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A romantic comedy series about a young, determined culinary intern named Sky making his way into a multi-billion-dollar food company. Find out how he survived the challenges and wins the heart of his wicked boss, Ace.

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Edited by TheFNGee


Sky (Miko Gallardo)

Sky is a college student. He likes to cook for his family, making sure they eat healthy meals. He’s easy-going, with a charismatic nature that draws people to him. He’s part of a close-knit group of friends and has a pretty girlfriend. A senior in college, he needs to complete an internship before he can graduate. He’s unsure of what he wants to do in life after graduation, which is why he’s late choosing a company where to intern. So, his teacher sends him to intern at the prestigious company Ace of Cakes.

Ace (Iñaki Torres)

Heir to the Ace of Cakes company, he is the typical spoiled young master. He seems uninterested in the company he is set to take over. And despite his wealth and status, he seems like a loner. His father gives him the task to take over the internship program and land them an award. So, of course, both Sky and Ace will be in close proximity to each other. Who will fall in love first?

Moira (Shanice Eve Bailon)

The girlfriend of Sky, she’s quite the spoiled princess as well. She likes to be waited on and doted over. She looks down at those she feels are not of her station like people in the service industry. She doesn’t care for Sky’s family as she thinks they are rude and dirty.

Kim (Leilani Kate Yalung)

Ace’s girlfriend and daughter of the business partner of Ace’s father. She is set to take over her father’s business as well. The two fathers have pushed their children to date in order to merge the companies someday.


Our story begins with a young boy and his mother at an amusement park. He wants ice cream but can’t make up his mind as to the flavor. As he looks around at various rides and people, trying to make up his mind, his mother makes up her mind for him. We can only assume this will be a pattern repeated in this story. He muses to himself about choices. Whose advice should we follow, our parents, our friends, society, or our heart? This important question is universal. Everyone has to decide who or what to follow in their lives.

My Thoughts on this Drama

This episode sets us up from the very beginning to look at the differences between our two main characters. We have Sky, who is from a working-class family, studying hard at school, helping his mom out, willing to make an effort to succeed. Then we have Ace, who is very rich, has his needs he wants to be met, who doesn’t seem to have any ambition or drive. This is my first surface impression.

After the credits roll, we follow Sky on his typical morning. Wake up, scratch your junk, lol, and after rolling around the bed a few times, going downstairs to prepare breakfast for everyone. His household includes himself, his mother, his father, and his sibling Ken. I’m not sure if the character is meant to be flamboyantly gay or a trans character. Either way, the character flounces in very dramatically and feels more like a caricature than an actual person.

Everyone seems to get along in his family; his house is filled with love and support. Everyone is greeted with smiles as Sky’s mom waters down the ketchup to stretch out their budget. You can see they may not be wealthy in money, but there is plenty of love in their house.

We follow Sky as he catches a motorbike Taxi to school. Once on campus, we are introduced to his friends, his bestie Jam, and their other friend Bryce. The script provides some terrible dialogue between them, so I cringe a little. The scene is trying too hard to show that they are the typical boys club in college. It feels as if I’m watching frat boys greet each other. Then, we meet Sky’s snobbish girlfriend Moira, who struts in like she owns the place and Sky—followed by the “bullies” who strut in between the group trying to posture like Alpha males. It seems very trite and stereotypical—all this, and in only the first part of the show. Every first episode tries to get its footing, so let’s look at the rest of the episode.

In class, it’s the last day to apply for internships. Both Sky and Jam haven’t picked where they will be interning yet. Fortuitously, Sky is at the top of the class, which earns him an interview at the prestigious Ace of Cakes company. They are all a bit worried over the reputation that the company consistently flunks out interns, but Sky and Jam both decide to give it a shot.

The boys and girls go their separate ways, and this is where we see the true bitchiness of Moira and her friend. While they are getting their pedicures, Moira and her friend treat the nail technician horribly, threatening to have her fired. Personally, at this point in the episode, I can’t understand why Sky is even dating such an unlikeable person. She is the standard bitchy girlfriend trope they use in BL’s to make the character less conflicted about their sexuality later. If they have a bitchy girlfriend and this guy treats them better, why not go for that guy. I hate when we get one-dimensional characters to just prod the story along.

We meet the Ace of Cakes boss, who is having a meeting with a business partner and his daughter Kim. Kim is dating Ace, who is supposed to be at the meeting. She calls to check up on him and to see where he is. Of course, he’s still in bed. He lies and says he’s stuck in traffic, then gets up to take a shower. We see how opulent his house is, and he’s quite the young master. As he comes down the ostentatious staircase, yes, there is a double landing staircase; he is greeted by Ms. Becky, a trans housekeeper in full maid uniform of a black swirly skirt, white dress, and feather duster. She looks like she’s just stepped right out of the set of Black Butler, or some other anime. I have to say, though, I do find her adorable. Ace can’t help but smile fondly in return as he answers her with a “Good Morning, Ms. Becky.” From here on out, I’m going to talk in general about my thoughts on this first episode. I want to know if you’ve seen it, and your thoughts.

I just found out about the controversy with the comments of the main actor Aki Torres, so I’m going to spend a minute or two addressing this. During an interview, Aki Torres responded that Boys Love doesn’t mean gay, but is two straight guys who fall in love. Ok, had this been 5 or 10 years ago, this would have been the case as most of the BL beginnings, or YAOI as a genre, which was created by straight women in Japan for straight women. But in recent years, the LGBTQ+ community has attempted to take over the genre, pushing for accurate representation, and more realistic storylines that address actual issues in the community. The actor should have educated himself on these issues before speaking about it. Then came the official apology, which stated he was trying to educate himself about these issues.

After the apology, we have this interaction, which doesn’t seem to show very much growth in this area.

Due to these interactions and statements, many well known YouTube reactors, who are either part of the LGBTQ+ community or an ally, have decided not to react to the series My Day. I will say what I think and try to be honest in my review. Am I disappointed and angry about this behavior? Yes. I had hoped we were moving past these prejudices and stereotypes. However, my review doesn’t look through the lens of the actor’s off-screen antics, but the episode as it stands.

Back to the Impressions Of Episode 1…

This first episode does a decent job of introducing you to the main characters and setting up the plot. The viewing audience clearly sees the dichotomy set up between Sky and Ace, one from a working-class family and one born into a world of wealth and privilege. A clear conflict will be if they can accept each other as they are. Will they be able to fit into each other’s worlds?

And the second obstacle that will come in between them will be gender. Both of them have established girlfriends that we are introduced to in this first episode (albeit Ace’s is forced on him by the two demanding fathers). There is no mention of a previous boyfriend, so one can imply that this will be their first time being attracted to someone of the same gender. However, I wouldn’t call them “straight,” which in and of itself, is an erroneous definition, since no one is strictly either-or. The alleged definition of “straight” implies absolutely no attraction for members of the same sex. Sexuality is a spectrum, and more is needed to discuss this in the context of BL shows. One thing worth mentioning is also that Ace’s father berates him by telling him he must act more manly because he doesn’t want anyone to call his son a girl. This hidden homophobia will clearly be an issue and implies prejudices held by the father. However, it’s worth noting, the father’s right-hand man is a very obviously gay man Jelai whom he trusts to take care of things for him. It’s possible that Jelai will be the one that helps the father accept his son’s newly-discovered orientation later and his choice of partner.

The acting was not bad. The main two actors did well at drawing me in through their characters. Some of the side characters seemed a little over the top. Ken, Jelai and Moira were all acted with only one dominant trait, flamboyant, office predatory gay (why does he start hitting on Jam right away?) and bitchy ice-queen girlfriend. I am hoping that as the episodes go forward, their acting improves. Otherwise, these characters will become a hindrance to the effectiveness of the scenes they are in, drawing attention away from the plot and central characters. With that said, if you want a different opinion about the controversy, Gio Emprese, who plays Jelai, addresses his thoughts on the issues with Aki Torres on his YouTube channel.

Also, here’s hoping they make both Kim and Ace more sympathetic characters. There is a scene where the two of them are dining together, complaining of how they want to get out from under their parents’ shadow. Ace wants a simple life, and Kim dreams of being a fashion designer. They are both sitting in a fancy restaurant, wearing nice clothes, sipping wine while whining about the very life they have.

 Even the wealthy have parental problems and can be unhappy. This message comes at a time when, amidst a global pandemic, so many people have lost their jobs and are struggling to make ends meet, let alone put food on the table. I have a hard time feeling bad for Ace, who sleeps in a giant bed, lives like a king, and still doesn’t seem to want to work. He appears not to care about the business his father worked so hard to build. Hopefully, they will flesh him out a bit, with a reason for us to care about him because right now, he’s a spoiled jerk.

With all that said, there were a few scenes that got a laugh out of me – the scene where we have Sky on his knees, begging Sir Ace to give him a chance. It’s played with a charming, campy feel. You can’t help but root for Sky and laugh at his audacity at the same time. Ace appears to be fighting a smile as well.

Another scene takes place at his mom’s BBQ stand. A local auntie, Krizzy, finds out that Sky landed an internship working for Ace, who’s a TikTok celebrity. All the aunties and his mom proceed to talk about how hot Ace is, thirsting over how he makes them hot under the covers. I couldn’t stop laughing at that. It’s what my friends and I do when we see a good picture of our Thai celebrity crushes. I can relate. 😁

Overall, a mediocre start to this series. I hope that next week we will see more character development and learn more about what makes them tick. I will keep watching, but I’m not sold on the show yet. It has potential, but I’m not sure if this show will reach it. We’ll all see what happens next week. Let me know what you think. Do you agree or disagree? Any other thoughts? Thanks for reading.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars. [See our Review Guide]


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  • Daring to Dream says:

    Great discussion here.
    I’m also on the side of this is making mountains out of a molehill. Let’s give people a chance to grow and learn and move on.
    The actual show ) was a Frankenstein blend of BL and Boys Over Flowers. The acting abilities were about on par with BOF as well. But Boys Over Flowers was fun and this could be too. Some of the worst tropes trotted out from Thai BL- 1 only non flamboyant men are deserving of romantic love, 2 horrific girlfriend and 3 the flagrant sexual harrassment of the interns by multiple people are things I don’t really want to see. I think I counted many other tropes as well. But the fall of the arrogant lead on a water bottle and silly catch by the other lead was fun. Hope it has some silly fun and I’ll continue to watch:)

    • jenhg says:

      It’s true. I haven’t seen Boys over Flowers in a long time. Campy can be good if its done tongue in cheek with a wink and a nod to the audience. So we will see if they are trying for the camp, in future episodes. As for the tropes, bl is filled with them. I find them incredibly frustrating at times, because it seems a lazy way out of writing a character with multiple dimensions, or writing a tightly woven plot. I enjoy when a show will use a common trope, then flip it around, subverting it. Very few shows do that, so when it does happen it’s refreshing to see. I hope that they will do this in the series.
      With all that said, the slip on the water bottle gave me an eye roll and grin. There were a few laughs to be had, so let’s hope we get more to laugh at this week. Thanks for reading and engaging in dialog with me. 😁 I love to get a good discussion going. 💕 – Jen

  • TheFNGee says:

    Oh. To be able to publish this two-part dialog from clemente and jen, and show the world a great example of civil discourse.

    Pardon my “French”, but F**K the ‘cancel culture.’

    Truly, its momentum seems to rumble along motivated by the always reliable ‘herd mentality,’ and becomes more of a contest of who can chastise and rebuke the offender with the most vitriol, fury and artificial justice. All in the name of “what’s right.” Whatever “what’s right” is, must be superbly embarrassed to hear what’s being spouted on its behalf.

    Try this, take the “cancel ‘officials’” one at a time. Ask them to express specifically why they are participating in this bedraggled steam of consciousness and joining in the lambasting of an individual for what he/she said. I bet you will get very few cogent responses, and even fewer will be able to express purely empirical facts to back up what they’re alleging. It’s who can scream the loudest, and get the most ‘likes’ and that’s about it.

    S’funny, I’m a non-believer, yet I’m usually one of the first who starts with bringing up the bit about ‘casting the first stone.’


    BTW, I tend not to pass judgement on the first episode of a new series. I will watch many more to see if the series is redeemable, and has inherent value.

  • I'm tired. says:

    The controversy was ridiculous. I’m gay and I never took it personally. It’s so frustraiting to see this disgusting cancel culture bullying from my own community. Where’s the love and acceptance of the LGBT community? How do we expect to be respected and loved when we act like this?

    He did research about the BL “genre” and If you actually google it, there are hundrends of definitions that say exactly what he said in the interview. Does that make it right? No, but that’s how it has been to this day, and that’s why we now are seeing attempts to change it by including more gay people and LGBT characters (and we are way far from that, just look at 2gether, which started the Pinoy BL wave and is one of the reasons he said what he said). His only mistake was the way he expressed that idea, saying it was “not gay”, he got called out for it, he apologized, on instagram and in interviews. He cried.

    Then people went looking for other slightly “controversial” things on his social media accounts to add to the fuel and justify their anger towards him. What has joking about Miko wearing a croptop anything to do with attacking trans people? Can’t men wear croptops now? Aki himself wears them.. Don’t we advocate for gender expression? and what about drag? is that offensive as well? there’s a gay male actor playing as the maid, full dressed as a woman.. why they didn’t went after him? There are hundreds of pictures of shirtless celebs that fans edit by covering them with clothes or drawing over them, why is that not an issue but when Aki does it, it is? It was just and excuse to keep bullying him, of course in that moment he felt attacked and defended himself from these ill intended accusations, of course you can argue he could have handled it better, but I don’t blame him, I would probably have reacted the same way, It’s tiring. Oh, and and by the way, one of Aki’s most active fans in his “Akinfinities” fanclub is a trans girl and she even made a reaction video for EP1.. the irony of it all..

    Maybe if people took the time to know him better and watch other interviews instead of judging him from a retweeted clip, they will see that he’s not a bad person, AT ALL, he has even been image of HIV prevention. This issue has affected his mental health and the whole team’s spirit. It’s not fair. Fortunately he has a lof of friends, coworkers and fans from the LGBT community that support him and he will get through it.

    It’s so discouraging to see this behavior coming from so many people, even some I used to look up to.. one thing that hurts the most also is seeing people from our community attack the fem gay characters calling them a caricature or even worse, “not human” .. can’t you see how full of internalized homophobia that is? I’m proud to know many people that act like that, I respect them and love them.. even some of the reactors that chose not to react act like that all the time in their videos.. being loud, funny and with a positive attitude should not be translated as they are a “joke”, It’s called personality, and everyone is different. It’s crazy how Miko’s family and Jelai’s coworkers are more accepting and loving than the actual LGBT viewers.

    This are the real controversies we should be talking about instead and not Aki’s “mistakes”

    I don’t care who you are, If you work really hard to make a BL series and try your best to change mindsets in a world where there are places you can be send to prision or be sentenced to death for being gay, and, you do all that in the middle of a PANDEMIC. I’m sorry, but I’ll be dammed if I don’t give you a chance.

    • jenhg says:

      Let’s unpack this a bit, shall we? I agree that the cancel culture seems to be out of hand these days. There is a tendency to gut react without searching for facts. I feel like the younger group of people tend to be a little less forgiving and quick to judgement. I say this as someone who is older (40+) who isn’t into constant react mode. *insert the back in my day meme* We didn’t have constant news coming at us faster than we can react to. You had to wait for things to circulate on bulletin boards, and there was a long time before responses. Yes, this was in the dial up modem days. 😁 Younger people tend to get information faster, process it faster, react quickly and move on to the next bit. I say that as a whole, not just for the LGBTQ+ community.

      My way of responding to information is a bit more measured. When I read something, I do have an initial response, but if my response is too heated or I’m too upset, I try to wait for some time to pass before I react to it. Also, I’m the type of person who tries to look at both sides of the issue. It could be that at my core, I’m a librarian through and through. And we librarians are information seekers. We like to have all the facts, and research something to death before we respond, lol. By saying that, I am sure you might understand, that with my research, that certain series I won’t be reviewing is due to behavior of cast members that has never been publicly spoken of, addressed or apologized. Informed decisions should be a persons choice.

      However, there are times when it is as black and white as it seems. This really doesn’t appear to be the case here though. Aki did apologize. As I said before I am older, and as such, I know of the origins of boys love, and the genre as a whole. I’m not discussing gay fiction, or portrayals of gay relationships throughout history. Up until quite recently boys love was marketed to, created for and by heterosexual women. It began in Japan in the form of manga in the 1970’s. Here’s a good link to the article detailing it’s origins. Thankfully it is has evolved to include more representation and more realistic storylines.

      So while I think he should be a little more aware, I don’t feel there was malice behind the statement. And he apologized. Fine. Not a problem in my book. Then let’s look at the crop top issue. Maybe I’m reading this the wrong way, but here are my thoughts. People may not have liked that he drew it on, or made a comment about it. But I think the issue for most people was his flippant, slightly hostile response to the commenter who was trying to explain that it could come across as insensitive. If he had responded with a thank you, lets talk about this shall we, I don’t think people would have been upset. But because of his response, it seemed as if he was not open or willing to hear this persons opinion.

      As for the people who dress in drag, or are trans, or gay, that’s not really for me to say. I personally don’t have a problem with drag, trans, feminine gay guys, masculine gay guys, bears, twinks, and any other subculture within the community. I think the world is full of all types of people. And it hurts nobody to accept them all. With that said, there has been a tendency in the past bl genre to rely on tropes or stereotypes that are easily identified. For me that issue comes into play when we only see the one dimension of a person. If all you see is their flamboyance, what’s more beyond the surface? I want more depth. I want to know their hopes, dreams, what makes them tick. And if you don’t give the time to focus on that, then you are saying the character is only one dimension. I was happy to see the accepting family of Sky, it was lovely to see. I was happy that Jelai as a character was accepted in the workplace. But give me more. Don’t just show their one sided nature. Jelai bothered me because he immediately began hitting on Sky’s best friend. In the workplace, that’s sexual harassment. And all too often there is a predatory gay character as a trope. I hope this isn’t the case with him, but we will see.

      I’m giving it a shot. I am also glad that during a global pandemic we are getting so many BL series. I will continue to judge the series based on the actual episodes versus the controversy of the cast members.

      Sorry for the long response, but I am so happy to engage in dialog about this issue. Thanks for taking the time to read and respond. Look forward to chatting about this again. 💕-Jen

  • jenhg says:

    Thanks for that. I can’t stand Tom Cruise, but like the Mission Impossible films. Each person can decide whether or not an actor has tainted a series or film for them. I have another show that I won’t be reviewing because of personal bias against certain cast members past behaviors. I won’t be able to be unbiased, so I will pass on that one. So if Aki’s behavior and words offended some to the point they can’t look past it, I understand that as well. I only hope that his manager and coworkers who are actual members of the LGBTQ+ sit him down for a heart to heart to educate him.

    As for the rest of the show, I hope that it improves. The storyline is interesting. I want to see the cold hearted Ace thaw out and the carefree Sky commit to something. 🤞 for episode 2. 💕- Jen

  • exxuss says:

    Applaud the way you addressed the “BL doesn’t mean gay….” dust-up. Also agree it’s only fair we judge the actors on their professional performance, and even if we disagree, not on their personal opinions. They are learning and have time to broaden their perspective.

    Mediocre start is spot on. The series has potential. Let’s hope the decision makers make the best of it.

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