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2Gether The Series comes at a time when there is a void to fill up – in terms of alternative entertainment. After the limited broadcast of He’s Coming to Me, the massive popularity of TharnType The Series, and the artistic ambition of UWMA the Series, BL fans were looking for something to calm the nerves as COVID-19 hits pandemic proportions.

– Edited by TheFNGee

From the time Love of Siam (2007) won acclaim, Thai entertainment presents series to cater to an ‘unknown quantity’ called BL. Lovesick (2014) and a portion of the acclaimed series Hormones (2013), paved the way for BL to expand outside Japan. 2Gether represents its most recent iteration. What makes the series a standout is on-screen chemistry between Bright Vachirawit and Win Metawin. Portraying Sarawat and Tine, respectively, they brought so much vigor, tension, and anticipation in their every move.

So, let’s get into it!

A student named Tine (Win Metawin) wants to get rid of a gay admirer. His friends recommend getting a pretend boyfriend – Sarawat (Bright Wachirawit). But Sarawat plays hard to get until he finally agrees. The two become close and intense emotions soon erupted. Are they just pretending or already have feelings for each other?

  • The ‘pretend boyfriend’ scenario is not exactly new, it gets inspiration from various storylines featuring shows using ‘pretend girlfriend’ as a way for a relationship to move forward. The interaction between Sarawat and Tine, portrayed with absolute confidence and charm by Bright and Win make all the difference;
  • The episode that showcases the change in status – from pretenders to bonafide relationship – takes a nosedive in terms of the realistic portrayal of two people in love. While the extent of their intimacy and how they show it can be best described as ‘conservative’, the interaction and its intensity or lack thereof was reduced to such a level that it no longer appealed to many;
  • Using supporting characters (side stories) took out the focus on the main couple. I understand the need to keep the audience in suspense and raise engagement, yet it feels that instead of offering such free-flow, it hinders story progression.

There are other critical points but the points above serves as the basis for my review. The soundtrack and using music as a way of inter-connection is a great idea. The Sarawat-Tine relationship transitions into a serious relationship as the music progresses. Kudos to Scrubb for such amazing music!

The final episode was highly anticipated and similar to the trending of previous episodes on Twitter, Episode 13 got people’s attention – even with a typhoon hammering the Philippines, one of the countries anticipating its finale.

What’s episode 13 all about? Did it provide closure to the series? Is it worth all the hype?

The final episode brings viewers up to date on the relationship between Sarawat and Tine. It’s what can be expected of a typical BL ending.

  • Tine’s misplaced ‘insecurity’ and jealousy have no logic since Pam already admitted that Sarawat likes him more than her. I think it’s some sort of ‘arrogance’ from the production team to stretch the limit of believability, like manipulating the audience’s emotions and letting them hang dry for a few more minutes.
  • The acting went downhill, except for Win. The chemistry and interaction between Drake & Frank made me happy. Both performances were subtle but satisfying. Scenes without Bright or Win (except Drake & Frank) had little entertainment value for me, except to click fast-forward. Such diversions reduce the impact of Sarawat & Tine.
  • I’d expected no kiss from GMM-tv given the recent news of the script revisions for A Tale of a Thousand Stars. The fact that they decided to depart from the source is an indication of going the “unpredictable” route, which is not necessarily a bad move. However, the mere high-five is probably one of the most disappointing gestures of affection for a publicly known lovers (and are both men at that!).
  • Reports are circulating that the last few episodes were filmed earlier than the initial episodes. Intimate and kissing scenes can be filmed earlier or later, depending on the style of the crew, yet whatever is the case, the finished ‘product’ (or the show itself) is what the audience will see, and more often than not, viewers are not interested in the style it was filmed, rather the level of enjoyment and entertainment it brings.

Boys Love – its current state where it caters mostly for fantasy and entertainment – cannot be judged more than what it purports to be. On that basis alone, 2Gether The Series has already succeeded in the level of entertainment it brought to its captured audience.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars. Overall, I’m giving the series a 4 3.75 out of 5 stars. [See our Review Guide]


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I'm a Researcher by profession, prone to questioning everything. Living in Mumbai, I grew up on a stable diet of monotonous Indian dramas which stretch for a decade or so and I sincerely wanted to elude the boredom. So I escaped into the unknown, which is the world of BL dramas. I love sharing my thoughts about the storyline, characters and analyzing the smallest details possible. When something touches my heart, I want to know what others feel about the subject matter as well. That’s why, I’m here at Psychomilk. Being a writer gives me an outlet to explore my inner emotions and turmoil

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  • Daring to Dream says:

    The funny thing is— in the two interviews I’ve watched- Bright comes off as engaged and fun and Win comes off as a spoiled rich kid. No shreds of intimacy between them- the “straightest” cast vibe since 2Moons1. Kudos to leaving Scrubbs music in from novel- every other move the writers made to expand an admittedly weak plot were off the rails. Even the marginal acting of one of the leads in En of Love- was redeemed by the scenes of intimacy in the final episode- it doesn’t need to be crazy lust like in TharnType- just some little moves of tenderness. Laying in bed while never touching does not get that done.

    1st 7 episode 4/5, last 6 2/5.

  • The initial trailers gave me the impression this would be high on the list. After the first 3 episodes I wondered if Bright had any emotion at all. Tine I instantly enjoyed with his appearance, reactions and half zipped fly on his blue jeans. Fact is his friends Fong, Ohm and Phuak are adorable so I kept watching. Then along comes Frank and Drake looking great. They struck me as a real couple even with Drake keeping an eye on Tine. Whether the final episodes are covid-19 related or not it seems it was a long stretch to the final episode.

    The one very annoying action that took place is the patting on the shoulder, back or head throughout the series. Giving a friend or lover a hug is being human, although, once again it might be covid-19 related. I took a long time to read all your reviews before I would comment.

    • Red says:

      Ahhh. They explained that touching the head by Thais is quite a big thing down there. Its only allowed between people who are really close. Frank and Drake are a fave couple of mine since they sustained such amazing chemistry throughout 2 projects already, yes they are quite amazing!

      Bright acting went downhill while win improves as the series progresses, IMO.

  • exxuss says:

    Red – you summed it up with your usual precision. The series started out with such great potential. Two fresh personalities on the heels of UWMA and TharnType. Maybe at that time the bar was too high and we hoped for too much. Regrettably the 2gether finish was at best lackluster. Clearly WinBright carried the series and Win did most of the heavy lifting. Bright is a decent actor and delicious eye-candy, but not real convincing in a BL role. Hoping to see a lot more of Win.

    • Red says:

      I really was hoping Bright could sustain the efforts he did in early episodes but it was Win who did amazing. Without their chemistry, this series would not even be worth it. Yet, I commend the production crew for many creative actions but in the end the few last episodes failed to deliver.

  • Genesis77 says:

    We all whined about the lack of intimacy… realistic interpretation of it…but it was nothing but the management catering to it’s main celebrity in this drama Bright aka Sarawat. They made compromises for him and him alone.. just my guess and opinion, as he was not a BL actor before this drama and second, the role was given to him, he didnt even have to audition.
    Another fact, when they did hold audition, they skipped on Gulf of TharnType fame, for the past of Tine…and I’m so glad they did. Gulf, destiny placed you in the right drama…amen.
    I digress, but yes the deviations were to make Bright comfortable…it’s also blamed on him having a girlfriend to think about…and if that’s the case he shouldn’t have accepted the part, if it was gonna bother his girlfriend to see him kissing a man…also, he failed to read the book until they started filming…so his attitude of not fully knowing the relationship of the characters also speaks to his arrogance, and intentions of doing the role only to grab new fans from this genre. Time will tell if he ever does another BL, which I doubt he will.
    It was a descent drama because of Win…he made me happy and made me nostalgic and he made me cry…Man made me laugh…he was comic relief…Boss really wasn’t needed…Mil he was good for the distraction and enemy and they could’ve done more with his character, if they seriously wanted to cause a break up or misunderstanding between Sarawat x Tine…since they went off road from the Novel… anyways, all in all I’d give it a 4 for the things I cited…and hope this thing doesn’t see a sequel of any kind…or any awards during award season…beyond maybe Newcomer award for Win…he deserves it.

    • Red says:

      Thanks! I agree about your observation. The catering to Bright appears to be the series biggest mistake or lack of better judgment. Glad you mentioned Gulf. He deserves a better environment and I think TharmType S2 is there for him.

  • Joey says:

    I absolutely agree to your points. My major complaints since the beginning  are the “logic” of the story and ” unrealistic immaturity ” of the characters ( Tine and Sarawat )  which insult a BL fan’s intelligence  like me. Hahaha The director may have intended to manipulate the emotions of the viewers, particularly of the MILLENIALS.

    I was even glad about your point that Drake and Frank had wonderful chemistry and interaction  in this series. I hated Drake’s guts in the beginnings but only in this episode did I appreciate his acting skills. I even found him manly and gentleman. Gosh!

    Given that I didn’t like this series much because I found it ” kind of intellectually manipulating and insulting” [That’s why I stopped watching the last three episodes ], only in this last episode did I appreciate it. Maybe because I was kind of teary-eyed  when Sarawat sang the song he wrote for Tine.That scene reminded me of 2Moons 1. And the ending is not that bad. I liked it. Normal. No need a kissing scene or whatsoever lovey-dovey scenes fans may have been thrilled to watch. In fact, it was like a bromance ending for me.

    I think between Win and Bright,  Win is the only one by whose acting skills I was carried  away all along. I loved the way he conveyed his emotions.

    • Red says:

      I share your sentiments. I thought the production crew was arrogant in the way they levelled down the romance.

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