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I dont blame viewers when they get carried away by emotions. Of course, once the drama is done, they need to get back to reality and be reminded that it’s only acting.

The intense confrontational scene in next episode culminated by the malice spread over by P’San to Type.

In Episode 8 of TharnType, they cast a good actor (AA Pattarabut plays P’San) that is easy to hate. In addition to Techno who loves to sabotage his friend, we have a double whammy of villainy characters that gave off negative (or at least some annoying) vibes to an otherwise domestic bliss between the main characters.

Some issues that made me compelled to praise this episode:

  • The difference in friendship and loyalty. Lhong (Kaownah) likes to keep himself on the sideline when it comes to Tharn. He listens and is sensitive to changes in Tharn’s moods. Techno (Mild) on the other hand appears to play innocent but is actually doing more harm than good to Type, supposedly his buddy of many years. Is there a hidden selfish agenda somewhere?
  • The issue of having sex at 14 appears to some as a shock yet it is as natural as the light of day. But I have enough exposure to liberated sex so I maybe in the minority;
  • There is historical context on male to male intercourse. I have mentioned in Episode 4.

In ancient Greece, it is customary for young boys to be courted by men for their beauty. Type is an incredibly handsome and hot young man. He is like a young Greek god who commands attention. In those times, statues are ‘job ordered’ to please boys like him. By the way, such a romantic relationship is called “Pederasty”.

  • The way dir. Tee cuts to highlight the next episode is noteworthy. It’s what you call a cliffhanger and people are impatiently waiting for what will happen next;
  • Type can’t admit to his jealousy yet it is driving their relationship apart. The problem is that they both lack the will to be honest to each other. People can take advantage of that and P’San read them so clearly. I like this jerk! He is like a hot sexy “almost predatory” man who needs to get laid and be a bottom for once.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars [See our Review Guide]

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