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Here are the latest buzz featuring your favorite BL actors across Asia! Archives are here: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

25 May 2020 3:20 pm

Our newsfeeds have become multinational with the arrival of South Korea and the Philippines in the BL universe. Stay tuned for more news and updates as the Philippines boasts of more than 15 BL series for 2020-2021.

Zeiah Mejia, exclusively managed by Asterisk Entertainment is a model, theater actor, brand endorser and athlete. Stay tuned for our exclusive interview coming up!

Stay tuned for the final episode of He She It coming very soon!

Sakristan from dir. Darryl Yap gets into high gear as it premiers this coming 31 May at midnight, Philippines time.

Royce Cabrera is one of the main actirs in the acclaimed Filipino film Fuccbois. He and Kokoy de Santos were recently nominated for Best Performance by an Actor in the Philippines.

Frank Thanatsaran surely needs a break. While he has been cast in both BL and standard drama by GMM-tv, I simply can’t get enough of him! Frank is currently #28 in our Top 30 Hottest Thai BL actors hitlist.

Khaled MHM is one of the leads in Motorcycle The Series. He plays Run, a fiery and extremely independent young boy who is obsessed with motorcycles.

24 May 2020 5:00 am

Is there trouble in paradise? The popular and beloved BL team of Newwie and Tay Tawan is always on the news. While Dark Blue Kiss, their latest project concluded months ago, the pair remains active. Stay tuned for a special report on both actors soon!

Episode 1 of Gameboys has reached 100k views and the production team and volunteers offer different subs for fans to enjoy it more! Here is the link to its premier episode!

BKPP the Series, an offshot if the popular series My Ambulance remains without a real title. The generic name is the combination of Billkin and PPKrit, who are the stars of the said BL series. This series is part of our Most Anticipated BL hitlist.

If you haven’t seen the movie Dew (Let Go Together), then I’d invite you to watch it at all costs. While not a perfect film, the performaces of the leads – Ohm Pawat and Nont Sadanont – are reason enough to enjoy it.

21 May 2020 9:32 pm

Frigay is coming up! Three BL shows will premiere – from Thailand, South Korea and the Philippines.

Where Your Eyes Linger (South Korea) available at Viki. From the Philippines, Gameboys at 8:00pm (Philippine time), and The Shipper from Thailand, 9:30 pm Bangkok rime.

Excited for this joint review project of YYY series. Here is Psychomilk’s review and Jen’s Blog!

Joss Wayar and Luke Ishikawa Plowden pose together for the first time. Both have been anticipated to be cast in future BL (or any standard Thai series) by many of their fans.

Saint Suppapong certainly knows himself. Unlike some fans who treat him like a baby, he is totally aware of his effect on men and women. Fans can feel so entitled nowadays that they worry like overprotective parents when most of them are simply strangers.

14 May 2020 6:03 pm

After 2GetherThe Series, get ready for The Shipper!

Fluke Pongsapat, who was previously cast in My Dream, remains a contender for future BL roles! Credit: Posh Magazine.

13 May 2020 9:07 pm

There are 4 confirmed Thai BL series to air this year and in 2021. Two of them are from Dr. Patrick Rangsimant which we did an interview recently – My Imaginary Boyfriend and My Ride I Love You.

The other is called ‘Manner of Death’ – a medical romantic thriller from Sammon, a family doctor, and author. The other series is called Absolute Zero which is under Studio Wabi-Sabi.

Doing poorly in class, Marlon (Paulo Avelino) plans to impress his literature teacher, Karen (Jean Garcia), who moonlights as a dance teacher and choreographer. He hires his fellow classmate Dennis (Rocco Nacino), who also happens to be Karen’s dance assistant, to give him private lessons without her knowledge. Through their lessons, the two young men grow closer, but Dennis begins to have feelings for Marlon that go beyond friendship that Marlon does not reciprocate. – A synopsis of the award-winning Filipino gay movie entitled The Dance of Two Left Feet. Available at GagaOOLala. Our review coming up!

Newcomer Han Gi Chan (한기찬) who makes his acting debut as the main lead in this web series Where Your Eyes Linger has been recently in news. With the anticipation surrounding his new BL drama, His management company Fantagio, have recently opened an Instagram account for him. The recent updates include some fine pictures from his photoshoot.

Photos from the shooting of the upcoming Chinese BL show called Immortality are making fans excited! The drama stars popular actors Leo Luo and Arthur Chen. The drama is based on the famous novel “The Husky and His White Cat Shizun”. There is high anticipation of how the adaptation will portray the main characters “Chu Wanning” and “Mo Ran/Taxian Jun”.

Winter Begonia is one of the few Chinese BL dramas which realistically portrayed the closeness of the main leads while glossing over their relationship as “Bromance”. The main stars “Huang Xiaoming” and “Yin Zheng” popularity has skyrocketed. Yin Zheng currently featured on the cover of popular magazines like “Bazaar Jewelry”, “Waves” and “Starbox”. Huang Xiao Ming, on the other hand, has been selected as the Global Brand Spokesperson of Tissot. He ranked 3rd on “Most popular TV Actors and Actresses for April as reported by the VLinkage charts” and 7th on “Sina Power Celebrity list for TV Actor and Actresses for the week of 20/4 to 26/4”
Huang Xiao Ming is currently working as UNAIDS National Goodwill Ambassador for China. Michel Sidibé, Executive Director of UNAIDS, called him an “Inspiration for Billions of People.”

7 May 2020 2:40 pm

A look at the past seems to point out the generosity of this actor way before he became popular. He supported the Philippines during a time of need – Typhoon Yolanda.Thanks to @byxbuzz for the scoop!

First Kanaphan and Fluke Phusit takes on the live-action quasi BL bromance The Shipper that can be quite confusing for now!

6 May 2020 4:29 pm

First Kanaphan has been impressing Thai drama lovers with his no nonsense acting. While he debuted only in 2018, he is like a veteran actor already with the ability to perfect both dramatic and comedic perfs. Watch out for his quasi-BL re in The Shipper this 22May 2020.

Our Ohm Pawat profiler has been updated to include plenty of amazing news!

5 May 2020 4:20 pm

Bright Vachirawit’s getting to know you video from GMM-tv is a must-watch for fans and for those who are curious to know more of the guy! Check it out!

4 May 2020 6:02 pm

Saint Suppapong takes his exams, manages donations and gifts from fans and remains in the running as one of Thai BL actors with the most accomplishment!

Oxygen the Series buzz went into maximum as the series is abiut to air May or June, depending on production team decision anytime soon! Supanut Lourhaphanich and Petch Chanapoom Thenwong, both newcomers-will play Solo and Gui, the two main characters.

The Tin-Can storyline will take center stage in Love By Chance S2 to air August 2020!

Domundi boys minus Joss Wayar who is reported to have joined GMM-tv as a talent. [Update: Joss is still with Domundi but has commitments related to some GMM-tv projects. Great move on the part of Joss and his manager. He gets to enjoy both indie and mainstream projects.]

3 May 2020 11:45 am

GMM-tv artists promoting #WhoAreYou tag relating to a new drama series – Ohm Pawat, AJ and JJ, First Kanaphan, and Fluke Phusit.

Mix Sahaphap gaining more mileage as his first BL show gets underway – A Tale of a Thousand Stars.

Ingredients now at Episode 3!

Direct from the writer himself, Dr. Patrick, My Ride: The Series will start shooting soon and will broadcast at the end of the year.

Newwie always projects a clean, charming yet sexy image that is not a come-on but rather wholesome! His onscreen partnership with Earth Pirapat and Tay Tawan are both well received. Hoping we’ll get to see him in another BL show!

Gulf Kanawut and Bright Vachirawit are long time friends and both are passionate about football. While speculation is rife that perhaps there is a production company to cast both in a BL or bromance series, that may be like shooting for the moon. Or is it?

Such fine acting accomplishment for a coach! Klaryder, acting coach, with Tommy Sittichok and Jimmy Karn, leads in WhyRU: The Series.

Mew-Gulf remains a popular BL love team with season 2 scheduled for a year-end release. Hopefully, the airing date will not be delayed by the pandemic lockdown.

28 April 2020 8:20 PM

Earth Pirapat and Mix Sahaphap’s new BL series A Tale of a Thousand Stars is getting a much-needed boost. There are some photos of the duo now readily available like those above. Speaking of the new BL series, note that the story talks about teaching the young in a far-flung place in Thailand and that it’s ‘rebel-infested,’ so there may be some serious topics at hand. This new plot idea is certainly a welcome development for a BL drama!

Episode 2 is now posted (link above) for the BL foodie-musical Ingredients. Jeff Satur and Gameplay Garnphapon were cast in a previous miniseries called He She It, and demonstrate promising chemistry on screen. I would not be surprised if the current producer saw that and instantly cast them in this series! However, onscreen chemistry is not their only advantage and selling point.

In regards to the recently concluded WhyRU The Series, as reviewer, I have to say that Tommy Sittichok offers the best performance – a multi-layered effort that is both dramatic, accompanied by his great set of comic chops. He remains the MVP of the show and should be commended for a job well done. More of the review here.

This is something I feel passionate about. I need a Make It Right Season 3, and not just bath tub scenes, please! Peak Peemapol (Fuse) and Boom Krittapak (Tee) can give more substance to their relationship. I think the production company thought the boys had no fans, but they do indeed and some are very passionate. It’s just a matter of having the right content. Some BL fans are mature and discerning enough not to be taken in so easily by bathtubs when intelligent dialogue can do a better job!

The Evolution of Gulf Kanawut

How we described Tay Tawan in our Top 30 Hottest BL actors hitlist is enough to offer an insight into why he is much admired. Currently ranked #11, Tawan’s biggest acting asset is his ability to play supporting and main characters with equal effort on either.

Episode 11 is just around the corner and ‘Frigay’ is soon upon us. Let’s celebrate Bright Vachirawit, Win Metawin, and the whole cast as there are 3 more episodes before 2Gether The Series concludes!


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  • Would love to see a well written movie starring Boom and Peak. Yes an intelligent and fun loving script.

  • Ian says:

    I’ve watched the first two episodes of Ingredients and while the boys are sweet, the whole seems to be little more than a commercial for Tops. And I have to ask, so what? Is there any point to the series?

    • Red says:

      I had contact with the filmmaker and he assured me that there is more to this mini-series than just the usual. He has personally managed the careers of the actors here. There will be plenty of revelations in future episodes. That’s all I can say for now.

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