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The Boys Love industry is seeing a steep rise in the number of shows being churned out incessantly. With the astounding growth of Pinoy BL, the wide range of possibilities and global access that BL shows enjoy is slowly becoming an international event. These dramas are transcending national borders, are being watched, reviewed, and even criticized over the entire planet. The fact that their reach has crossed into the European and American subcontinent is a clear indication of how the BL phenomenon is fast sweeping over the world. Psychomilk is here to keep you abreast with the latest happenings, so let’s dig deeper and find some new gems that are all set to make their global presence known.

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Korean BL

We have two new entrants from this country, which is fast strengthening its presence and diversifying steadily. Korean Dramas already enjoy a large global identity and popularity, so their entry into the Boys Love is always highly anticipated and celebrated. The fact that shows like “Where Your Eyes Linger” “Mr.Heart” lived up to great expectations is no surprise. The ongoing drama “Wish You” is enjoying equal attention after it’s premiere on the WeTV platform.

Color Rush

Color Rush is the upcoming Korean BL by Storywiz Film Productions. Starring Heo Hyun Jun and Yoo Jun in the main roles.  The show is based on a phenomenon where one of the main characters sees the world in gray light until he meets his partner of destiny.
Adapted from the novel with the same name, Color Rush tells the story of Yeon Woo, who sees the world only in grey light due to neurological blindness. But when he meets Yoo Han, Yeon Woo experiences a rush of color with his vision, a phenomenon that makes him suddenly see colors through intense experiences. Next to these strange experiences and whether Yeon Woo and Yoo Han are destined lovers, there is also the mystery surrounding a major character’s disappearance. Heo Hyun Jun plays the character of Go Yoo Han, and Yoo Jun will portray the character role of Yeon Woo. The show is already garnering a lot of attention on Social Media because of the main lead’s chemistry and individual popularity. The fact that they randomly post pictures from the shooting spot is flaming this excitement, and this Korean BL might very well make it one of the “Most Anticipated Show” in the coming year.

To Be My Star

Energedic Company, the production house behind the widely popular “Where Your Eyes Linger,” is churning up this new gourmet romance. The drama is based on a love story between a Top Star, Kang Seojun, and a handsome chef, Han Jiwoo. Ironically both actors portraying the main roles, Son Woo Hyun and Kim Kang Min, played supporting roles in the popular Korean Drama “Tale Of The Nine Tailed,” which finished its run last week. Joining these two is Jeon Jae Yeong, who will be reprising his character role of Kim Pil Hyun from “Where Your Eyes Linger.” The other supporting cast includes Kim Jin Kwon, who will play Baek Ho Min, and Kong Jae Hyun, who will portray Kong Jae Hyun.

“To My Star” depicts the love story between actor Kang Seo Joon played by Son Woo Hyun, who deviates from the traditional route, and Chef Han Ji Woo, portrayed by Kim Kang Min, who doesn’t want to deviate from the straight path. It’s a romance-boosting story that claims to be a type of drama that has never been seen before.

Taiwanese BL

The anticipation and excitement surrounding Taiwanese BL dramas are higher compared to the other genre. This popularity stems from the fact that Taiwanese Production Houses never shy away from showing explicit relationships between their main leads, and the storylines are equally addictive. We have a line up of three such shows that are garnering attention across the world.

HIStory4: Close to You

HIStory4 is literally the most anticipated drama series in the BL world. When LineTV announced the new season and unveiled the new actors who would be embarking on this new journey, the news swept through the fandom like fire. Titled “Close to You,” the show follows the life of Charles Tu, who plays the role of Xiao Li Cheng, the manager of the sales division in a wedding planning company. To court his childhood crush Liu Mei Fang (played by Ji Xin Ling), he seeks Teng Muren’s (played by Anson Chen) help. They become the “ChenRen” couple to get Mei Fang’s attention but ultimately fall in love instead. The second couple is An Jun Peng and Lin Chia Wei, who will play Fu Yong Jie and Ye Xing Si. Yong Jie is a medical student who has feelings for his older stepbrother Ye Xing Si. HIStory Series Official Social Media operators leave no stone unturned to publicize their main leads and the chemistry between them. However, I’m not a huge fan of the Fujoshi angle (the story seems similar to the Perth-Petch-Khem angle from Thai BL Oxygen the Series). Yet, it is the HIStory franchise, so buckle up your seatbelts and be ready for the ride of your life!

Papa and Daddy (2021)

GagaOOLala is expanding its varied base with mature romances. We have an upcoming drama, “Papa and Daddy.” The show focuses on the major issues homosexual couples face with surrogacy and raising kids in a world free of homophobia.
The show reveals the story of Damian, a man who runs a restaurant in Taipei and has always had a dream of getting a family and raising children.  After two years of a stable relationship with his boyfriend, Jie Li, the two embark on a surrogacy journey and successfully give birth to a son Kai Kai. When the son enters kindergarten and begins to face the curiosity and differences of his peers and the parents’ gossip, the two fathers have to think about explaining to the young Kaikai what “mother” is.

The show stars popular Taiwanese actors Melvin Sia, who plays Damian, and Mike Lin, who plays the role of Jie Li. The show will most probably premiere in 2021.

We Best Love

Another anticipated series on this list is “We Best Love.” The show is penned by the scriptwriter of HIStory’s Obsessed, Crossing The Line, Right or Wrong, and Trapped. This series is structured with two sections with six Episodes and 30 mins runtime each. The drama has a star-studded multi-award-winning cast, including Sam Lin, YU, Ray Chang, Chih Tian Shih, and Richard Lee. The storyline for both installments is still under wraps. The prequel “No1 For You” will start airing on WeTV platforms from January 8th, 2022, and the sequel “Fighting Mr 2nd” will begin its run on March 5th, 2021.

Vietnamese BL

Em Là Chàng Trai Của Anh

While “Tien Bromance” and “Sea Him the Series” are leading the BL world with a million views, Vietnamese BL is fast gaining global presence. We have a new upcoming drama series, “Em Là Chàng Trai Của Anh.” This show’s filming started at the end of October, and the show will most likely premiere next year. The drama stars actor Do Hwang Duong and Vietnamese Pop band Uni5’s lead dancer Cody Nam Vo in the main roles. The storyline is still under wraps, but the main actors look adorable together and seem to share comfortable chemistry.


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  • Wow, I was aware of Tiawanese and Pinoy BL shows, but I wasn’t aware of the upcoming Korean dramas. I will have to check them out since Korean dramas were how I was introduced to Asian entertainment.

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