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The first 3-4 episodes of a series usually establish the norm – the kind of style, focus and flow it will take. There will be surprises and out of this world scenarios but overall most drama follow a proven formula.

In the case of 2Gether the series, it remains en route to a typical GMMtv production that is characterized by the focus on the main couple while slowly introducing the side/supporting couples a bit later.

There are a few Thai jokes that I can’t follow – like the cellphone repairman. However, the girls launching a wives club just tickles me. How they ask Tine if he’s interested in Sarawat may be so cliché, yet here it was delivered with the right punch. As they say, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel to enjoy a series; have fun and get something out of it.

Where are we so far?

  • Tine (Win Metawin) is desperate to get rid of a gay suitor named Green (Gun Korawit). His pals suggest to find a pretend boyfriend.
  • Sarawat (Bright Vachirawit) becomes the target of the hunt for Tine’s pretend lover. However, Sarawat hides a certain “history” that relates directly to Tine. He also projects himself as a ‘private person’ thus complicating the situation. Is he pretending himself about something close to his heart?

What works for me is the obvious interaction between Bright and Win. Various clips released as promotion for the series reveal much of their chemistry as actors.

Bright Vachirawit dominates the first two episodes with his sexually charged presence.

Bright is more of a veteran with a few noted projects under GMMtv. His onscreen presence dominates the first 2 episodes.

Beside some usual, boring scenes, Green – characterized as the stereotypical screaming gay queen – works tremendously via Gun’s competent acting. While he screams with a certain purpose verging on the scandalous, he maintains an aura of likeness.

Green Korawit stands out as the screaming gay guy in pursuit of Tine.

I dunno if that makes sense to you, but his portrayal is obviously not to insult the typical screaming/scandalous gay guy. It is meant as a joke and that it should not be taken seriously. His character somehow serves as the glue that binds the whole drama together.

  • How he snatched Tine away from the swim club with some females in swim outfits is hilarious.
  • How he employs some muscles to look out for Tine is unexpected and very funny.
  • How he regards Sarawat with a certain suspicion is truly a treat in terms of effective acting.

Tine’s pals serve as comic relief for the most part, yet the overall look and feel so far is that of light romance.

I am already excited to get acquainted with the two other couples, yet Bright’s majestic (and sexually charged) presence is good enough for me.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars [See our Review Guide]


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