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The drama series available this season are either dark, sexy, or dramatic. I’d love to watch another drama that is a bit on the light and bubbly side.

I think I found a match with I’m Your King Season 2.

While I totally enjoy all the series launched last October, I want a respite from the heavy issues these drama are exploring. I think the lead couple – Ryu and Oat – has enough onscreen chemistry to make me happy!

Here’s my synopsis of the series:

Newcomer Ryu Jessadakorn Kriangsamut (he plays Pun) is a student who applies for work in a posh cafe. The owner appears to be quite smitten by him – Oat Passakorn Sanrattana (he plays Sib). Or is it the other way around? Their budding romantic relationship and their friends are to make up the drama series. The theme of the King’s game, coming out, and romance will continue.

Here are two teaser clips featuring Ep2-3:

One of the biggest appeals of the drama is coffee. I’m addicted to its various brews and will never get tired watching a barista prepare my order – dark mocha of course!

So it goes without saying that Pun applies for a barista position in Sib’s cafe. One thing led to another except that the usual complicity ensues:

  • There is a girl who acts like Sib’s girlfriend;
  • There is a boy named M (Boat Anakame) who gave Sib the dirty finger and appears to be involved with him in a way yet to be revealed;
  • Lest I forget, there is Tar, Sib’s long time friend who we saw in the trailer as kissing Sib.

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty:

  • The pacing of the drama is relaxed and not too ambitious or too fast;
  • The director fails to prevent his actors from overacting – particularly the two drinking buddies who kissed as if they need to have sex in 60 seconds. Also Boat Anakame who plays M is so highly strung, I can feel the heat from his nostril for miles;
  • I commend the two leads. They have notable onscreen chemistry and their scenes are cute and romantic, without any of them trying too hard;
  • The female actors are not as annoying as others from other series. Now, that makes a big difference!

Here’s Boat who appears to be quite cool and collected in his vids at Instagram. I hope they will let him relax and enjoy the drama!

This series, while not as impactful as TharnType or The Effect, is worth watching for the sheer pleasure it offers.

Rating: 3.75 out of 5 stars [See our Review Guide

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