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The continued success of Thai BL Dramas like Lovely Writer, and Tale of a 1000 Stars pushes the Filipino BL TV industry to go big or go home. We have exciting news here at LWGBlog. Our very own Louis Archie Perez has authored and will be at the helm of two new BL series for fans everywhere in production now in association with Circle Productions and BL Haven Media. Louis, as you know, is BLHaven, one of our good friends and partner, who runs the PM/LWG YouTube site. We are thrilled to be part of his journey. For those of you who didn’t know, Louis is also an accomplished author and storyteller with years of experience in developing taut, emotional and romantic BL dramas. This will be a wild ride, so prepare yourselves for some:


The story centers on Divan, a devastated young adult fleeing his toxic home environment where they didn’t accept who he really was. With only his dog as a companion, he chances upon the generous soul Landon, another young man who had no idea that opening his door to a drifting stranger would also begin to open a heart he thought had been closed to anyone – and to someone he never would have expected.

These two characters will be played by real life couple, Paul Cervantes and Kennedy Nakar, leads of the recently concluded Lakan the Series. They’ve recently joined the roster of talents under Asterisk Digital Entertainment. This will also be their first venture into producing their own series together with other partners.

This new drama, also featuring Gus Villa, and Louie Gabarda, is currently shooting.


Frenzy is the second in the series that will continue with the stories of the characters lives first introduced in Turbulence. We’ll have more updates soon!

Watch for an exclusive interview with Louis Perez (BLHaven) appearing here on Psychomilk’s Love Without Gender in the coming days. We’re ready for some Turbulence. After which, we will be in Frenzy to know what happens next. Stay tuned folks!


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