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Episode 4 of TharnType, the series is as satisfying as having sex with someone you truly desire and care about. It can’t get any better than that.

The previous episode dealing with the gay guys who exacted revenge on Type died a natural death, courtesy of you-know-who?

Tharn, of course!

So how can a straight guy with a disgusting previous gay experience even allow himself to have sex with a known homosexual and his roommate at that?

Take a look at the Episode highlights first:

Let’s see if there is “logic” to what has transpired in this satisfying 4th dramatic installment:

  • Tharn was rather convincing on telling the two gay guys that it was his “fault” why Type reacts so harshly when touched by members of their kind;
  • Type felt the need to salvage his “pride” by asking Tharn to have sex with him. How so? We’re living in an age where compromise is a tool to use – be it sex or sport or career or even business;
  • He wants to get rid of Tharn even at the expense of his butt, though I laugh at his reasoning, for I sense he is beginning to get attracted to Tharn himself. But he’s supposed to be straight right? How do you know? Boom!
  • One’s sexuality is private unless you have an intimate relationship with the person. That’s the only time you can say if he’s straight or not. But even then, one cannot be 100% sure;
  • Earlier in our history, gay people were prosecuted, tortured, and murdered for their sexuality. That fact should sink in, so it is a huge risk even now to come out in the open. How is that even related to the drama? All the stigma of being a “fag” stems from prejudice. In this case, it was the two gay guys who were prejudiced toward Type, who obviously hates their guts;
  • Religion is also prejudiced towards sex, some.of them anyway. There was an earlier time in our history where relationships between men is “normal”. In ancient Greece, it is customary for young boys to be courted by men for their beauty. Type is an incredibly handsome and hot young man. He is like a young Greek god who commands attention. In those times, statues are ‘job ordered’ to please boys like him. By the way, such romantic relationship is called Pederasty.

I could go on and on why I find it convincing for a supposedly straight guy to realize he’s ok having anal sex.

This clip is priceless!

But one fact remains, Tharn loves Type. It makes all the difference.

Happy to note that the drama focuses on the main tandem, with little intervention from the supporting characters. Unlike other drama which has no control or even proper storyline, TharnType appears to have learned from the lessons of previous BL shows.

And did I failed to mention the amazing chemistry between Mew and Gulf? See Tweet below:

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars [See our Review Guide

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