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Updated with Trailer and OST Combining the romance and drama of BL with sweets, delicacies and exotic places is a surefire combination that is hard to match. Prime Event Productions Philippines Foundation, Incorporated (PEPPS), joins forces with Oxin Films to produce My Day the Series. Projected to run for 8-10 episodes, it’s all about an aggressive food business executive and his pastry intern amidst the restrictions of a pandemic.

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We’re living with a ‘new normal’ where travel may be restricted, while at the same time promoting exotic locations all over the island nation of the Philippines. Known for many of its breathtaking locations, as well as its food – a fusion of different tastes and origins. The Filipinos are also famous for their hospitality where you can eat these exotic foods while relaxing on an equally exotic island with the beach just a few steps away. Below is a teaser-trailer to give BL fans a glimpse into this upcoming series:

The Narrative

Written and directed by Xion Lim, a man who has been quite vocal and generous with his time in talking with us about this new project in our exclusive interview. The filmmaker is a former Professor at Asia Pacific College, owner of Bench/Lifestyle + Clothing, and a sought-after personality for brand endorsements. He is also heavily involved in filmmaking around the world and talks about how excited he was to venture into the BL genre. What he’s giving us here with “My Day The Series” is a show that is unique as compared to the usual high-school BL series we see so often.

So, what’s the series all about?

My Day the Series is a romantic comedy BL series about a young, determined culinary intern named Sky (Miko Gallardo) making his way into a multi-billion-dollar food company. Find out how he survives the challenges (in the kitchen and elsewhere) and wins the heart of his wicked boss Ace (Iñaki Torres). How will love bloom between these two, and how will cupcakes enter the equation?

Says dir. Xion Lim in a recent interview:

This project and film will also feature numerous exotic delicacies, famous tourism destinations, and a rich cultural heritage aside from promoting gender equality, love, and respect.

The question now becomes, are there any capable young actors (aspiring or veteran) who could fulfill such hefty requirements? Let’ see. If there is any indication on ‘chemistry’, then the video below probably answers your question.

Cast and Characters

Miko Gallardo is an actor, commercial model and a YouTube artist who has gained his share of followers for his engaging videos (even before being cast for a BL series). He’s a native of Palawan, so he certainly knows what exotic places look like! Miko plays a pastry intern named Sky for a food business that is owned by Torres.

Iñaki Torres, on the other hand, is a brand endorsement personality, model, and maintains an online shop – making him an already celebrated individual. He portrays Ace – the shrewd, but arrogant owner of a food business based in the Philippines.

Behind the Scenes (Gallery)

Stay tuned for more casting news and details as information becomes available.


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