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Updated 03/20/2021: Faraway Wanderers is airing as “Word of Honor” on the YOUKU network’s YouTube channel. My favorite author Krishna wrote an initial review of the first dozen episodes on her blog The BL XPress.

The recent success of Chinese Mainland Bromance dramas like The Untamed , The Sleuth of Ming Dynasty, and Winter Begonia have certainly paved the way to the production and release of more Chinese dramas based on popular gay novels. The Chinese paparazzi are already in an uproar with the ongoing shooting of the hugely anticipated sitcom “Immortality/Haoyixing.”

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Chinese Bromance dramas are slowly gaining momentum that is unmatched, and taking advantage of this opportunity certainly seems to be a tactical approach. On the heels of this, popular web portal Youku officially announced the adaptation of another BL novel, “Faraway Wanderers /Tian YaKe (天涯客)” by Author Priest. Of course, being produced in China, any BL content will be neutered down to mere “Bromance.”

However, Priest’s books are a huge rage in China. The Chinese Bromance Guardian adapted from her novel was widely popular with more than 2 billion views online. Priest’s “Legend of Fei,” which has been adapted into a series featuring The Untamed star Wang Yibo is taunted to be the next smash hit.

Faraway Wanderer’s production house has confirmed the two male leads – Zhang Zhe Han and Gong Jun, followed by Zhou Ye, Ma Wen Yuan, Guo Jia Hao, and Zhao Qian.

The story revolves around the former leader of a special organization that serves under royalty. He wants to leave his past life behind but unintentionally gets involved with the martial world and the Master of Ghost Pavilion, who wanders the world, always looking for a fight.

Zhou Zi Shu

The story essentially revolves around our main leads. One of them is Zhou Zi Shu, to be played by Zhang Zhe Han. He became popular for his roles in Legend of Ban Shu (2015), Demon Girl (2016), Demon Girl 2 (2016), and Legend of Yunxi (2018).

Zhou Zi Shu is the leader of “Tian Chuang/Skylight,” an elite organization of gatherers and assassins who serve the Emperor. It’s hard to be recruited as a part of this organization and even more difficult to get out. Three years of bloodshed and remorse make our hero yearn for peace. He leaves the organization and roams the mountains of Jianghu in search of a calm life. But unfortunately, he meets our other lead Wen Ke Xing and gets embroiled in Jianghu’s chaotic existence.

Wen Ke Xing

Wen Ke Xing is played by Gong Jun. Gong Jun is already quite famous in the BL world for his portrayal of Xia Yao in the popular Bromance “Advance Bravely.” His chemistry with co-star Jason Xu was much appreciated, which made the book adaptation quite popular. I was shockingly surprised when I read that Gong Jun is working in another Bromance drama. Chinese actors are usually quite afraid of being labelled “Gay” or unpleasant repercussions from the Chinese authorities. Hence they take up only one project in their lifetime. I certainly appreciate this current crop of actors who are more daring and focused on the storyline.

Wen Ke Xing is the complete opposite of Zhou Zi Shu. He is the Master of Ghost Pavilion, an unusual place containing cruel and evil humans. Wen Ke Xing is quite temperamental and is tired of being the Master. He also has a liking for pretty people and chances upon Zhou Zi Shu. The storyline follows their journey as they tackle various problems in Jianghu.

The crew has started filming for the drama at Hengdian World Studios. Keep watching this space as we bring you more updates.


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