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Uncontrolled Love tells the story of two men from different walks of life and all their preconceived notions of each other. Uncontrolled Love 2, the direct sequel picks up where the other one left off. Continuing Xie Yan and Shu Nian’s journey to find their happily ever after, the second part of Uncontrolled Love aims to answer viewers’ questions about the two main leads’ budding relationship.

Co-Authored by Mals!Edited by TheFNGee

Following the touching ending where Xie Yan rescues Shu Nian from a gang of rapists, the two seem to become closer than ever. However, when the only heir of Xie’s holding company shows his interest to change their master-slave relationship into a romantic companionship, the adopted ‘brother’ tends to be hesitant with the idea. With so many obstacles interrupting their relationship, will they ever get their happy ending? After all the struggles that we have overcome in our life, a happy ending seems to be a perfect answer. But doesn’t a happy or tragic ending depends on the eye of the beholders?


Xie Yan is about to be ready to embark on a new journey with Shu Nian as he gradually embraces his romantic feelings towards the latter. On the other hand, the adopted ‘brother’ seems to be tired of his unrequited love for Xie Yan and is ready to let go of everything, including his status as Xie Yan’s slave. The tangled love story between the master and his slaves becomes even more complicated with the appearance of Ke Luo, one of Shu Nian’s friends who apparently wishes to be his boyfriend. Despite being a kind person, Shu Nian remains firm with his intention only to befriend Ke Luo, leaving the latter heartbroken. Knowing that Ke Luo has left Shu Nian’s side, Xie Yan aims to rekindle their relationship by inviting Shu Nian back to their home. But when they’re about to have their happily ever after, another obstacle coming their way and once again ruining their budding relationship (It seems that the universe is holding a grudge to both of them). It’s Xie Yan’s parents who become a barrier to their love story by introducing Xia Jun, the chosen fiancé for their only son. What will be Xie Yan’s decision this time? Will he follow his parents’ wishes and leave Shu Nian? Or will it be Shu Nian who finally finds the courage to break free from their relationship?

My Thoughts of the Movie

Mals! (Sad Version)

The second part of Uncontrolled Love is a chaotic mess; it’s a compilation of ‘torturing’ moments that shatter viewers’ hearts into pieces. Xie Yan and Shu Nian’s love journey has turned into a horrifying story that I wish I could erase from my mind. Yet, their love story keeps on lingering in my memory for quite some time after I finished watching the movie. The tangled relationship between the master and his slave left me confused because I’m unsure whether I should like or hate their love story. Well, there’s only one thing that I’m certain of, the chemistry between the main leads contains a sort of magical power that can mesmerize viewers and trapped them in their bizarre fairytale.

After watching Xie Yan and Shu Nian’s heartwarming reconciliation at the end of the first part of the movie, I’m hoping to see some happy moments from the couple. Now that Xie Yan finally realizes how important Shu Nian is in his life, I wish that he could change his attitude towards his slave (maybe he can become a more loving and caring master and lessen his arrogant acts). However, what I get is the same attitude from him, or even worse than before. I completely understand that I can’t blame him for his behavior since the storyline has forced him to become a ‘monstrous’ creature who is full of rage and violence. And when the story is only halfway through, I’m already tired of his constant anger that only widens the gap between him and Shu Nian. Honestly, for a split second, I thought to stop watching this movie because it’s too dragging and tiring.

Apart from Shu Nian’s behaviors that irritate me, I feel that the storyline being offered in the second part is uninspiring; it’s quite predictable and illogical at some parts. Even after rewatching the movie, there are still some questions that are left unanswered. For example, the existence of Xie Yan’s future fiancee, Xia Jun – which in my opinion doesn’t help with the story development- feels so forced for me. Her intention is unclear, and her sudden disappearance after suffering from food poisoning is nonsensical. It seems to me that the writer has run out of ideas to make the story interesting and decided to abruptly add another woman character that can continue to ruin the main leads’ relationship.

Despite my dissatisfaction with the storyline, I find some parts of the movie are actually realistic enough as well as able to give viewers meaningful lessons about relationships. The scene where Ke Luo hugs Shu Nian and bids his goodbye to him teaches us about the power of letting go. We can’t continuously chase for someone who doesn’t like us as it will only lead us to suffer and keep us away from finding our true happiness. On the other hand, from Shu Nian’s character, we learn the importance of setting boundaries. Despite his kindness towards Ke Luo, he never gives him any false hope about their relationship, and he clearly states that he has no feelings for him. These facts remind us that clarity is always needed to avoid any misunderstanding that could ruin any kind of relationship.

As for the resolution of Xie Yan and Shu Nian’s love story, the production team gives us two different conclusions to their storyline; a tragic ending as well as a happily ever after ending. I have watched both alternatives, and I can say that I love the tragic ending more than the happy one. For me, it feels more reasonable, and somehow it makes the story more captivating. I do agree that the happy ending certainly makes us feel joyful as it gives us hope to get through our tough times. Yet, the same feelings can also be obtained from the tragic ending. The closing scene where Xie Yan’s smiling into the sky represents his readiness to let go of Shu Nian as the latter no longer needs to feel any suffering of life and can finally have his happily ever after.

All things considered, I still want to recommend the movie to viewers who are keen to learn about master-slave relationships, as well as enjoying a rather aggressive act of love. Even though the storyline has nothing much to offer, the chemistry between the main leads is undeniable, which makes the movie bearable to watch. And the two alternative endings give rooms for viewers to freely choose the resolution that makes the most sense to them. Regardless of the choices, both options actually denote the same message about the main lead’s love story, which is, among all people in this world, Shu Nian will always be Xie Yan’s better half; his comfort and source of strength in dealing with the adversity of life. And for me, both endings are heartwarming in their own unique way.

Bestwishes1986 (Happy Version)

In the first film, Xie saves Nian from would-be rapists and took care of him and made a love confession. But as the two go through another tense scene, it’s obvious they haven’t acted on their feelings. Irritated Xie reverts to his boss self and is disappointed how at ease Nian is to return to the role of a servant (Versus his reluctance to be his boyfriend). The scenes at the start of the film are done beautifully, and it’s in the silences that you can feel the heavy tension between the two.

At the black-tie event, Ke crashes it, and Nian learns of his past by rumors spread by others in attendance. Xie states the two shouldn’t be friends and places restrictions on Nian as he will be gone for half a month.  Of course, Nian ignores this and hangs with Ke the whole time. Xie points out a mistake Nian made on a report that cost the company a lot of money before firing him. Nian collapses from an illness he ignored. Nian awakens to a softened Xie who says kind words and again apologizes for his anger.  When Nian realizes he is late for Ke’s birthday, he attempts to leave, and Xie forbids it, remarking he doesn’t want Nian associating with perverts.  Nian reminds him that he, too, is a pervert (gay) and leaves.

Upon his return the next day, Nian is greeted by a Xie without sleep who lets loose every accusation and rude thing he can think of.  This scene is absolutely heartbreaking because I was so hopeful that they would finally be alright with each other.  But  Xie has spent most of the time just trying for sex, but his hateful words about gay people are still in Nian’s head.  Xie attempts to rape him, but at the sight of Nian’s tears, he stops himself. 

Stumbling around the city feverish, Ke finds Nian and takes care of him. At home, Ke tries for a love declaration as he is about to fly out tomorrow, and Nian turns him down. I seriously wonder why the writers made Nian suffer this much. The next morning Nian awakens alone and with Ke’s 20 % of the shares of his family’s company. The family turns vicious, and Nian is hit, and Xie runs to his aid. This time Xie is concerned; he requests Nian to move back. Nian refuses and explains his view of his master and says he is done. I may have clapped at this – It’s about time! Xie professes his Love and kisses Nian, and the two are finally an adorable couple. It’s lovely to see them working so well together, and this montage is perfect and made the wait worth it.  Of course, this bliss of cuteness doesn’t last. Xie’s parents return, and the father sees enough to confirm his suspicions.  He explains that what they are doing is something Nian should be ashamed of and talks of his son as if he were a thing.  Nian, of course, knows it’s best to remain submissive.  He tricks Xie into a blind date with a woman and is seen being guilt-tripped by the dad. Xie appears and defends his relationship and plans to run away with Nian the following day. The tension of this scene and the acting is so perfect! It’s perfectly executed.

The next day Xie is about to leave when his new blind date surprises him in his office. She tricks him into a car ride home, kidnaps him, and decides they are engaged. She even goes to the extent of implicating Nian in an attempted murder case. Depressed, Nian walks away, and Xie is unable to find him even after searches for months. After three years of searching shown in a montage, Xie runs into Ke, who is now a businessman. He points him to where Nian might be.  He finds Nian, who is now disfigured, and the two declare their love for each other and kiss till the screen fades into black.

I loved this movie.  It’s way more put together than the first one and doesn’t drag very often.  The acting is amazing, and the script was fantastic.  My only issue with it was the amount of time spent on introducing the side characters to create serious conflict, only to have them fade away too quickly for their duplicity to have mattered as much as it did.  The father fell flat with me as well, and he was one of the main antagonists.  The movie could have ended in three different spots, but getting to enjoy a good movie for a long time is pretty great two. Using the butler as a random narrator for time constraints was a poor choice, but it did the job of propelling the plot.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars [See our Review Guide]


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