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While Kay is trying hard to create misunderstandings between our sweet couple, Solo’s jealousy and insecurity are brimming to the surface. As Gui comes to terms with Solo’s sudden reappearance and Kay’s overtly forward gestures, Beer takes matters into his hand. At times, friends offer a perspective or advice that might either help clear your confusion or change the course of your life. Beer is exactly THAT friend, as he helps Gui navigate through jumbled thoughts and reach the desired destination – Solo. While one love story is progressing, another faces a major backlash. Khim’s condition is getting worse, and appeasing her, Petch accepts being attracted to men (did a facepalm, because that’s not how you go about courting someone). But I’m guessing this is the angle where they bring in Perth to play the fake boyfriend card. I’m already feeling sorry for the poor guy. I wouldn’t say that this was one of the best episodes, but surely it was the sweetest, and taking a walk down memory lane should be a breezy experience!
This review is a joint effort with my dear friend, Jenhg. You can see her thoughts on this episode on her blog. We both had similar points of view about the last episode. Let’s see what we feel about this one!

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Kay is manipulative as he strives to drive a wedge between Gui and Solo. Solo isn’t backing down from this challenge, and it becomes a battle of wits between the two. As Solo tries hard to win Gui’s affections back, Kay stands as a wall between them. With some help from best friends Kao and Jedi, Solo can bargain for some quiet moments with his favorite barista. While Kao digs deeper into Phuri’s past, he learns some disturbing details. Watching Kay cross his boundaries with Gui, Beer loses his calm and explains the situation from Solo’s perspective. Thankfully, the trick works, and Gui makes his intentions clear to Kay and confesses his feelings to Solo. Mission Accomplished At last!

My Opinion About This Episode

After threatening his father’s goon, Solo returns to his home base, “thirsty,” only to find that Kay has usurped his turf. It’s obvious that Kay is trying to drive a wedge between them as he easily manipulates the situation to his advantage. I’m not sure if Gui can see through his easy lies, but I’m glad that he doesn’t fall for Kay’s sugar-coated words. Solo’s sudden appearance does upset him, and watching Solo and Kay act childish isn’t easy. But he still gives in to Solo’s puppy eyes, so obviously there is still hope for them. Solo doesn’t make things easy when he can’t give a straight answer for his disappearance. You can’t just disappear for an extended time and expect your man to wait for you!

Phuri and Kao, on the other hand, are back to ground zero. I really don’t understand why Phuri’s affections keep oscillating so much. Here is a guy trying his best to court you, and all you do is rebuke him. Seriously, Kao has the patience of a saint, because I would never put myself through hell like this for any guy. While Phuri and Kao’s relationship is declining, Solo’s persistent efforts to win over Gui finally bears fruit. I mean, how long you can be angry at a guy who looks at you with stars in his eyes. Gui stands no chance at all!

Solo finally succeeds when Gui accepts his invitation to the volunteer camp (apparently the Thai version of romantic dating camp.) Things would be easy if Kay didn’t exist and didn’t make it his life’s mission to annoy Solo. Either the guy has a death wish, or he really likes Gui? I’m not sure which of the two options hold any truth because Gui slowly realizes the truth behind Beer’s warnings. Kay’s advances are unwelcome and make Gui entirely uncomfortable. I was so angry with the insistent interventions that Kao locking him in the washroom made me very happy! I don’t want to sound biased, but Kay rubs me the wrong way like he is there on purpose- to keep Solo and Gui apart. I have real doubts if Solo’s father planted him because his behavior is weird and uncouth. Despite that, with a little help from his friends, Solo is back with Gui, and their sweet moments more than makeup for any annoyance I feel towards Kay. Good riddance!

I loved the contrast that played out. You can see how uncomfortable Gui felt when Kay tried to share his earphone, but that wasn’t the case with Solo. Even though he is still slightly miffed, Solo knows how to soothe him, which speaks volumes about their budding relationship.

Khim and Khem’s relationship is yet again tumultuous as the kid can’t get over his bratty attitude. As Petch tries to act as a peacemaker, Khim’s situation worsens. While Petch tries to cheer her up, he figures that supporting her fangirling beliefs is the only way to make her happy. I’m not sure where the storyline is going with this relationship, because while Petch seems so sincere in his affections towards Khim, she is solely oblivious and lost in her fujoshi world. Then he mistakes Khim’s fangirling as a suicide attempt and accepts that he is gay. Instant facepalm! Although he saves the day by denying any feelings for Perth, I don’t think that he has any other option but to run to his doctor friend to maintain this farce. Will they end up having a fake relationship that will turn real?

The “Solo-Gui-Kay” love triangle is getting frisky as Kay leaves no stone unturned to separate our lovebirds. It even leads to conflicts in their sleeping arrangements, and Gui feels like he is the main prize in their weird game of “tug of war.” Solo’s jealousy and insecurity are not helping the situation, but I understand his stance. Here is a guy getting too close for comfort to his love interest, so Solo gets angry. I’m glad that Gui has a best friend like Beer because the boy is pretty confused about his own feelings or blind to Solo’s emotions. I appreciate how Beer lays out the truth with naked honesty and doesn’t mince his words. Truth is a bitter pill to swallow but hearing it from a close friend surely changes your perspective about a lot of things. Beer even takes the risk of earning Solo’s wrath so that Gui understands how obvious and on the surface, Solo’s emotions are compared to Gui’s. Everyone needs a friend like Beer in their life, who doesn’t beat around the bush and tries to save your failing relationship.

Finally, Solo and Gui have the “talk.” I’m calling it so because their romance was steadfast, and they had yet to have any honest conversations about their feelings. So while Gui tries to soothe Solo’s frenzied nerves, Solo accepts his mistake and promises to stick with Gui through thick and thin. Some might complain about Petch’s inconsistent portrayal of Gui, but I think he is improving. At least, I think so because Petch played this scene well. He pulled off Gui’s confusion, then apparent realization and acceptance quite well. Supanat at times seems overenthusiastic in his act, but his handsome looks and puppy eyes make up for the nonchalance. Seriously he is “Solo” reincarnated; I don’t think we could find a better option for this character.

That brings us to the interesting confrontation between Gui and Kay. However, I did cuss at Gui for going back to the room when Solo wasn’t with him. This guy seriously has no sense of self-preservation, like Beer pointed out, and is too kind for his own good. Kay takes this as an opportunity to confess his feelings to Gui, which our barista rejects. I was so relieved hearing that he knows the truth about Kay’s various deceptions. Just because Gui doesn’t want to hurt Kay’s feelings doesn’t mean that Gui has to always play into Kay’s hand. I’m glad that Gui took a stand and make it clear that he is with Solo. But let’s hope that for the time being, Kay stops following on whatever treacherous plans he has in his mind because Solo isn’t exactly a forgiving guy.

That brings us to my favorite scene from this drama series. The “confession” happened, and it was a dream come true! After facing so many debacles, our cute couple finally finds some moments of solace, where Solo wishes Gui a Happy Birthday. I’m enjoying this new flustered version of Gui, who easily admits and displays his emotions. Solo surely enjoys them too as they banter and flirt. Their new equation was always sweet, but I’m guessing they are heading into uncharted territory, and they are finally admitting their love for each other. Even better for Gui, who was hesitant and confused! I might have screamed when Solo pulls a blushing Gui on his lap and confesses his love. Gui is skeptical and hesitant. But Solo soothes his fears and turns it into the most poignant love confession ever! The kiss was unexpected but sweet. I like their simple intimacy, and I’m looking forward to many more sweet moments like these in the upcoming episodes.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars. [See our Review Guide]

Exclusive Bites

As promised earlier, Psychomilk brings you some snippets from the Special Scenes on Roger Films Facebook page, only available for their supporters. This week’s special scenes include a sneaky Kao and Jedi taking pictures of Solo and Gui as they confess and kiss. They will sell the pictures to Khim, and it makes me question Solo’s intelligence for having such abhorrent friends.


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Join the discussion 3 Comments

  • Daring to Dream says:

    There is something soothing about Solo/Gui interactions- must agree with other commenters on here.
    I do think Beer is now my second fave character after Kao. They amped up Kay’s pursuit here over the book- but I think it was a good change for the drama. I wanted to cover my eyes each time – how much farther will Gui let him go before lowering the boom? I felt sorry for actor playing Kay- getting rejected time and again, getting locked in bathroom, etc etc etc.
    I didn’t like the Solo disappearance act- it made no sense and was against his character- he would have tersely let Gui know why he was doing it.
    (Another change from novel I was not crazy about)
    But is this series enjoyable? Absolutely!

  • krishnanaidu88 says:

    I know, it was quite frustrating to see Gui’s fluctuating emotions. But I’m glad that everything is resolved for now. Also “Its Okay to be Not Okay” is my absolute favorite too !!!

  • Jade says:

    Its like you read my mind on the entire episode. From the the way Kay rubbed me off wrong, to frustrations with Gui’s kindness and hesitancy, to Sol’s in-communication about his absence. Like you mentioned was ecstatic when the confession finally happened and yes whilst Petch and Supanut can do more to improve their acting and settle into it more comfortably. This is however the first Thai BL series that i have watched too often for my own good. Since the beginning of the month when i watched all 5 episodes. I watch all five episodes every night after then haven’t missed a day. That’s how much i love their simple but intense chemistry. The way Sol stares at Gui, the way Sol kissed Gui the first time with his thumb between their lips, the way Gui tries to hide his smile but fails, the way Sol tries to erase his frown, the way Sol says “please” with his puppy eyes and Gui cant refuse, the way Sol always links their hands together. All these beautiful moments for me were made more special with the piano tunes that often plays when they screen features them both. I find their relationship extremely calming for me to watch.

    I am so happy that Gui has a friend like Beer else i would probably have trashed my screen if someone didn’t come to make it clear to Gui, how he is so misunderstood. Kay go riddance couldn’t stand him from the beginning. I literarily have goosebumps anytime he features in the scene. Was very happy when Gui rejected all his afronts in the bus. Its weird how we notice little things. I thought i was the only one that saw how Gui sort of flinched when Kay took one of his earphones. But when Solo did he didn’t flinch.

    In summary. i love this so much that i watch it every day so i can sleep better. I cant wait for the upcoming episodes. I never watch a series until its complete. So this is the second ever series in the millions of series that i have watched that i am having to wait for episodes. The first being the Kdrama – “Its Okay Not To Be Okay”, i hungered for that.

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