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With about 75 million views on LINEtv alone, TharnType the Series, goes beyond the norm in terms of BL storytelling and character development. Even after Season 1 has ended, it still sets the standards in terms of how a BL couple behaves in public.

The term “fan service” is linked with Thai BL like salt and pepper. And it’s quite obvious Mew Suppasit and Gulf Kanawut have developed a deep friendship that goes beyond the mere pleasing of fans for the sake of publicity.

The fact that they still trend when everyone else is going gaga over the current BL flavor of the day, only means the anticipation for Season 2 is real. Other than that, some BL fans who know nothing about the series love to make themselves feel “entitled”, yet they sound so shallow.

Just like any fruit-bearing trees, people love to get a taste of it; there are rumors left and right. I have to disagree with the general notion that negative publicity is still “publicity.” In the case of the BL community, there is already so much misinformation and misconception that it has become even more toxic than before, when the chatter started.

So what’s the fuss all about?

The constant digging into the past to pull up dirt. Like a monster rearing its ugly head, it has affected both Mew and Gulf. Recently, Gulf was the subject of intense scrutiny by the Thai press – some of whom have the arrogance to ask about the sexual orientation of BL actors!

With the apparent success of TharnType the series, a new wave of fans and observers (and writers of gossip) seem to have focused their energy and attention on this young actor. The latest drama is about Gulf and his girlfriend, or ex-girlfriend, depending on what you read. |read in full|

Most recently, is the ongoing discussions about Mew and his reported ‘transgression’ with a former costar and who was reportedly ‘forced’ to reveal certain incidents involving Mr. Suppasit. The last thing we want is to add fuel to an already raging fire but in the interest of fair play, we have to consider both sides.

Here’s a report by our team, Krishna on the What the Duck controversy:

Mew secured his first major role when he was signed to play Pree opposite Art Pakpoom Juanchainat’s character Rambo in the drama series “What the Duck,” seasons 1 and 2. Despite being the second-lead couple, and beset with a lousy story line, Mew and Art managed to grab the audience’s attention with their hot and sensual chemistry. The #MewArt fans were born. However, things went downhill after Art publicly alleged Mew of untoward advances. Art spoke out and alleged that he only participated in “fan service” with Mew because of peer pressure. He has no romantic feelings for Mew, but felt forced to reciprocate because of fans expectations. Art further alleged Mew of trying to distance him from his own close friends.

Other sources have forwarded certain information to us asserting that it was Mew who made the first revelation by expressing his feelings towards his costar. So let’s continue:

Art’s revelation (or reaction to Mew, as the case maybe) split the fans into two groups, with one supporting Art’s claims that he was innocent, and afraid to actually speak out until then. On the other hand, the side of Mew supporters alleged that if Art really was distressed, why did he stay silent until now. It has been a year and the controversy still continues. What transpired between these two behind closed doors remains a mystery because Mew hasn’t offered any responses from his side.

What does it all mean?

  • It creates negativity towards Mew, who is credited as a big contributor to the success of the TharnType series, and it foments animosity towards Art, his former costar.
  • Gulf’s recent controversy died down quickly when he made himself available for interviews, facing the rumors with facts.
  • The Mew-Art debate sidelines the TharnType show itself to a certain extent – and acts as an invasion of privacy for all concerned. To many young fans, it’s like an Asian version of TMZ, where gossip writers talk about the latest celebrity scandals. It further blurs the actor’s private lives with the fictional characters they portray, thus fueling fans’ fantasy and sometimes delusional behavior.
  • It reinforces the school of thought that “fan service,” if allowed to continue, may be dangerous if not supervised or chaperoned more closely. While “fan service” is part of promoting a show, fans who have other “things” in mind almost always get the wrong picture.

There is really no way to write about these events with authority about what happened between the actors as there is no direct communication – like an interview or the citing of reliable sources. What we have is second-hand information. Understand that the purpose of this exercise is not to take sides but to give BL fans an idea of what the fuss is all about. New tweets or posts or rumors will continue whether you like it or not.

While we don’t subscribe to censorship, the spread of fake news has to be controlled somehow. The best weapon to counter these rumors are facts. Right now, we just laid down a sanitized version of what’s available on the internet.

This article will be updated as we get more information.


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