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When you pair two attractive Thai actors known to have dramatic chops, expect excitement! This is exactly what’s happening now as the blitz for He’s Coming to Me reaches fever pitch.

Starring Singto (as a wandering ghost) and Ohm as his living mate, He’s Coming to Me tells the tale of a ghost who wanders between Earth and the hereafter, in search of his identity and in the process, encounters a young lonely boy who connects with him in many ways.

LINE TV is to release Episode One of the new BL series tomorrow, March 7.

So far, the teaser vids keep on coming! Singto with his soulful eyes, charming demeanor seems like the perfect match for the taller and equally attractive Ohm, who exudes with such a massive dose of sex appeal.

Whoever cast the two is a genius – combining two of today’s most attractive and talented Thai actors in the BL universe.

Here’s the OST [sentimental Thai music as its finest!]

Another gallery showing mag covers and shoots.

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And here’s another teaser!

I’m watching the special episode, a prelude to Episode 1 which will be released tomorrow.

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