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My Extraordinary is a tender story about innocence, friendship, the beauty of awakening desire, acceptance and how time heals all wounds. #MyExtraordinary follows the colorful story of two college students, Shake (Darwin Yu) and Ken (Enzo Santiago), and how they try to express themselves despite society’s many expectations.

Edited by TheFNGee

While the first episode set up the characters and their background a little, Episodes 2 and 3 delve a little more into the new friendships and the way it changes the old equations.

Let me start by mentioning my favorite character from this show – Ken’s mother. I love every scene she is in. when she scolds the brothers, it is so natural. At Least for me, because I can easily assume my mother saying the same things , in the same fashion to me and my siblings. For that, the electricity cut and the candle light dinner scene was just fantastic. And another of the characters I admire is the english teacher and his approachable style with his students. The joke he made about one of the critical students of his was good writing. And once again I am glad that the leads are shown as interested in arts and Hotel management etc and they actually showcased the same as their passion and not just something that’s in the background. Their conversations revolve around their interests and it makes this story and characters relatable for me.

Ken and Shake bond over their shared injuries from the fight on the basketball court within their first call. The call was sweet and fun to witness as Shake plays a prank on Ken and then leaves him wondering when Shake’s phone battery dies. The confusion and frustration on each other’s face was so clearly visible in their expressions. With Heaven playing the wingman for Shake ( I sometimes wonder if Shake asked him ? ) , they have more time to talk outside school and know about each other. It was good to know of Shake’s background , his struggles and it somehow justifies his nature to keep to himself. The boy does not have time and energy for any kind of drama in his life, so it is good to see him having a supportive friend like Heaven, and now Ken.

Ken being asked to script a monologue for the school celebration goes with his writing dreams and he was being a really good friend to root for Sandee to be the leading lady for his first play. I loved Sandee’s acting in episode 3 as she goes from being ecstatic about the role, jealous at seeing Shake and Ken together and her complaints about being ignored. Even when Ken visits her rehearsals but keeps chatting with shake, her expressions were so on point.

When the mention of Sandee being able to see or feel the spirits came in episode 2, I did not pay much attention to it but the story bringing her mother’s spirit into the mix in episode three left me confused a little. Is the story going to have an arc for this supernatural element and how does it affect the relation of the leads ? I am curious to see , but I do not like too many plotlines for a short series. I want to see more of Ken and Shake and how they treat this friendship and how changing into a relationship will impact them and their loved ones.

As with the pilot episode, the show stays consistent with editing, the writing , the acting and the OST are so beautiful. I loved the flashback segment in episode 3 because I was so connected to the lyrics and music in that scene. This show has really good production quality and it adds to the whole experience to enjoy it more. Currently, I have high hopes from this show but I also want to wait and watch how it goes in the next episodes.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars [See our Review Guide]


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