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Non Thanon is no ordinary singer. After winning 2 singing competition – The Voice Thailand (Season 1) and The Mask Singer (Season 4), his current music videos permeates and inspires both the young and the old. Not only is he mesmerizing Thai music lovers, but international music fans too!

After wowing Thai music lovers with his rendition of traditional Thai folk songs which he used as competition pieces, the new Non Thanon music is modern, vibrant, danceable, and energetic.

Below is my favorite music video (as of now):

Title: ฝืนตัวเองไม่เป็น / Feun Dtua Eng Mai Bpen (I Don’t Know How to Resist Myself)
Artist: Non Thanon (นนท์ ธนนท์)
Album: [Single] Year: 2017

There’s also a piano version that actually highlights the singer’s voice even more. Here’s the link to the Thai and English lyrics.


Title: มีผลต่อหัวใจ / Mee Pon Dtor Hua Jai (Have an Effect on the Heart)
Artist: Non Thanon (นนท์ ธนนท์)
Album: [Single] Year: 2018

Lyrics in Thai and English is here.


Title: ความรักกำลังก่อตัว / KWahm Ruk Gumlung Gor Dtua (Love is Taking Form)
Artist: Non Thanon (นนท์ ธนนท์)
Album: [Single] Year: 2018

Link to the lyrics sheet is here (in Thai and English).

This is fast becoming another favorite with multiple runs and plays!

The video is playful, cozy, and quite funny at times. Note the school of goldfish that ‘swim’ across the screen giving the video a surreal yet fun look and feel.

Tanont Chumroen is under contract as a singer with I AM under the supervision of PANTHER ENTERTAINMENT Company Limited from 2012 until the present.

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