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Dec 2019 edition | First published May 2019

This is the last part of my hitlist – featuring fresh faces in the Thai BL universe. It’s not an exclusive list, but the actors are quite new. Their projects are from 2018-2019 only (with a few exceptions). While they may have appeared previously, it is only now that the spotlight is truly on them!

Let’s see who they are!

Nat Natasitt Uareksit is only 16 years old and is cast in a supporting role in the upcoming Why RU, the series. [Photo courtesy of his Instagram account]

WhyRU is slated for 17 January 2020 and this particular clip shows Nat at his finest!

Nine Konchit Boonsatheepakdee, 19, is the new Kit in the 2 Moons 2 series. He looks so gentle and humble, yet Kit is a character that may be opposite to the real Nine. [Photo courtesy of his Instagram account]

After the showing of 2moons2, there is now J9 – the fanclub of Nine and Joong Archen, one kd the most active FC in BL universe.

Nine Nopparat is one of the main actors in Until We Meet Again, the series. He plays Korn (Dean’s Past Self). [Photo courtesy of his Instagram account]

Gun Napat Na Ranong, 21, is – perhaps one of the known actors here. He plays Techno in Love by Chance and is slated to appear as one of the lead actors in the upcoming Cathy Doll series entitled Love: Must Slap opposite Mark Siwat. [Photo courtesy of his Instagram account]

Gun is part of the cast for the newly revived Season 2 of Love By Chance.

Dome Woranart Ratthanaphast, 21, plays one of the leads in 2 Moons 2 The Series. He’s playing Beam.[Photo courtesy of his Instagram account]

Like J9, Dome and Pavel (Forth-Beam in 2moons2) has an active fanclub, fueled by both actors’ activities.

This list concludes our Fresh Faces series – Thai new casts for BL role.

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