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What is different about Episode 7 of TharnType is some focus on supporting characters. It offers perspective on how Tharn and Type interact outside their personal/exclusive circle.

Dir. Tee Sintanaparadee is quite wise to show how Type reacts with other gay guys, in comparison to his sweet, amenable treatment of Tharn.

It opens up an issue for discussion. How is it possible for a guy like Type to display rude behavior and mistreatment of homosexuals when he is – in fact – in a relationship with one?

This is where the “I only like you” assumption applies. Is it even realistic and possible? I think it does.

Type knows the guys exhibiting interest in him only wanted sex. While sex appears to be an integral and special part of his romance with Tharn, there is more substance to it than meets the eye.

He struggled to accept that even such a relationship can happen to.him. Love is – after all – spending time with someone for the sole purpose of togetherness. That time matters little as long as you are with each other.

Looking at it from another angle, Type sees no appeal going to bed with any guy for sex. He already has Tharn.

So what happened with the supporting characters?

  • Type went back home, bonded with his parents and mingled with a childhood friend, who reveals himself as gay. Kohm (Kaprao Pongkorn) first appeared in 2moons2 as Wayo’s admirer. In this drama, he is Type’s close friend;
  • Tharn also went back home, but returned back to Type as soon as he arrives. But a side story looms in the background. Tum (Hiter Natthad) and Tar (Kokliang Parinya) has a story to tell.

The next episode promises to be intense when a former lover of Tharn appears on the scene and confronts Type.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars [See our Review Guide]

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