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This review might be short and sweet because I have almost the same thoughts about this episode that I did with Episode 2. The one problem I had with that episode was the character Tonhon, and that still stands for Episode 3.

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My Thoughts on This Episode

We could title this episode “READ THE ROOM” or “TAKE A HINT.” Tonhon is written like your stereotypical male jock, and it is not a good look. He is good looking but dumb, has no observation skills, and just oozes ‘toxic masculinity.’ There are hints galore telling him that Chon is into him. Everyone else knows this and gets the hint, but here is Tonhon, spewing remarks that just make everyone else uncomfortable.

In my review for Episode 2, I wrote that I see where the writers were going with Tonhon’s character. I can see that his family may be a reason why he is like this. I just need more scenes that give us more information about his family. I need the reasons to show themselves not to hate Tonhon so much. Right now, I just don’t see the reason that Chon likes him so much other than the fact that he is good looking. Tonhon has some issues he needs to face for me to like him more. Tonhon clearly likes Chon and just doesn’t know it yet. He gets angry if anyone mentions it. He hides this by trying to change Chon into something he is not, aka muscular and a jock just like himself. I think this image of masculinity has been pushed onto Tonhon by his family, so I hope we see this in future episodes to get more context. He gets angry for just someone coming over, asking Chon for a phone number.

Ai points out to Tonhon outright that he keeps getting angry when guys flirt with Chon and tells him to get used to it. Tonhon still doesn’t get the hint and just decides to talk to Chon and tell him not to accept these people flirting with him. He doesn’t use to opportunity to ask WHY he is getting angry at something that Chon has no control over.

The line below just made me so angry as well. Just because Tonhon doesn’t like it, he thinks he needs to change it. He thinks he has full control over how Chon lives his life or who he talks to. I said in my review for Episode 2, if you take the gay aspect out of this drama, this still is wrong! You don’t treat friends like this and try to change them into what you like or what you deem a “man.”

Tonhon just needs to take a step back, look at everything that has happened, and really think. He needs to ask himself questions of why and also examine more about himself. He needs to do some real soul searching because he has a lot of growing up to do. I also have to say Chon needs to speak up. I know he is the timid, lovestruck guy, but I think he needs to express how uncomfortable this is for him. You can tell in the drama that he does not like what Tonhon says or makes him do, yet he doesn’t say anything. HELL! EVERYONE NEEDS TO TALK TO TONHON! HE NEEDS A SMACK ON THE BACK OF THE HEAD AT THIS POINT! Tonhon really needs to take a hint. Even Miriam, who’s only known Chon and Tonhon for a short period, deduced that Chon has feelings for Tonhon.

Everything else in this episode I loved. I loved all the supporting characters. I loved how Chon’s mom wanted the 411 (information) on the new guy who clearly has a crush on Chon at his school. She just supports Chon so much. She also gives great advice, as moms do. I love that Miriam, Ai, and Nhai have become a trio because I think their antics will be fun to watch. I admit I don’t like that Ai and Nhai are still hiding that they are a couple from Tonhon, but that will eventually come out. I hope that Chon will find out about them soon, and they will find out about Chon as well, and then we’ll just be one group that supports one another. A big elephant overshadowed these good things in this episode in the room, and that was Tonhon.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars. [See our Review Guide]


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