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25 March 2020 8:23 pm BKK

Thai actors join the fight versus the Corona virus!

22 March 2020 7:59 am BKK


In these times of viruses, please follow our medical professionals who are risking their lives to make our world safe.

Kokliang asking everyone to stay at home while he works in the front line.

Covid-19 affects everyone – young and old. No one is exempted.

21 March 2020 11:59 am BKK

WhyRU stars Tommy and Jimmy celebrates first kiss in Episode 8

Even without a marketing machine to help them promote WhyRU, they match it with hard work and improved acting skills. They have done more than their homework. And fans obliged. When you have passionate fans, you have it all.

GMMtv artists rally behind Bright Vachirawit and Win Metawin as the actors’ series – 2Gether – now on its fifth episode!

GMMtv artists Tay Tawan and Bright Vachirawit

GMMtv mainstay Tay Tawan lends his hand in support of Bright, with words of encouragement on Instagram.

Reports indicate that TharnType Season 2 will showcase familial relationships, especially those of Type and his parents. This would be a great acting opportunity for Gulf Kanawut to further his career.

18 March 2020 10:07 am BKK

WhyRU stars Tommy and Jimmy

I think the notion or assumption or whatever that Tommy Sittichok and Jimmy Korn belongs to an inferior BL couple is dead wrong. They provide not only the comedic part of the series and its very significant. We need to savour their moments!

Tommy Sittichok is gifted with comedic talent, that’s very obvious and now after several attempts, Jimmy Karn has matured as an actor himself.

It’s impressive because he used to be #deadfisheyes yet he overcame that and he made serious strides.

Earth and Mix shooting for A Tale of a Thousand Stars

Earth Pirapat and Mix Sahaphap are reported to resume shooting for A Tale of a Thousand Stars this April 2020. Details are available in the series profile page.

Nont Sadanont plays Pob in Dew, the movie

Nont Sadanont, one of the lead stars in Dew Lets Go Together won Best Actor at the 17th Starpic Film Awards in Bangkok!

Aok and Mon of Wayufilms will star in short series My Friendship. Both young actors will also play parts in upcoming My Bromance slated for December of this year.

Aok and Mon play young lovers in My Friendship

Wayufilms is always strong when it comes to promoting their actors. This time, a provocative mini-series will be released on March 30 at the studio’s YouTube channel.


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