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We start out where we left off, with everyone excited to go on an outing. At the last minute, Ace and Sky realized they were about to leave their girlfriends behind. That would have made for an awkward conversation (albeit interesting). We were too excited to go on vacation together, so we forgot you guys. Oops, sorry. 😁

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The Good, The Bad, and the Meh

We see them driving to their destination, and I’m already confused. Why would Sky be sitting up front with Ace driving while the girlfriends sit in the back seat with Jelai and Jam? Wouldn’t it make more sense for Kim to sit next to her boyfriend, leaving Sky and Moira to sit together? Four other employees are going on the trip. Wouldn’t it make sense to divide the cars into groups of five, instead of six and four? Just my logical brain rearing its head again.🙄I forgot logic and this show aren’t friends most of the time. 😁

Moira is once again a raging bitch that I can’t stand. She complains about being hungry, yet wants everyone to go through a drive-thru just for her food when they’ve agreed to stop at a restaurant to eat. Who is a weirdo who orders spaghetti from a drive-thru? Is that a cultural thing? I can’t imagine trying to eat spaghetti in the car on a road trip. I’d end up wearing half of it.😁 Moira makes Ace pay for it because she’s conveniently forgotten her wallet. Ugh. I really hate her character, and I don’t understand her appeal at all. At least Kim is agreeable and maybe even a little cultured.

This leads to one of the funnier moments in the show. Yes, it’s over the top in terms of camp, but I had to laugh – I couldn’t help myself. These workers crack me up, especially with their assumption that the two boys are a couple. They are sitting next to each other, but why else would you assume that? Either way, it makes me laugh because neither Ace nor Sky are offended by the suggestion. Sky asks them, “Miss, Are we a good match?” 😁 Moira has to pipe up to put them in their place and let them know she’s the girlfriend. You can see the disappointment in their faces. Too cute.

When we get to the resort, the owner comes out to greet them. There’s not much to mention here, but I had a good laugh at the sign by the front door. Is the problem as illustrated such an issue it has to be addressed in the sign? 😂😂

I don’t want to go into spoiler territory, but I have something to say. I feel that there is too much exposition in this show. Ace is talking business with the resort owner/chef. The conversation is superfluous – maybe Ace is just showing off. It doesn’t move the plot forward or advance the characters in any way. They did this with another scene with Ace’s dad and Kim’s dad. It was boring, stilted, and delivered in a wooden performance. The conversation could have flowed better to show a more personal interaction between the host and Ace’s team. It was all a setup for someone to ask about them being a couple again. I still don’t see it yet. They seem friendly to each other, but not any closer than that (yet).

There is another drawback, and something strange that happens in this show. There are two characters I swear I’ve never seen before going along for the ride in a separate car and are acting like they are employees of the company. Who the hell are these characters? Do they have names?  ….they have no dialog, and it seems so weird when they show up and act as they’ve always been there. I had to go back and search for them. I found them in episode 2 during the cake making training session where it appears they are chefs in charge of making the cakes. I say it appears because they aren’t introduced at all, their names aren’t mentioned, nor the position they hold. I can only infer their position as they stand back to watch the others with their arms behind their backs. Other than that brief segment, the two aren’t seen again until the company trip. Why are they in these scenes? Do they need numbers? Did they feel like it would be uneven without them? I have no idea. We will have to wait and see if they are important to the show. Come to think of it, maybe their just “extras.” Who knows for sure?


We have the team-building games segment, which is really cute. Of course, it’s a setup to get Sky and Ace closer together, and it does the job very well. I can’t help but smile at the funny and happy moments as they play games on the same team.

I enjoyed the relationship development in this week’s episode. We see Sky and Ace together, interacting more. The walls are coming down between them as they forgo the boss and employee relationship during the team-building exercise. The personality transplant Ace underwent off-camera appears to be holding, so he’s pleasant and kind instead of overbearing and arrogant. Their chemistry is good together. The cliffhanger is trite, but it works.

(Read this quick, I may change my mind at any time) I look forward to seeing what happens next week. That’s hellacious progress. 😁

Thanks for sticking with me people. Let me know your thoughts….is it better?  💕- Jen

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars. [See our Review Guide]


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  • jenhg says:

    Thanks for the reminder that what we want to see is real people not caricatures. We want to see more of what makes them human, their facets. And a nuanced performance seems to be hard to find amongst this cast. And I’m a huge WHYRU fan, so it’s easy for me to recall their dynamics. Yes, they were a versatile couple. Refreshing to see. I can’t think of many of the bl shows that do that, with the exception of LoveSick. Now I’m going to get a little personal, so here goes.

    Joe, Thank you for sharing your story with me. My heart aches for you. You are right, we as parents should only have to sign the birth certificates, not their death certificate. You are right, there are no words to describe this pain. But I remember my child’s struggle (he fought cancer for five long years) and his joy. He managed to find something to laugh about every day of his life. Even in the hospital bed towards the end, he was cracking jokes, making the nurses and doctors laugh. That’s what I take away and it sounds like you’ve done the same. Each day we have a choice to live in the past and pain, or to move forward finding moments of joy. We honor our children by truly living in each moment, finding reasons to smile and laugh because that’s what they would want from us. Sending you lots of love right now. 💕🤗 -Jen

  • Jowan says:

    I have only one question in relation to Sky and disrespectful Moira. Is Sky suppose to be naive, pushover or what? He is blind to that girl’s manners and wraps it nicely as mood swings.
    Also, to my understanding, Kim and Ace are not in a relationship, though their parents want them to. I think they are close friends, best friends even. Unless I missed it.

    • jenhg says:

      Hey sweetie! I have no idea about Sky. He doesn’t seem like a pushover to me, so I really don’t understand why he keeps overlooking her bitchy behavior, especially when she’s rude to his family and his boss. She’s pretty but nobody is pretty enough to make up for that. Mood swings. 🙄 That’s an annoying and sexist thing to portray as a “woman thing” which is what Sky was trying to get Kim to agree that women have them. It’s like being a complete bitch and blaming your period. Unless your period is 24/7 it only works for 7 days a month.

      As for Kim, Ace has called her his girlfriend, so I assume they are dating. He takes her out on dates, so even if it was arranged by their fathers, it appears that Ace and Kim are ok with their relationship as it stands.

      Did you go to the WHYRU fanmeet? Come drop me a comment on my site or hit me up on Twitter to chat about it. Love you bunches. Make sure you keep watching My Day with me too. 😘🤗💕 – Jen

  • Daring to Dream says:

    Definitely an improvement….and it shouldn’t be taken seriously….STILL- sloppy writing and direction. I felt you were spot on with the extras (why???) and I was one of the YouTube comments saying “Moira would not accept her boyfriend riding in comfort while she is squished in the back”. The business segment was horrible- but at least the snooty “french” chef didn’t appear.
    Even the cute segments ( I rewatched the balloon popping contest)- need practice and choreography. I feel like the director just goes “Let’s improv” a lot- results are some fun, some slop and a lot of wasted time. You get Jelai (who does have a joyful presence- yelling “Baby Boy” at Jam 25 more times. And Jam remains MIA. With Kim wandering in circles as well.
    I am enjoying it- but would say my rating on ep 3 was 1.75 and this was a 2 out of 5.

    • jenhg says:

      Well, I can’t say you are wrong either. If I’m honest I feel that I’m being over generous in my rating scale. It has improved, but that’s not saying very much when the bar is set so low. The acting is bad. Almost every actor could benefit from an acting coach and concise directions. And please don’t remind of the horrid French chef….I’m afraid we will have to see him again in the next few episodes *shudder*. And I need to keep count of how many times Jelai yells “Baby Boy” and maybe I can turn it into a drinking game….I think I would spend the episode very intoxicated, but it might make for better viewing. 😂😂 We’ll see what next week holds for us. 💕 – Jen

  • Chibimal says:

    Honestly, from the start this series is so kitschy and I don’t think it should be taken seriously. It’s funny (sometimes not very subtle), there are a lot of production flaws, the acting is average but improving. I think the whole crew is fed up with doing these episodes, that’s how I decided to see it. I enjoy reading the comments under each video, I also believe that people have decided to take this series as it is and close their eyes to to product placements as big as houses, filming errors (computer screens turned off in the first episode!).
    It’s decent,you won’t lose anything (in french, we say “ça ne mange pas de pain”).

    PS: did you notice that Sky loses his swimsuit when he dives in the swimming pool? Ahahah!

    • jenhg says:

      I don’t take it seriously but I think the last kitschy series I followed and reviewed set the bar to high for me to follow. I adored YYY and it was absurd during the best times. I think the series lacks heart. I want to connect with at least one character in a show, even if its campy. So far, the only person I connect with is Sky and he could be so much more. The product placement this time was annoying and if I had to watch that man rub oil on his body for a moment longer, I was going to have to press the fast forward button. Did not make me want to buy it, at all. Yuck. But as for the last tidbit you imparted, I will rewatch that part just to see……😁. Let’s hope we get a kiss or something next week. 💕 – Jen

      • Chibimal says:

        I agree. The difference is that YYY was intentionally absurd and crazy … while My Day is unintentionally funny (in my opinion)! YYY had created a truly original universe. My Day … euuuuuh except for shower or crotch shots, I don’t know mouahahah.
        To summarize, My Day is good in its nullity!
        I don’t expect a kiss in the next episode, too soon (we will probably have a “no kiss but almost” hahahah.
        In any case, it allows us to wait before the big series at the end of the year ^^

      • exxuss says:

        Mixed bag reaction. I’m desperately trying to give the show the benefit of the doubt. Certainly the actors, crew, etc., are trying to deliver something close to entertainment, but just can’t get over the finish line. No sooner does a scene titillate, and boom, cut to that dreadful drive-thru nonsense. Too long, overacted, decidedly off-putting and contributed nothing to the story. We already know Sky’s GF is a bitch and don’t need a plate of cold spaghetti to confirm. It was apparent even Sky and Ace were tortured throughout the entire scene. After enduring that fiasco, very difficult to muster any enthusiasm for what follows. Most likely I’m not being fair, I admit to cultural difference ignorance, but with knockout productions like Gameboys and Hello Stranger, the bar is very high. No doubt will watch the show to the end; not because I can’t wait for the next episode, but only to check for improvements. And, of course, anxiously await your next review.🤭

      • jenhg says:

        Me too…..I just keep my fingers crossed with each new episode. 😁. The drive-thru scene didn’t crack you up, even just a little? So overacted, so overexaggerated, but I had to laugh at the complete absurdity of being a cake shop owners son being recognized in the drive-thru line and fawned over like he’s Chris Hemsworth (judge me if you want, but he’s about the only one I would fall out fawning over in the drive-thru). 😂😂😂 As for the rest, I tried to find the good, there has to be a silver lining somewhere or I’ll just end up banging my head against the screen for the entire episode. 😁. As for the other shows, I started Gameboys but couldn’t finish due to personal reasons, but the acting was superb. I appreciate your willingness to watch it until the end (*cue the High School Musical song – We’re All in This Together*) 😜 I need the emotional support to muster my enthusiasm for these reviews😁…. Fingers and toes crossed we get more substance in the next episode. Thanks for sticking with me. 💕🤗 – Jen

      • exxuss says:

        Clearly the portrayal of exuberantly swishy flamers as commonplace is something I have to learn to accept. I do not disparage the actors; they are doing their job as directed, but sometimes this type of scene comes off as belittling. Brief comedy bits written into a script do bring comedic relief, but when the klieg light is directed solely on a person’s mannerisms, especially for an unnecessarily long period of time, and doesn’t further the storyline, it becomes tedious to me. I repeat, this is my problem and I’ve no doubt blown it completely out of proportion. My perspective as a westerner apparently narrows my ability to embrace cultural aberration. I’ll work on it and acknowledge that it is grossly unfair to judge an entire body of work on a three minute snippet. The My Day cast and crew deserve better.
        Please don’t abandon your post. I often debate if I should read your review before watching an episode because you are so adept at clarifying the nuances that go over my head. Usually wind up watching the show, reading your review, then watching the show again. This time punctuated with several “ah, so that’s what happened, now I understand.” I do hope you have an opportunity to finish Gameboys. I think it’s exceptional on so many levels. Would be interested in reading your take on it.
        And by-the-by, Chris Hemsworth is very fawnworthy, but I’m more a MaxTul kinda guy.

    • jenhg says:

      😂😂😂 Well, I guess that’s a big no, huh? Lay it on me and tell me your thoughts on this episode….I want to know.

    • jenhg says:

      I have gotten so used to the flamboyant characters, and I know some flamboyant characters in real life. I don’t think every gay character should be played that way, and I’ve been happy with the way they have toned down Sky’s brother’s character. So for the three minutes, I laughed not because he was overly flamboyant, but because of his over enthusiasm and almost fanboy worship of a cake boss’ son….The laughter and grin on his face was contagious, so I was a little taken in by that. It made an awkward scene a little better.

      As a westerner myself, I find myself asking questions about my assumptions of the bl show’s cultural significance. For example, in Thai BL there is often a Mia which is the Thai word for wife or you would find Mae (mother) as used for one of the pair of gay partners. Now I don’t like that connotation as to me it implies that one of them is a woman or feminine in the relationship. But from my research and speaking to Thai people, these are names chosen by these men themselves in the relationship. Who am I to judge what they refer to themselves as. However, times are changing there but I think BL is slow to adapt to this. In WHYRU for example, there was no ‘wife’ in the main couple. They were a versatile couple of two masculine men. Neither partner used a feminine pronoun. They referred to each other by name or by calling themselves boyfriends or my darling, my love.

      I’m so happy you read my posts and take the time to answer me back. I love our dialog, so thanks for sticking with me. It gives me something to look forward to each week. I won’t abandon My Day. I’m in it til it’s over. I am hoping that it will make a slow and steady climb out of the pit it dug for itself in the first episode.

      As for Gameboys, I enjoyed the show, but had to stop. I lost my son in June, so the death of a main character’s parent was hinted at and I couldn’t handle watching grief so soon after my loss. However, I do plan to do other reviews, so stay tuned. I will do a joint review for Oxygen the series. And maybe more.

      And as for Max/Tul I hear you loud and clear. They are very much my type too. I think I would fall to the floor in a puddle if I stood in front of them in real life. They are so delightful, not only to look at, but their personalities are so sweet. They care about the LGBTQ community too. They are the whole package. 💕Can’t wait for Manner of Death.

      I will get my review out for the new episode of My Day in a few days. 💕🤗 – Jen

      • exxuss says:

        Jen – I too have a dear friend who some might call flamboyant. I love him for who he is and admire his courage to be true to himself. I wonder if perhaps the BL series creators overstate the proportion of effeminate characters compared to everyday life in SE Asia. It seems as though every series is obligated to have at least one, and more often than not, a group of “peppy” characters to round out the LGBT community. Which is good so long as they don’t become caricatures Thanks for WHYRU reminder. I do remember their (Fighter/Tutor?) relationship being out of the ordinary. There were hints of versatility, but I dismissed them as wishful thinking. Foggy memory. Seems so long ago. So many memorable shows since the first of the year. Enough on this subject.

        I’m so sorry to hear about the recent loss of your son. I share your grief. I lost my only child a few years ago. There is no word in the English language that describes a surviving parent. Widow, widower, orphan and that’s where it ends. Closing a child’s folder with a Death Certificate that you opened with a Birth Certificate is a very lonely task. Words fail us, but I can tell you the pain subsides. There is no such thing as closure to losing a child. The wound heals, but there is a scar. My daughter knew if I left her I would want her to move on with her life. Although it is against the natural order of things, I took strength from knowing she would want me to do the same. Stay strong Jen. Warmest regards, Joe

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