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Notwithstanding the real-world reality of social distancing and abject poverty, people – young and old – took refuge from the Internet and anointed what previously was an obscure, even taboo genre – Boys Love. Gone are the days when young girls (and gay boys) hide their cellphones while watching the latest episode of SOTUS, Love by Chance, (more recently even TharnType) or the earlier greats like Love of Siam. Taking advantage of this surge in BL popularity is 2Gether The Series from GMMtv, the undisputed heavyweight BL network in Thailand.

In the Philippines alone, Episode 8, was re-tweeted 210k times with the tag #Sarawat grabbing another 100k. (The buzz on Episode 9 says it’ll be even bigger.) When the four-part clips of Ep 8 were uploaded, they averaged 1.5 million views each in less than 24 hours.

Is it worth it? A writer-friend of mine said, indeed it is. That given the chance, she’ll promote the series as an excellent introduction to BL for the uninitiated. I have to agree that the light treatment of the subject, with gorgeous and talented actors and well-done technical execution, makes the series a must-see.

That’s quite an introduction already! Let’s get into the episodes:

Clingy Sarawat holds on to Tine after some intense moments. Both Bright and Win exhibit such tenderness in this scene!

Episode 8 further redefines the Sarawat-Tine relationship due to incidents that may appear coincidental, yet sinister. This is also the opportune time for Sarawat trying to push himself onto Tine. The word clingy comes to mind. Episode 9 solidifies the main characters’ dynamics as they are pulled together into physical altercations with a common foe – Sarawat being the victim of a rival suitor who targeted Tine early on. This episode also reveals something that confused or cast doubt to viewers – Is Tine really so dense that he can’t feel the love? Apparently, he does felt it.

“If you really wanted it, why didn’t you hold on to it firmly? It’s up to you. If you don’t want to regret it later, try to keep what you want. Try while you still can. You can pick it up after you drop it. But it’s not going to be the same.”

Sarawat (Bright Vachirawit) and Tine (Win Metawin) share the sofa after a full day of intense drama, confrontation and realization.

I’m giving it another perfect score for the sheer pleasure in watching it. And I end this review by explaining exactly why it’s so successful:

Fans demand clarity and continuity for a show to be appreciated. In the case of TharnType, Dir. Tee Sintanaparadee put the focus on the main couple and never looked back. It serves as one of the most engaging BL dramas of 2019. The opposite can be said of P’Champ’s Kiss Me Again. Yet the way the BL couple of New and Tay was presented in this series made sense which fans loved – paving the way for a series exclusively for them in the Dark Blue Kiss. Recent and previous BL shows are studies of contrasting success. Having multiple couples can become quite cumbersome – especially when the director can’t control his cast or devote equal attention to all the scenes equally.

That’s from my article that is directly related to Episode 8-9. I listed down about 9 other reasons, and mostly, these are credited to P’Champ – the series’ director who have done such a great job.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars [See our Review Guide]


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I'm a Researcher by profession, prone to questioning everything. Living in Mumbai, I grew up on a stable diet of monotonous Indian dramas which stretch for a decade or so and I sincerely wanted to elude the boredom. So I escaped into the unknown, which is the world of BL dramas. I love sharing my thoughts about the storyline, characters and analyzing the smallest details possible. When something touches my heart, I want to know what others feel about the subject matter as well. That’s why, I’m here at Psychomilk. Being a writer gives me an outlet to explore my inner emotions and turmoil

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  • Joey says:

    When my friends who happened to find out that Thailand has such a taboo genre are crazy about 2gether series as if it were the only drama they would be sloppy about ,  I purse my lips. Only if they knew that there are more BL dramas  way more ” kilig” than this. Maybe I can’t accept the fact that it is going to outnumber the other ” classic” BL dramas  when it comes to the number of views and fans around the world; I’m still a big fan of SOTUS. Hahaha

    • Red says:

      Thank you for being forthcoming. Yes, this is the current rage and it’s not too bad at all. The chemistry is great and the story is simple, yet the director finds ways to keep it alive.

      Those friends of yours ought to be introduced properly about the database of available Thai BL. HEHEHEHEHE

      • Joey says:

        ” Those friends of yours ought to be introduced properly about the database of available Thai BL. ..”

        Me: I gave them a long list of the other Thai BL dramas they can binge-watch in the time of COVID-19 lockdown. ^ ^

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