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Thai and Asian BL never had it this good! While BL may not be the right term and gay series/movies maybe more inclusive, let me stop limiting our scope by saying – its a celebration of amazing!

Here are the significant news, milestones, events and personalities of 2019 starting with the filmmakers!

Dir. Aam on the set with his crew and staff.

A genius is described as being ahead of his time. Outspoken and sincere, dir. Aam Anusorn – อนุสรณ์ สร้อยสงิม – is not your typical filmmaker. The new wave Thai director sets the trends in 2moons2 by sheer technical and directorial superiority.

  • His technical prowess is evident in the way he selects scenes for 2 moons 2. That is besides pushing his actors to do their best via his personal directorial style,
  • He made sure interfans are treated fairly, offering subs when viewers were just wondering if there will be subs in the first place,
  • His hands-on style alienated some fans and the business side yet tell me – is there anyone else who is as passionate as Aam is?

The sequel to his critically acclaimed film, Present Still Perfect, is slated for March 2020.
From dir. Aam himself:

Dir. Tee. Hard at work.

A trailblazer in his very first BL directorial attempt. Dir. Tee Sintanaparadee – ตี๋ตี้ติ๊ด – produced TharnTypeSeries episodes with the power to shock and behold.

Armed with MAME12938 characters, he transformed them into live action spectacle that many people can’t get enough of.

  • He was reported to have intimated to his cast that one of the best ways to become comfy with each other’s skin is by touching. The intimate scenes in TharnType always come out in good taste, so he knows what he is talking about,
  • Dir. Tee assures the spotlight remains with the main characters. It gives this series cohesiveness and continuity unlike any other. Yet, he manages to have the other cast do their stuff- Kaownah, Kokliang, Hiter, and Mild got their share of the spotlight as well.

Dir. Backaof with his crew on the set of Dark Blue Kiss.

Resident GMMtv director Backaof Aof Noppharnach – นพณัช ชัยวิมล – gave us the amazing He’s Coming to Me, which is – arguably – one of 2019’s best.

He also made the less-stellar-yet final conclusion to the Kiss franchise (Dark Blue Kiss) and the upcoming Tale of a Thousand Stars.

He is known for using intense closeups to highlight certain scenes – take the case of AJ Chayapol and Tay Tawan confrontation or Singto and Ohm, when the latter was sick and in bed.

Looking back, his name is associated wirh such noted works like Gay OK Bangkok, My Dear Loser and Our Skyy that his contribution to BL remains quite heavy and influential.

Dir. New with actor Boun Noppanut.

Aside from MAME, Lazysheep showcase reincarnation and romance (and local Thai sweets) and teams up with Dir. New – ศิวัจน์ สวัสดิ์มณีกุล – for UWMA series.

It should be noted that it was dir. New who dared the BL scene:

In 2018, a year ago, Love By Chance was already a trailblazer by featuring some piping hot intimacy between Saint and Perth – remember the locker room sex? And plenty of kissing between Mean and Plan! Not to mention the implied anal sex between Mark and Gun. | read more|

Which made me wonder if he has a change of heart, as in this Tweet of his:

Which basically means block sex scenes or taking off clothes.

Anyway, UWMA is still a few more episodes away and there is EN of Love in 2020.

Reports have it that P’New has a personalized style in handling his actors and they were told to internalize certain scenes. For UWMA, he certainly succeeded in many levels.

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