Solo and Gui’s relationship, yet he is willing to risk Solo’s anger. Either Kay is very stupid, or he has a game plan in mind?

Phuri, on the other hand, is growing softer towards Kao. Gone are the days when he would scoff at Kao’s advances or swat him away as though Kao were some annoying mosquito. Now we have a new version who likes spending time with his cute bunny. Kao’s antics are joyful to watch as he waits for Phuri in the college canteen. I’m guessing these simple things are making Phuri fall for him hard. As compared to previous actions, when Phuri would be rude and rebuke Kao, now his behavior has changed. He takes time to explain things to Kao and still insists on calling him a “ball.” I’m wondering why he does that because coming from him, it sounds like a fond nickname.

I was actually surprised when Phuri casually invites Kao to his classroom. First thing, is it allowed? I mean, both are from different departments, so wouldn’t the Professor object? Secondly, it seems like a test because by taking Kao to his classroom, Phuri exposes him directly to the malicious rumors that his classmates love to spread around. Not that those rumors deter Kao, he accepts the fact that Phuri is trustworthy, and hence Kao will continue to pursue him. Kao just keeps surprising me, and that is such a welcome change from the normal morose characters. He might seem childish at times, but when it comes to Phuri, Kao is giving his 100% to their relationship and won’t back off.

Gui and Solo’s relationship, on the other hand, is on a decline. Solo is religiously avoiding Gui, and that turns into a huge favor for Kay. This guy is good at plotting as he cleverly uses an excuse to stay at Gui’s apartment. I’m really surprised at Gui’s gullible attitude. I understand he has a caring and kind attitude, but shouldn’t he be heeding his best friend Beer’s words. Even though Kay made him a coffee with hearts and keeps following him around like a lost puppy, Gui takes the risk of accommodating him. I wonder why he would take this risk; maybe Solo’s sudden disappearance is making him lose sight. Kay is trying to figure a way to tear them apart. As he tries to win major points with Gui, it’s clear that Kay’s overzealous attitude makes Gui uncomfortable. Shouldn’t Gui be drawing a blank by telling him to back off? He isn’t a kid, and although Solo is missing from the scene, self-preservation is most important. Kay is still practically a stranger and one you don’t cavalierly invite into your home.

The “Petch-Khim-Perth” love triangle is getting more complicated as Perth diagnoses that Khim suffers from COPD. She needs immediate treatment but refuses the same because she has to take care of her annoying brother. As Petch and Perth search for Khem and then drag him to Khim’s workplace, I’m annoyed by the kid’s carefree attitude. He doesn’t even want to know what is wrong with his sister.  Apparently, their parents are dead, and she is his sole living relative. The fact that he easily dismisses her disease is so irritating that I wanted to smack him hard. The poor girl is toiling hard to make ends meet, and all Khem does is play video games. However, I’m glad that after Petch drags him to “Thirsty” and explains Khim’s situation, Khem decides to help his sister finally. The scenario is quite better, and although I’m not a huge fan of Petch and Khim’s unlikely romance, I appreciate their new friendship.

We finally get to know why Solo has been consciously avoiding Gui. It seems Solo’s Father has stationed one of his lackeys to stalk Solo and Gui and report back to him. Dressed up in all black, Solo finally catches up to the guy and scares the hell out of him. I’m guessing his relationship with his Father is not a great one as he calmly threatens the guy to deliver the news back to his Father. I’m already afraid of what will happen in the next episodes; will Solo’s Father bring new problems to the table and try to break them off? While Solo tries to sort out his home issues, will Kay make a move and try to eject Solo out of the equation with Gui? He is quite tricky, and I don’t like the evil glint in his eyes as he plies Gui. Is he really in love with Gui, or is he trying to break their relationship? What is his endgame? Has he been set up as a pawn to destroy Solo and Gui’s romance? I’m hoping to find some answers in the next episode. Keep watching this space for further updates as we bring you more exciting news and features related to this sweet romance!

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars. [See our Review Guide]



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  • Jem says:ออกซิเจน-i-love-you-more-than

    Official authorized translation. Thought this could help. I like you add the VIP items.

  • cdnflipper says:

    I would be enjoying this series much more if the two leads had more than one facial expression. They could each be champion poker players with faces like that. But I must also say that I don’t feel they’ve been given the most believable storylines to work with (Yam drugging Solo to take advantage of him, seriously?). The Kao/Phuri and Khem/Perth/Petch have kept me watching partly because they’re given more to work with, but also because they actually take their roles and run with them.

    • krishnanaidu88 says:

      I can’t comment on the storyline because I haven’t read the novel, so I really have no idea of how much the adaptation resembles the novel. But yes the actors really need to work on delivering the emotions better. Here’s hoping that they get better in the upcoming episodes.

  • Daring to Dream says:

    Ep 4 was my least fave episode of the series so far. The girl who drugged and planned to film and rape Solo gets off with a light warning- joining the legion of Thai BL rapists who have no consequences—-also if you are going to up the ante from the book- let it build up and play out- felt abrupt. As did the kids in Phuri’s class taunting bunny and Phuri- poorly directed- the boys needed to show that they would be afraid of Phuri when confronted.
    Another change is upping the rival romance with Kay- felt a bit forced. And Solo “undercover” and disappearing on Gui- seemed dumb and totally out of character- again- after days of countertail- it was a simple “stop that!”- couldn’t he have done that earlier- as he could clearly see the guy snapping pics…
    Writers and director deserved a stern lecture for this one. Thank goodness for Kao- the actor is perfectly cast and feels natural in a role that could easily be as annoying as Khim.
    How do we find

    • krishnanaidu88 says:

      This was my least favorite episode too, but I’m guessing the story will have some potholes. The cast is full of newbies, so there is no other way then to be patient with them.

    • thyuk says:

      I can totally understand why it was your least favourite. Have a look at the novel, many parts are being cut out and the drugging scene was not even in the novel. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the novel more 🙂

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