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After the introduction of the main characters in the initial four episodes, the next ones involved at a rapid speed, we get to learn more about Phong’s troubled past, Thien’s nightmares, and Van’s treacherous intentions. The show’s producers have taken the original concept of “My Bromance” and given it an ingenious twist. I’m enjoying the fact that they didn’t do an exact “Copy and Paste” in this mini-series and added elements that keep the audiences hooked.

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Episode 5 Continuing from the last episode, Phong rudely berates Vu for being too close to another guy. Despite saying that, Phong is restless and spends the entire night being remorseful. The next morning, while cooking, Vu accidentally burns his hand. Phong immediately rushes to help him and then wipes his wet hand with his handkerchief. Vu finds the handkerchief quite odd, and so did I.

Phong apologizes for his behavior and, for the first time ever, requests Vu not to come home late at night. Phong even smiles at Vu, which leaves him bewildered.

Thien seems to be suffering from continuous nightmares about his childhood sweetheart, Mat Mat. It seems like they got separated when Mat Mat mother moved them to another city and hasn’t been in contact since then.

We also get to see the backstory of what actually transpired the day Van meet Vu in the Beverage Store. She made it sound like Phong loves her, but that’s not the truth. Phong can’t stand her and orders her to stay away from Vu. Clearly, there is some friction in their relationship, and Phong and doesn’t love her in the least.

We brought back to the present where Phong receives a phone call from Van. At first, she requests him to meet her. But when he refuses, she blackmails him with the idea of her committing suicide. Phong rushes out but slows down when he sees Vu playing with his pet care. Clearly, he wants to spend more time with Vu but finally decides against it. He reaches Van’s home, and we learn that she is pregnant. She has been emotionally blackmailing him, using the unborn kid as an excuse.

Episode 6

Tung Sun enters a bakery to buy a cake and, after bargaining for a long time, settles on a cupcake. He is adorable but seems to be a lonely character. Thien is getting ready, and it seems like it’s some special occasion today. He rushes to Phong’s house and invites Vu for a day out. Phong is unsure, but Thien somehow convinces him.

Phong is stuck with Van. It’s very apparent he doesn’t want to spend any time with her, and her veiled attempts to seduce him have no effects whatsoever. Phong suddenly remembers something and calls Lam. He orders him to buy a cream cake. Van eavesdrop on the conversation and fights with him. Phong is entirely unapologetic when he says that he can’t remember anything that happened between them. As he is about to leave, Van again attempts to blackmail him emotionally.

So it’s Tung Sun’s birthday, and the lonely soul is sad as he sings “Happy Birthday” and eats the cupcake. It’s obvious that he is suffering but puts a brave front when he is at the Beverage Store. On the other hand, Thien and Vu have a blast. They are so adorable that I’m in two minds about Vu being with either Thien or Phong. As soon as Van is asleep, Phong rushes back home. Thien drops Vu at home and wishes him a “Happy Birthday.” He teasingly touches Vu’s face. That’s the exact moment when Phong sees them together. He misunderstands the situation and assumes that they are kissing.

Episode 7

Phong gets drunk at a bar with good friend Lam. He admits that at this point in his life, he cannot like Vu. We finally get the backstory behind the “Bad Handkerchief.” When Phong was in school, he suffered from some skin infection and had to wear a mask to hide his face. I’m not sure if it’s his mother or his father’s girlfriend scolding him, but obviously, he’s had a painful past.
His father advises him to study abroad. As Phong walks to his school, a group of bullies corner him and beat him. It is at that instance when Vu comes to his rescue and scares the bullies away. He helps Phong to get up and wipes his wounds with the same handkerchief that Phong now has.

Van tries calling Phong, but he doesn’t receive her calls. Vu is fast asleep when Phong wakes him up. Vu is disgusted because Phong is drunk, but Phong pulls him closer. They have a struggle, but Phong begs VU not to leave him alone. At first, Vu resists, but finally, he gives up, and they both end up having sex.

Episode 8

The episode continues from where it ended in the previous one. Phong and Vu are finally together. At this point, we get another backstory of what actually transpired between Phong and Van.
It seems that after Phong came back from his studies abroad, life changed. His face didn’t have scars anymore, and he is his present handsome self. He invites his school friends for a party along with Van and Lam. His friends seem to believe that Van and Lam are in a relationship, but Van blatantly refuses. They all get drunk. Lam wants to help Phong, but Van sends him off and takes Phong to her apartment instead.

She tries to get close to a very drunk Phong. But Phong keeps imagining Vu, and hearing his name makes Van angry. She checks Phong’s wallet and finds Vu’s photograph inside.

We are back to the present where Vu wakes up and rushes to check his neck in the mirror. He is shocked to see it covered in hickeys. Phong wakes up and seems quite proud. Vu asks why he has been sleeping in Vu’s room for the past three days. Phong honestly admits that he finds it more comfortable in there. He also suggests that Vu can shift with him to his room. He closes in for a kiss, but Vu pushes him away.

Van visits the Beverage Store and inquires about Vu. It seems that she doesn’t know anything about Phong’s parents’ remarriage. She is shocked to learn that Phong and Vu live together. She leaves in a hurry, but Lam stops her. She scolds him for his behavior and rushes out of there. There is clearly a history between these two.

Our adorable Vu can’t keep up with Phong’s rambunctious sexual appetite and locks himself in. He orders Phong to stay away from him. But Phong just finds him endearing as holds Vu’s hand and drags him outside.

My Opinion on This Drama

I wish this were a full-fledged drama and not a mini-series. The story is different from the original film, the casts are better selected, and the storyline keeps you gripped. You can’t help but get entangled in Phong and Vu’s relationship. Phong has been in love with Vu since their school days. I think that might be the reason behind his rude behavior when Vu first came to live with them. Since Phong mostly wore a mask in his school days, Vu doesn’t recognize him. The guy must have had a shock seeing his own father marry his apparent love interest’s mother. As if that wasn’t enough, Van added to his problems with her pregnancy. It is still unclear if Phong is the father of Van’s child. But she has her mind set on marrying Phong and is not going to retract her claws anytime sooner.

Thien’s story, as the third angle is quite interesting. Thien is intrigued by Vu because he has the same birthmark under his right eye that his childhood friend Mat Mat had. I’m guessing that he assumes Vu is Mat Mat. We are still not sure if Vu is Mat Mat or not. Another interesting detail is that Tung Sun also has the same birthmark and birth date as Mat Mat. So who amongst the two of them is the actual Mat Mat? Keep watching this space as we bring more updates from the mini-series!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars [See our Review Guide]


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  • Ian says:

    “If you have watched My Bromance and found the end lacking, then this show is definitely for you.”

    I wish you hadn’t said that. I have binge watched to the so called ending this wet Sunday afternoon. Oh Dear! is all I will say.

    • krishnanaidu88 says:

      I have watched it too. I wouldn’t say that it was great ending. They left some loopholes but it wasn’t as bad as watching Fluke Natouch cry his heart out for a guy who is apparently alive and living well.

  • Prats says:

    This sounds more & more interesting with each episode.

    • krishnanaidu88 says:

      It is. If you have watched My Bromance and found the end lacking, then this show is definitely for you.

  • Ian says:

    I don’t assume Van is pregnant at all let alone that Phong is the Daddy. Evil woman.
    I found the flashbacks mostly confusing and am glad you cleared them up.
    Vu is worn out after three days in bed with Phong? Poor baby. No stamina. And only 20? This marriage will never last. LOL.

    • krishnanaidu88 says:

      I agree, the flashbacks were little confusing for me too. But I just love the main couple. They have so much chemistry, it’s worth watching. Even if I have to put up with evil Van.

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