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2019 and the next few years are banner years for Thai BL Series. By the sheer number of upcoming productions alone, there is no other Asian film/drama industry that has so much to offer to BL fans worldwide.

Let’s see, what are some of the upcoming BL Tv series? And who are the chosen cast?

Updates: New series announcements (2019-2021)

Absolute Zero (2021)

Hemp Rope (2021)

My Imaginary Boyfriend (2021) – From the author of My Ride: I Love You, comes the supernatural-romance between an ‘imaginary’ being and a young man.

Manner of Death (2021)

Tale of a Thousand Stars (2020) – there are changes in characters, to air 2020, waiting from GMM-tv for confirmation.
The Shipper (2020) – to air starting Nov 22, 2020.
Heart by Heart (2020) – updated to correct the info that this is actually not a TV series.
My Ride I Love You (2020) – acting workshop has started with the cast already.
My Bromance Season 2 (2020)
2Gether The Series (2020) – slated for February 21, 2020 episode 1 broadcast at GMMtv.
Gen Y the Series (2020)
Love By Chance S2 (2020) – in pre-production, with two of the cast interviewed with an adverse reaction to playing BL roles. Slated for August 2020 release.

Here are our previous list:

2moons2 The Series (2019)
TharnType The Series (2019)
Until We Meet Again (2019)
EN of Love (2020) – Part 3 may be delayed due to production issues, waiting for confirmation from production team.
Theory Of Love (2019)
Oxygen The Series (2020) – slated for May 2020, but no confirmation yet.
The Effect (2019)
Why R U the series (2020)
Dark Blue Kiss (2019)
My Engineer (2020)
My Dream S2 (2020) – waiting for official announcement if series will push through 2020
I’m Your King S2 (2019)
Your Star the Series (2020)
3 Will Be Free (2019)
Our Last Day (2020- tentative, to confirm)
Triage (2020- tentative, depends on play views) – may not push through after all.
Heartbeat the Series (2020)

Psycho Milk has launched the Top 30 Thai BL actors for 2019-2020. Currently, we have:

The Top 30– 21st to 30th

The Top 20- 11th to 20th

The Top 10- 1st to 10th

Let’s have a look at some of the young actors who will play leading roles in these series!

Just click the photo of the actor and you will also see the drama series where he was chosen to play a role (or roles).

Fresh Thai faces in the BL universe! There’s a lot of them – in auditions, in modeling photoshoots, in TV commercials.

But only those who are cast in 2018-2019 (and also 2020) BL series are chosen. These are new, aspiring actors who want to enter the exciting Thai BL universe and play challenging, cutesy, famous Boys Love characters!

My personal bias choices (my fave 5) on the list above are:

Boun Noppanut – this newcomer is already cast in 2 upcoming series – Until We Meet Again and EN of Love. He gets both lead and supporting roles in these projects. He has this chameleon quality of projecting different images with a different hairstyle or change of clothes. [Visit his Instagram account]

Gulf Kanawut – he was chosen to play Type in the upcoming TharnType, the series. The role is a young guy who had previous bad experience with a gay guy, thus his role is confrontational with the other main character. Very photogenic and registers so well on the screen. [Visit his Instagram account]

Joong Archen – previously from Turkey. He returns to Thailand to pursue an acting career. He’s one of the leads in the upcoming 2Moons2 The Series. While there is some animosity from fans of the former cast, Archen has proven to be an effective Ming in the said series. Another guy who registers so well on the screen. [Visit his Instagram account]

Kaownah Kittipat has a major role in TharnType and was supposed to play the lead in That’s My Umbrella. However, it was reportedly postponed pending announcement from the producers. Kaownah sings and is lbe of the most charming among the newcomers! [Visit his Instagram account]

Ohm Thitiwat – He is the lead actor in Until We Meet Again, opposite Fluke Pongsatorn Sripinta. Just the photos alone with his co-star in reason enough not to ignore this guy. [Visit his Instagram account]


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