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We had the opportunity to sit down with @Sammon_scene, author of “Manner of Death and get answers to questions about the new series adaptation coming to WeTV, staring Max Pakorn and Tul Nattapol

Edited by TheFNGee

1. What got you started in writing BL content?

I started to get interested in bromance relationships when I was in about 5th-6th grade. I read a lot of fiction, and I really loved it when there were good relationships between male characters. After that I got into a world of Japanese manga, my first experience with BL was a Yaoi Doujinshi (Editor’s note: people who share a common interest in YAOI content involving male/male relationships, and participate in self-publishing). I started to learn how to draw and created some BL content of my own. At first, I mainly created BL Manga. However, my desire and ability to draw diminished after I entered Med school. I started my first full-novel when I was a 5th-year Medical Student, but I kept it to myself. One day, one of my friends sent me a link to a Thai BL novel, which was pretty famous at that time. This BL novel was the first one I’d ever read. I was so inspired after reading it, I decided that I wanted to share my own work to the public just like that as well. I expected to be just an amateur writer, and I didn’t really have high hopes of getting recognized. However, soon after I published my work online, a publisher contacted me, and that was the beginning of my writing journey.

2. Who is your inspiration?

My inspiration is to be able to create a new world where people can enjoy and understand the message that I want to deliver. I want my works to go as far as possible and be on a bigger platform. Actually, seeing my novels on a bookshelf is a pretty big deal to me, so to actually have one of my novels be adapted to a BL series is far beyond my expectations.

4. What messages do you want to tell with your stories?

Each story has its own message. For example, in “Euthanasia (Spare Me Your Mercy),” I want people to ask the question about why it is illegal in some countries but not in others? In “Triage,” I want people to know how emergency medicine works and to understand the situations and the burdens placed daily on healthcare providers in Thailand. (We have a Universal coverage for all Thai’s, so they can access free medical care from government hospitals which creates a lot of workload for health care workers). I put some health advice in the novel as well, such as safe sex, basic life support, how to activate an emergency response, etc.

5. How does it feel to see your work as a series?

It’s such a great honor for me. I’ve never thought that my work would be interesting enough to the BL industry because they are quite detailed and unique. It was not a big hit when I first released “Manner of Death”, but when it comes to these days where the market starts to seek out a new BL plot, I’m lucky enough that my works are being considered. Thank you to my lovely readers! I could not have come this far without you. Hopefully, the series adaptation will come out great and enjoyable for everyone!

Thank you so so much for talking with us!


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