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We are finally looking forward to the finale episodes. The plot turns a little convoluted at this point. The ending was vague and left a lot to be desired. But at least none of the main characters die, so that’s a saving grace. I was truly disappointed with the show’s scriptwriters for giving Thien, a very abysmal ending. Let’s review and see what’s happening with our main characters.

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Episode 13

Since Nam won’t allow Vu to return home with Phong, he makes himself at home in their apartment. Vu questions his decision and calls him crazy. But Phong records that he feels crazy since Vu isn’t beside him. He questions Vu on acting impulsively and not giving him the chance to explain. Vu tries to reason with Phong that their relationship will never bring him a true family. But Phong stuns him with his confession, “Why should I care about it? Because I love you. My love is much more than what you know about me. The things that I have experienced and the moments that I had to wait for how you will know about them if you aren’t with me?” Vu agrees to go back, but after spending a few days at his apartment.

Lam kidnaps Van and locks her up in a basement. Good riddance! When she threatens to sue him, Lam retorts back that he can’t allow her to do bad things. He orders her to stay put until the baby is born and not make the situation unfavorable for both of them. Van is suitably shocked and has no other option but to cry.

It seems Tung Sun has been using Thien’s money in the name of buying stuff for Mat Mat. Finally, Thien catches him in the act buying expensive cosmetics and rebukes him. Tung Sun tries to finagle out of the situation, but Thien warns him not to misuse Mat Mat’s name for his personal gain in the future.

Thien is at the hospital taking care of Mat Mat. He talks to him about Tung Sin participating in a musical contest and wishes that Mat Mat would get conscious soon. He confesses that he was a lovelorn guy before he met Mat Mat. But now that he has finally met Mat Mat, he is truly happy and wants to spend their life together.

Episode 14

Tung Sun is sitting dejectedly when his best friend arrives. His friend asks why Tung Sun seems so sad. Tung Sun is worried that if he wins in the musical, he will have to move to America. His friend assures him that it would be great for the future and promises that they could always keep in touch via Facetime. Tung Sun makes him pinky swear; it’s too childish yet adorable.

Thien visits Mat Mat and consoles him about not feeling lonely, now that Tung Sun might be leaving for America. Suddenly Mat Mat’s condition worsens, and Thien worriedly calls the doctor. I’m guessing that Mat Mat might be presumed dead, while on the other hand, Tung Sun attends the musical and performs quite well.

Phong’s father and his stepmother are discussing their future plans. Vu’s mother is apprehensive about traveling and wants to go back home to make sure that the children are all right. Phong’s father agrees but explains that he had plans to travel to France as well. Vu’s mother jumps at the opportunity, and both agree that they should extend their vacation a little longer.

Chi Van and Nam are in the park exercising while discussing Phong and Vu. Nam still isn’t happy about their relationship, while Chi Van is totally on board with them being together. Nam suspects that he had seen Phong somewhere before (he is talking about the time when Vu saved Phong from his school bullies), but he can’t recall anything. Chi Van assures him that Phong is a good guy, and both of them can’t stay away from each other.

Vu locks Phong out of the apartment because he can’t keep up with Phong’s rambunctious sex drive. Nam walks back home and correctly guesses that Vu kicked him out. Phong, however, seems quite proud of his sexual prowess and even brags about it. Somehow he fools Nam into unlocking the door and walks inside, leaving Nam out of the apartment.

My Opinion About The Finale

The finale was haphazard and rushed. Although Phong and Vu got their happy ending, the finale episodes had a lot of plot holes. In contrast to the film “My Bromance,” where main leads Bank and Golf are separated due to parental pressures, Phong and Vu’s parents don’t have the slightest idea about their relationship. I would have loved to watch their reactions. Although both of them sound to be quite reasonable and love their children, would they be accepting of Phong and Vu’s relationship? After they are stepbrothers, which further complicates this whole tryst.

I’m also majorly pissed at how the showrunners dealt with Thien, and Mat Mat’s love story. The poor guy spent almost his entire life searching for Mat Mat and was left devastated in the end. Tung Sun flying off abroad is another non-sensical angle. I’m not sure if he would still leave considering his twin brother’s death. Are there any chances of Thien and Tung Sun becoming a couple, or will Thien be left alone again?

Despite the bittersweet finale, I enjoyed watching this show. The main leads Nguyen Hoang Anh and Nam Mario, have affable chemistry. Nguyen Hoang is convincing as Phong, and his acting skills keep you hooked. Nam Mario, as Vu is so adorable that he makes you fall in love with the character with his liveliness. Watch this show if you found the ending of the Thai version unacceptable!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars [See our Review Guide]


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  • okay fans I’m a bit confused here> today’s article talks about the Bittersweet finale…..I have watched the series and Episode 14 ends with … be continued……is that the finale?….I can’t find any continuation on YouTube?…could someone help me here……..thanks, Richard Jordan

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